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Cosmo and her brother Buzz are what you would expect in a sibling duo, one and the same. However, when the two suddenly find themselves on a mission that has more questions then answers, it's up to them to save the galaxy chase for answers that will change the fate of their lives forever.

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The rain fell on the small town of Westport. Cosmo, who had returned to earth, tried getting back into her usual afternoon time. However, the peckish feeling hit her. She stood up and got herself something to eat, sitting down at the island in the kitchen. Three spoonful's in of her cereal, the front door opened and closed, alarming Cosmo. She awaited a figure to turn the corner, and there, was Buzz. She furrowed her brows and stared down at her bowl of cheerios.

"Well, look who Star Command dragged in."

She said, rolling her eyes, spinning her spoon in her food. Buzz stared blankly at her before sighing.

"Well, aren't you going to give me a hug?"

He said, throwing his arms open. She stared at him and scoffed, taking a spoonful of her cereal in her mouth. Buzz stood there, arms still open, before awkwardly bringing them back to his side.

"Why the cold attitude all of a sudden?"

He asked, seeing her roll her eyes again. She swallowed, dropped the spoon beside the bowl and scoffed again.

"You have nerve coming here, after everything you said to Alisha."

She said, crossing her arms. Buzz tried to wonder why she was acting that way, then it clicked in.

"Oh, you know I never meant that toward you, I meant that, I'm grown up now, I don't need you babysitting me no more."

He explained. She turned to him, her brows arched and her blue eyes meeting his in an angry stare, sending a sharp shiver up his spine.

"Naw, you have to be kidding me. Telling the rookie, you didn't need his help, all because he was new to the field, that's sad. What if I were that rookie, huh, what if I were in his place, would you have accepted MY help."

He thought about it, and knew she was right. He pushed away the rookie, the only person who could have avoided his mistake. It was him who got them all marooned on that planet. Thinking, that alone, he could've been the hero, had he gotten them back home.

"You pushed me away, all because I wasn't a ranger, wasn't on your level. Let me tell ya, it sucks to be you right now."

She said, turning her head away in disappointment. He rubbed his neck, feeling the silence deafen his ears. He knew he screwed up, but isn't expecting her to care about it. She even said herself that getting them marooned wasn't so bad, that he could make things right.

"But, you said getting marooned wasn't even that bad. That being marooned with me was more important than anything."

He said. She turned to him again and stood up from the chair.

"Yes, but then this whole Hyper-Speed adventure ruined everything, ruining everything for us and OUR future together."

She stormed off out the front door, closing it with a loud slam, that made him wince. She ran out to her truck and climbed in, closing the door and taking in her thoughts. Buzz thought, then ran out the door, toward her truck. When he reached the door, he opened it, climbing in.

"Please, just let me explain, then you can throw me out, okay. Heck, maybe I can change your mind about coming back."

Cosmo turned and scoffed, her brows once more furrowing.

"Me, come back, HA! Yeah. Don't make me laugh."

She shouted. Buzz winced again before lifting his arms in front of him defensively.

"I know I took you for granted, I should have treated you and the Rookie equally, you're both human. I should have known what I was getting myself into."

He exclaimed. Cosmo rolled her eyes, resting her hands on the Wheel.

"Pfft, yeah."

She scoffed before getting out of her truck, slamming the door and walking off down the street, Buzz not far behind her.

"C'mon, you know being a Space Ranger is serious work. You think we have time for laughs and games, maybe on off hours, but not when we are in the face of danger."

Buzz exclaimed, seeing her turn around, her eyes once more burning through him.

"You think I wanted you to risk your life out there like you did. You saved the rookie, you fought beside Alisha, that rookie should have been me out there, okay."

She said, turning back around, walking away. Buzz stood as she got farther, seeing her stop, He ran up to her, seeing her body shake.

"I wanted to be like you. Yet, Alisha saw more than me being a Ranger. She wanted me to keep you all in line, keep you all sharp and on the ball, not fighting out there, beside her and you."

He stayed silent, seeing tears welling up in her eyes.

"She saw more, she saw a future Commander when she decided to retire."

Buzz could only feel guilt as she threw her arms out, dramatically.

"She saw greatness in me. But not as a Ranger. I bit my lip and accepted it. Because I thought, it was the closest I'd be to standing beside you."

He remained silent, taking in the new revelation. All of her excessive training, wasn't just to become stronger, it was to prove she had what it took to become a Space Ranger, only for Alisha to shoot it down and giver her a more, easier job.

"I...only wanted to make you proud. To show you that being a Ranger was going to be worthwhile, even our former commander saw that in me. He said, I would be the greatest that Space Ranger Corp, maybe even all of Star Command ever had in their arsenal of solders."

She sniffed, rubbing tears from her eyes, Buzz tried reaching out, but she pulled away.

"I wanted you to value me, not as just your teammate, but as your older sister."

She said, turning away, wrapping her arms around her torso. Time slowed down around them, the rain had subsided, and the clouds were rolling by, exposing the night sky above. He stared at her for a few moments before he hugged her. Cosmo didn't try escaping his embrace, she had always wanted to hug him for the longest time. He let go, letting her turn around.

"I may not try talking you to come back, but at least stay in touch with me, alright. I don't want to go back and worry about you."

Cosmo, thought about it, then nodded at him. He then motioned a finger at the truck, and they climbed in. She drove him back to the base and walked him back to the ship.

"Alright, I'm glad you and I can try working out our disintegrated relationship. It will take time, right?"

She nodded, fighting the urge to hug him. She turned to walk away, hoping he didn't read her mind. Buzz couldn't let her just drive away without him making one last effort to win back her forgiveness. He balled his fists and ran after her before she got into her truck He grabbed her arm and turned her around, hugging her tightly, stunning her.

"I love you to the moon and back, never forget that."

He said, her eyes again welling up with tears. She hugged him back tightly, sobbing loudly in his shoulder. Once she calmed down enough and stopped crying, they said their goodbyes, and he took off back to T'Kani Prime. The drive back to their house was longer than expected. She drove up to their old spot they used to hang out at when they were younger. Just the two of them, watching the stars go by, making wishes and talking about their future together.

"Maybe life light-years apart was meant to be after all."

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