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Nicole is a new addition to the famed Galactic Rangers. However as her time being a Ranger makes her more famous, destiny calls her and beacons her into an adventure forward into her true identity.

Найучная фантастика Футуристический Всех возростов.

#adventure #quark #family #drek #space #drnefarious #ratchetandclank #drama
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Did I ever tell you about Kosmas Amea...

She was a young, powerful lass. With her medallion, she saved our universe for hundreds of years....Until one day...she was defeated by the powerful Universa.

An evil disembodied spirit who is responsible for many planets falling to her doom. The creators of the medallion, the Zoni, Believe a NEW guardian will show great confidence and royalty, and be given such power to defeat the evil that plagues our universe. But who will it be...

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Sammy Alle Hi :D I'm Sammy Alle. The Creator of Valerix. I have been an artist for a LONG time and has expended ALOT over the years. I'm so happy to be on this platform. <3

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