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Ashley is a 16-year-old who lives on the island of Berk among Vikings and the Dragons that constantly attack at night. However, when one of the young teens captures a Night Fury, Ashley goes onward to help keep a secret of such a species, but also have a few secrets of her own that may change the fate of Man and Dragon forever.

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This is Berk

"This is Berk. An Island so far away from any other civilization, you could say that they're completely isolated. This village that I ended up in is less than what you expect, it's run by Vikings. One of the most courageous and determined kinds of people you'll see out here."

"It is said this village, though very sturdy, has been here for 7 generations, however every building is new. They have fishing, hunting, and a charming view of the sunsets. The only problems are the pests, where most places have mice and mosquitoes. They have..."

"... Dragons"

Dragons of different species fly up above Ashley as they attack houses and vikings.

"Most people with half a brain would leave. But not them. Their Vikings. They have, stubbornness issues. My name's Ashley. I, on the other hand, see Dragons as more than just fire breathing menaces, they're creatures that have emotions too."

Ashley watches as vikings run around and defend the village. She catches a glimpse of the other teens helping out put out fires that were left behind by the scaled beasts.

"That's Snotlout, Fishlegs, my friend Astrid, the other is Ruffnut and that's her brother... Tuffnut"

Ashley watches as Ruffnut and Tuffnut fight over a bucket. She then sees Astrid put her bucket of water on the fire, an explosion happening after she turns her back, the teens joining her after. Before she can grab a bucket and fill it with water, Astrid calls for her.

"Ashley, we need extra hands, come help us out!"

Ashley nodded and grabbed a weapon laying on the grass and runs toward the others.

"As you can see, killing dragons is everything around here. A Deadly Nadder, is the best known sharp class dragon, Gronckles are tough, best in the boulder class, A Zippleback, part of the Fear Class, why, I dont know. Exotic. Yes, Two heads, oh absolutely, packs one heck of a punch?... triple check that."

Ashley sees as many of the dragons are captured, which saddens her, but the sound of Astrid calling regains her focus.

"Then there is the Monstrous Nightmare, one of the most fearsome dragons even I have ever seen around these parts. Being part of the stoker class, they have the habit of setting themselves on fire."

Ashley sees a Monstrous nightmare and hides behind a house, hoping to not be seen.

"But the ultimate prize is the dragon no one, not even I have ever seen. We call it the--"


A man shouts as the fast blur flies across the sky, setting the catapult on fire. Ashley stared in bewilderment at how such a species could be so precise.

"This thing never steals food, never shows itself, and... never misses. No one has ever killed a Night Fury. Let's hope no one even dares try to."

Ashley continues her trek with the teens before she and the others helped out defending the village. However before the teens could get their hands dirty, they heard a shrill cry. Ashley looked and saw the chief's son running away from a Monstrous Nightmare.

"That, was Hiccup, the bothersome son of Stoick the Vast. Yeah, probably the least of our worries, Hiccup was the tiniest and scrawniest of the other teens. Astrid like me had a chip on her shoulder, Snotlout had nothing on his mind other than killing a dragon, which annoyed me, and the twins always fought."

Stoick ran after the dragon chasing his son and challenged the beast, winning with vigor, however it didn't stop the dragons from taking all the food that they could carry. Ashley and the other teens watches as Hiccup was scolded by his father and sent back to his house with Gobber. Ashley scoffed, looking over at Astrid.

"That kid never learns, eh guys."

Astrid nodded before using her axe to get up on her feet.

"Yeah, but at least the raid is over, let's head home."

Astrid said as she walked home along with the other teens. She walked into the Forge, looking around at all the weapons and metal that was strewn about. She wondered, could Vikings ever trust Dragons and have peace with them, she probably wouldn't ever know.


Ashley tensed up, turning quickly to see the large burly blonde mustached viking walk up to her.

"That's Gobber, the coolest and most close minded Viking I ever met. He took me in as a secondary apprentice when Hiccup dare not show his face around me, all because I was close with Astrid, who, according to Gobber, was his crush since...forever."

"Hiccup is sent home, which means, you're put back into a Job."

Gobber said, handing her a hammer.

"Yeah, thanks Gob."

Ashley said as she banged away at it. When she was done, she tossed it aside for Gobber's close inspection. Before she could walk out of the Forge, she caught a glimpse of a blonde teen walking out of their house.

"That's Tuffnut, one of the most, well, toughest. Ruffnut is his sister, she's, well, the roughest."

Tuffnut and Ruffnut bicker about something Whole Ashley watches hidden behind the table.

"Ever since I met him, he was a dream boat. However, he called me out on being a "Maltosian", which was true, and it turned our relationship sour. Since then, he's been avoiding me."

Tuffnut walks off and Ruffnut walks toward the Forge.

"My brother has serious problems. ASHLEY!"

Ruffnut called out, looking around for her. Ashley popped out from the spot she was hiding and dusted herself off.

"Ruffnut, hey, you...whats up?"

Ruffnut eyed her and rested her hands on her waist.

"Well after dealing with my dumb brother, thought you would like to hang out."

Ashley nodded and crossed her arms.

"Well, yeah, sure."

Ruffnut smiled crookedly.

"Cool, let's go then."

Ruffnut said, dragging her off.

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