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Fear, terror, the unknown. All of that dwells within this mansion, but also hope and good wishes.

Триллер 13+. © ©2023 L. E. P. Quezada.

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Red Room

There was a mansion on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by a neglected garden and a massive wrought-iron gate. The house had once belonged to a wealthy family, but after a tragic incident, rumors spread that the mansion was haunted, and anyone daring to enter would never return.

A group of friends, adventurers and curious souls, decided to explore the mansion. Armed with flashlights and courage, they entered the mansion and began exploring its vast rooms. The walls were covered in dust, and the furniture was ancient and worn with time.

One friend, named Tom, separated from the group and started searching alone. As he moved through the halls, he noticed a closed door with a massive padlock. Tom had a hammer and decided to break the lock to see what was behind it.

Upon opening the door, Tom found a red room illuminated by candles on golden chandeliers. In the center of the room was a long and elegant table, covered with silver plates and crystal glasses. Paintings of beautiful women and landscapes adorned the walls.

Shelves were filled with ancient books, bound in leather and covered in dust. Tom also noticed a large, comfortable bed with red silk sheets. The room was filled with luxurious and extravagant objects that seemed like something out of a dream.

Tom approached the table and found it laden with food and drink. The aroma of roasted meat and freshly baked cakes filled his nose. Tom sampled a bit of everything and was amazed at how delicious it was.

Suddenly, a soft voice spoke behind him:

— What do you desire? —the voice asked. Tom turned around but saw no one.

—Who are you? —Tom asked, confused.

—I am the spirit of the red room. Anyone who enters here can make a wish, and it will be granted.

Tom couldn't believe what he was hearing. He thought about everything he had ever wanted: wealth, fame, love. He decided to wish for a million dollars.

Suddenly, the room filled with light, and the table was covered with green bills. Tom was astonished and excited.

But after a few minutes, Tom began to feel intense pain in his chest. He collapsed to the floor and realized he was having a heart attack. The spirit of the red room had granted his wish, but it had cost him his life.

The other friends found Tom dead in the red room. Since then, they never dared to enter the mansion again, fearful of what might happen if they approached.

Despite Tom's death, one of the friends, Sarah, couldn't resist the temptation to enter the red room and make her own wish.

She had been thinking about her wish since they entered the mansion. She wanted to find her brother, who had disappeared several years ago. So, armed with a flashlight, she headed to the red room.

Upon entering, Sarah saw the same long and elegant table, but this time it was covered with maps and photos of missing people. Sarah searched among them until she found a picture of her brother. At that moment, the voice of the spirit of the red room became present.

— What do you desire? —the voice asked.

—I want to find my brother! —Sarah replied.

Suddenly, the room began to shake, and it filled with blinding light. When the light faded, Sarah found herself standing in front of her brother's house. The red room had granted her wish.

But Sarah soon realized something was wrong. Her brother greeted her with a cold and distant expression, and she noticed he was surrounded by strange dark figures that seemed to be lurking. Desperate, Sarah tried to get her brother out of the house, but he refused to leave.

Sarah soon discovered that her brother had fallen victim to a dangerous cult and was under the mental control of its leader. The red room had granted her wish, but it had given her a half-baked solution. Sarah realized she had played with forces beyond her understanding, and now both her life and her brother's were in danger.

Terrified, Sarah ran back to the mansion, but she found the door was locked from the outside. She realized she was trapped there and would have to face the consequences of her wish.

The red room had granted their wishes, but at a terrible cost. Now, Sarah had to find a way out of the mansion and save her brother before it was too late.

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Eduardo Quezada #1 en Horror con Infierno (16/03/24 #1 en Horror Gótico con Infierno (16/03/24) Escribir es una pasión que llevo desde niño. Me gustan las historias en planos diferentes a la realidad y a menudo, las historias que cuento, ocurren en otros mundos.


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