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The land of Amori is a tough one, not everybody that visit Amori leave with a pure mind. The land of Amori wasn't always like this, in fact, it was the best land in all of Algori. The moment a sudden betrayal took place, it change Amori forever. Can the order of Algori be changed back to the way it was? or will it forever be lost in the darkness?.

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- In the land of Algori lies a land that was torn apart by betrayal. The inhabitants were both scared and very confused as to why such a betrayal had happened. Nobody had any answers except, The Blade of Amori, had been taken!. But, The Elders of Amori, had foreseen such an event, so they had hidden it away, or so they thought. In a desperate attempt to protect Amori and the rest of Algori, the Elders of Amori had sent out an emergency call to the Head of Algori and pleaded for a solution, a solution as to what or who was behind the sudden change of life the people of Amori once knew. -

~ 100 Years after Betrayal ~

"I only hope that this "Blade" will handle this problem, I'm running out of patience and options. Algori is a big place, we can't keep sending Blades to Amori."

"Don't worry, I have high hopes for this "Blade", HE....WILL....NOT...FAIL..."

"What makes you so sure, Boss."

"What do you mean what makes me so sure?, He has the legendary gems, don't you remember what they do. Don't you realize what power he now wields. When I find out who is causing such chaos in my Algori!!!, they better be ready."

~ Meanwhile, in Amori ~

"So, this is Amori, no wonder I was requested for this job by the Head Office of Algori. This place is in ruins. That would also mean why I was given this bad boy. "The Blade of Algori".


"Yes yes, your finally here, excuse my bad manners but we're in serious trouble."

"Don't bother it's fine, I'm Ezai Morikoza, I will be your new Blade for a while. As you can see, I have "The Blade of Algori". But as you may know, the Blade of Amori was stolen, so I'm only using this."

"It's fine young blade we are grateful that the Head Office sent yet another Blade. Without the help of a Blade, we are powerless. this is something I don't like admitting but, it's the truth."

"Don't worry Elder Alris, I'm here now, so we can get to the bottom of this little big problem." Ezai Said

"How did you know my name, I haven't mentioned it before." Alris replied

"Oh Alris, you guys have much to learn from me, it's funny really, I'm supposed to learn from the Elders but instead you guys are going to learn from me instead. Don't worry, we will get the Blade of Amori back sooner or later." Ezai Said


"First things first, I'm going to have to walk around where the blade was last seen" Ezai replied

"No problem young Blade, the whole of Amori is yours to explore." Elder Alris answered

"So Elder, tell me where to look first" Ezai said

"Yes young Blade, the Blade of Amori was taken at the Head Office of the Elders. Which is located right over that way. but be careful" Elder Alris answered

- As Ezai walked over to the office, his head started to hurt. Even so, Ezai continued walking. -

"Ok well, there seems to be nothing here Elder." Ezai said

"Yes we know that much young blade, but how was it taken is what we fail to understand here. Elder Alris replied

- In a brief moment, Elder Alris glanced at the Blade of Algori then he remembered about the Gems of Amori -

"Oh young blade, it seems it slipped my mind, that Blade of Algori has all of it's gems, which reminds me of the Gems of Amori" Elder Alris said

"These babies, these are gems? I wondered what they were. Ezai said

- Elder Alris gave a little chuckle as he explained -

"yes young blade, those "babies" are the gems. Those gems hold a great power. This is why we are desperately trying to recover the Blade of Amori. You see, the gems that goes into the Blade of Amori were also taken, you can't operate one without the other. Elder Alris answered

"So all I have to do is find these gems?"

"Well, that's a start young blade, but we still need the blade itself." Elder Alris said

"Are they the same as these gems or are they different? Ezai Asked

"There are a total of five gems young blade." Elder Alris said

"How will I know if it's the right ones?" Ezai asked

"The gems will be engraved with a circle. Be careful young blade, we still don't know who took them and why. The Elders of Amori are with you" Elder Alris answered

"Ok, I think I got everything I can here. Don't worry, i'll bring back that Blade of Amori with those gems and i'll make whoever or whatever took it pay. Ezai said as he wondered off to the next area

~ Now that Ezai understand the situation a bit more. Can he get the Blade of Amori back in one piece? Will he find out who took it and why?. Who knows what power is ahead?. ~

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