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After defeating the Demon God, Damien, Ben must now uncover new secrets, as a new enemy arises. Can Ben gain new power to fend off the upcoming new evils?, or will he succumb to the power of it?. SEASON 2 P.S. THIS IS A CONTINUATION FROM "In The End: The Outcast Rises", READ THAT BOOK FIRST, THEN COME BACK TO THIS ONE. THANKS.

Фентези эпический 13+.

#fantasy #demons #adventure #action
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The New Beginning

It took Ben eight years to find another village after his epic fight with Damien, now, he must find a guy named " Doctor Sen "

"Ok, let's see, who can I ask about Doctor Sen" Ben said

"Hey You!, do you know a Doctor Sen?, I'm new to "Death Town" Ben said to a civilian

"Doctor Sen?, Yeah, he lives on the mountain, but, to get to him, you need to face strong and dangerous monsters, those monsters are really Doctor Sen's, but they got possessed by a demon" A townsperson said

"Thanks" Ben said

" OH NO!!!! "

" WHAT HAPPEN!!!!! " Ben yelled

"Somebody is being kidnapped by a demon" a townsperson said

° Ben runs to go save the civilian, but, he didn't have something, his skill book °

" HEY YOU!!!!, PUT HIM DOWN!!!!!" Ben screamed

"Hahaha, make me" the Demon said

° Ben ran, then he stopped °

"Where's my skill book?, Damn!, it must of gotten destroyed in that last explosion that lead up to Damien's death, or was it Deathnus that destroyed it?." Ben said, as he picks up a sword, he then dashed, cutting the monster in half

"Thanks, you saved my life" said the kid

"No Problem"

"I'm Jeff Core"

"I'm Ben Kainor"

"Your really good with swords" Jeff said

"Really?, I used to be a magician, my skill book got destroyed, it doesn't matter now" Ben said

"Well, I got to go, see you later" Jeff said, as he leaves


"Yes?" Be said

"Do you live here?"


"As Mayor of Death town, I must reward you"

"Ok, what did I get?" Ben asked

"First, you get a home, next, you get three thousand dollars" said the Mayor

"Thanks, but no, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but, I'm not really looking for a home" Ben said

"Ok, if you need anything, just tell me" the Mayor said, as he leaves

"Ok, back to my mission, to find Doctor Sen" Ben said


"Yeah, why?" Ben replied

"Well, because, I'M DOCTOR SEN!"

"WAIT!, I KNOW YOU!!!!" Ben said

..... .... .... .... .....

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