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After Amy is found out to be a Android, Miles seeks out the real Amy to help him stop the threat. However Amy has more then help to give after she reveals her true identity.

Экшн 13+.

#mystery #romance #friendship #magic #disney #fairies #pixar #cars2 #milesaxelrod #adenture #diseycars #pixarcars #finnmcmissile #hilarywillfred
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The night was quiet, except for the late night traffic that carried on in London. Amy and Miles touched down and got themselves tucked away in their hotel room. Miles sighed and hoped the race would turn out.

"I really hope three times a charm, right?"

Miles said, Amy turning around and assuring him.

"Yes. I don't know how the two other races where complete disasters."

Amy said, shrugging. She agreed this Prix tour was horrible, they hadn't gotten anything right, only failure and embarrassment.

"Hopefully the race here in London will wrap everything nicely and recover our lost."

Miles knew he was only trying to turn a fortune, but at the same time, hated deep down to drag Amy through the dirt. He desperately wanted to tell her the truth, but felt it would turn her against him. He felt like a fool doing this to her, specially when he was falling deeper in love with her since that day they met.

"Miles, I'm sure we can make everything work out."

Amy added, before she walked into the bathroom and changed.


He said, as he drove over toward the window, looking over at the Big Ben.

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