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A story of revenge, about envy and magic. Two kings looking for some power against their loved ones.

Фентези средневековый 13+. © ©2023 L. E. P. Quezada.

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A Dark Evening

The Great White City, brimming with life, harvests, strong men ready to fight against evil, a King willing to sacrifice himself. Few kings have the courage to fight for their realms, but King Sigmud IV was the bravest of all kings who have ruled the Great White City.

He defended his throne against the Orcs of the End; Orcs who were stronger than usual, faster, bolder, more resistant. The king and a few men, the strongest, defeated a great horde of Orcs until the sister city, the Great Gray City, aided them against the massive army. Soon after, King Sigmud IV rewarded his brother King Sigmud III by granting his city the name of the Great White City II. Sigmud III did not like that; he harbored resentment towards his brother. Sigmud IV, the younger of the Sigmuds and the one with the better realm, stirred intense hatred from his brother.

Four days after Sigmud III and his city's commendation, Sigmud IV was invited to Great White City II for the celebration of Queen Celestinee's birthday, the wife of Sigmud III.

The party went on with normalcy, with beautiful music played by the best musicians of City White II, and the banquets were huge, set on tables over five meters long.

—Now you've outdone yourself, brother —said Sigmud IV.

—I had to, she is the love of my life, she deserves the best —commented Sigmud III.

—I see.

As the sunset and the white clouds turned red with the sunlight, Sigmud III summoned his brother to the balcony of his room. Once there, Sigmud IV was pushed, destined to fall from fifteen meters height onto a polished stone path. Sigmud III was caught by his brother's legs and dragged to both of their deaths.

That evening was dubbed: The Dark Sunset, as the white kings fell into the dark abyss of death.

Queens in Power

Two days passed since the fall of the two white kings, days in which the queens of these kings took control by right. Queen Seila, widow of Sigmud IV, prohibited all contact with people from City White II.

Queen Lana changed the name to Dark City, to completely disassociate from the Great White City and declare herself its political enemy, thus having a formidable excuse to attack if something didn't seem right.

Some people held romances with inhabitants of the opposing cities, those romances were interrupted by these acts, but there was a young couple who ignored all that the queens dictated, a young couple who sneaked out at night to see their special person, until one night, when the moon illuminated everything with its great brilliance, they were captured by guards from both cities. This couple was taken to the dungeons of their respective realms. The queens declared that if it happened again, whoever was caught in the act would be executed immediately. Days passed, and a magician, a friend of Sigmud IV, arrived at the Great White City, looking for his old friend.

—Good afternoon, Ronah —said the magician to the main entrance guard.

—Good afternoon to you too, Modeh.

—Do you know if Sigmud is around? —he asked, unaware of everything that had happened.

—Sir, weren't you informed of what happened? —Ronah asked.

—What are you talking about? What happened?

Ronah sighed, he didn't like talking about it, as he walked, that day, he saw how the kings crashed to the ground, how their heads exploded and splattered everything around them, including him.

—Well, you see... —he quickly told him what happened, and Modeh, entered to go to the royal palace and talk to the queen.

He reached the door of the place, and he was denied entry. The queen had locked herself in days ago. Some guards saw her locking herself in with some men from the town and a lot of wine; nothing had been heard since that night, they thought they would be asleep.

—Please, young man, let me in, it's a matter of life or death —he begged.

—But only because I care about my queen —said the guard and opened the door, only to see the dismembered men in the queen's room, and on the bed, naked, the queen with bloody wrists.

—What I feared —said Modeh.

—It can't be! —exclaimed the guard.

—Notify whoever you have to notify; I must search for something in the library —said the magician and left the place.

He opened the doors of the library and went straight to the ancient writings. He searched letter by letter until he found what he was looking for, what he had written a thousand years ago.

—I knew it —he said, reading a page—. The kings will fall to their death, the queens will go mad, and the white cities will cease to be white, from that moment on, they will be known as the black cities —he brought his right hand to his face and sighed—. This is the end, the end of these great realms, I can't do anything.

The magician left the city, leaving its inhabitants to their fate, but he didn't leave empty-handed; he took the oldest books, the books with spells he wrote, he didn't want anyone to take possession of them. But regardless of what he had done, one book had remained, the book that outlined, step by step, the process to resurrect the dead, a book that the queen of the Great White City used.

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Eduardo Quezada #1 en Horror con Infierno (16/03/24 #1 en Horror Gótico con Infierno (16/03/24) Escribir es una pasión que llevo desde niño. Me gustan las historias en planos diferentes a la realidad y a menudo, las historias que cuento, ocurren en otros mundos.


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