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Beyond capture. The unexpected connection between the captor and the captive. The forbidden link, which blurs the limits of rationality.

LGBT+ 21+. © Reservados.

#violence #stockholm-syndrome #angst #torture #psychological-violence #romance-between-man #sex
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In the midst of a desolate captivity, Octavio Montes, a renowned biochemist and professor, is visited by his kidnapper.

Giovanni, initially a pawn in a larger game, finds himself surprised by the deteriorating condition of Professor O. As he examines Octavio's wounds, he is drawn to the essence of his prisoner: the scent of his skin, the familiarity of his fragrance.

Unusual gestures emerge in him, a delicate care that awakens an unexpected connection.

Between the tension and confusion of his own emotions, Gio is torn between duty and a growing fascination with Octavio.

This unusual bond begins to blossom in a dark and daunting context, defying the barriers of kidnapping and awakening a singular attraction between captor and captive.

As both struggle with their own internal dilemmas, the room is permeated with the scent of desire and frustration.

Unthinkable feelings begin to blur the lines between capture and complicity, between captivity and a strange form of human connection.

"If my breath were to be extinguished, which path would you take?".

"I would travel whatever paths are necessary following your essence, wherever you are, I will find the place where you are."


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