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My first date with a transsexual woman, and it went better than expected... This is an Erotic Fan Fiction based on 'Sara Higdon', a Trans woman who writes for the 'Post Millennial' news. Please go and support her hard work as you would mine ❤️

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First Time For Everything

I was both extremely nervous and excited, but also very anxious about going on a hot date with the 'Post Millennial' writer, Sara Higdon. She was a transsexual woman, and even though I was straight, there was something about her that made me want to talk to her on 'X' (formely known as Twitter) and work up the confidence to ask her out on a date. I honestly thought that the beautiful blonde would treat my conversations like nothing since she was basically a journalist for a company, assuming that I wasn't ready prior in her mind.

But I was proven wrong when Sara gave me some money to be flown out to where she was, and when we met in person for the first time, my eyes couldn't resist ogling at the elegant beauty that was her body. Sara Higdon was so damn hot! Even though she and I were the same biological sex, her shape and how she moved were so womanly that I couldn't help but be aroused by her! And that feeling would amplify when we went to a restaurant for a couple of drinks.

After a couple of hours sitting at the bar and having had a few drinks, Sara and I were basically infatuated with one another as we then wanted to sit at a booth and eat some delicious food. Just as I sat down at a seat, however, the beautiful blonde woman would sit right next to me on my right, immediately upon my pants, and proceeded to stroke my cock! And being as tipsy as I was, I didn't immediately react to the fact that this was being done in public until my girthy member got fully erect and began pre leaking semen.

"SARA!" I whispered loudly to the preoccupied young woman as her left hand feverishly worked my cock to orgasm, my entire body being rocked with ecstasy.

"We in public! Please don't make me cum like this..."

"Then make me cum, too." Sara replied quietly with trembling breath, my eyes for some reason immediately darting over to her crotch before growing wide in surprise.

As a young man who has never dated a transsexual woman in his life up until this point, I couldn't understand why I almost came all over Sara's left hand from seeing her hard on poking up from underneath her dress. The sight of cock never excited me, but for some reason, her's had and I didn't even hesitate to hike up the bottom part of her dress to find out what it looked like either. I was that intrigued.

"Oh my God..." I whispered out loud as my eyes drank in the beautiful sight that was her mushroom tipped cock, Sara blushing in the face as she stroked me.

"Yours looks so... Suckable. Sara, can I...

"Nuh-uh." The young blonde interjected quickly while shaking her head side to side before guiding my right hand onto the shaft of her girthy member.

"Not here, dummy. Maybe at my place if you're still craving it by then..."

As my right hand began sliding up and then down slowly, I felt very lightheaded as the hot faces that Sara was making while being masturbated by me were so arousing that I found myself leaning in and shoving my tongue into her mouth for a kiss. The young blonde would reciprocate, her warm and wet tongue swirling around mine as we stroked each other's cock to climax. And what a joy those were.

"I'm cumming..." Sara would repeat over and over into my mouth before her entire body began to shake lightly were sat, my right hand feeling a warm and gooey sensation on it shortly after her shaking stopped.

I didn't even have to look to know that Sara hand ejaculated all over my hand, and it would be that fact that caused me to orgasm as well. Not her touching my cock ot not me touching hers either, I had just came to Sara's semen coating my entire right hand. And I didn't feel ashamed to enjoy the feeling at all. Now, I wanted to take things just a tad bit further.

Without saying anything to her, I sneakily went in to kiss Sara on her lips while grabbing the right side of her face with my left hand. Unbeknownst to her, though, my cum coated right hand had hiked the back of the beautiful blonde dress up and thanks to the semen, I had a lubricant for what I was about to do. That big white booty of hers was mine.

"UGH!" Sara moaned out somewhat loudly as my middle finger had eased its way into her butt while making a surprised face at me after ending our kiss, setting my chest on fire with arousal.

"Not... Anal... S-Stop it..."

"Do you really want me to stop, sexy?" I asked Sara coyly as she leaned in and held me tightly in each of her arms, her wet tongue resting on my neck as she groaned into it in ecstasy.

"N-No... D-Don't stop..." She replied to me after a few moments, her entire body jolting in pleasure as I shoved my right middle finger in deeper into her anus.

It was like I was possessed or something. Moments ago, Sara and I had just recovered from jerking each other's cocks to climax and here I was fingering her juicy white booty like I hadn't gotten enough of her already! But I knew exactly what it was, and we both loved it. I was lusting for her. And Sara loved the initiative I was taking to get what I wanted out of her. That 'Want' was to make her cum again.

After a rigorous amount of aggressive fingerbanging, the hot blood would ejaculate her semen out onto the restaurant floor beneath that table as I pulled my right middle finger out her butt. As she attempted to catch breath, I found myself looking down at the small puddle of her seed and then smiled to myself.

"I wonder how Sara's cum would taste." I thought to myself as I turned to look at the composed young blonde as she adjusted her dress back to normal and hid her cock.

"Guess I'll find out at her place when I slip my head under that dress and give her a blowjob..." I continued on to say in my head, the thought of Sara's girthy member ejaculating her hot, gooey seed inside of my mouth and gulping it down getting me so horny inside.

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Kiontre Miles A mildly autistic eBook Author & Video Game Streamer on Rumble. Creator of the SARTAM Novels, Short Stories, & Tales; maker of original erotica as well as fan fiction short stories. SNHU online college student. My dream: Make Inkspired Popular with my original content and help other writers in need.


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