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Aisling is that invisible friend the one who never stands out. She is always on the sidelines and has a boring life. However in Chris’ eyes all is invisible but her. He has been in love with since they were little but she seems to have forgotten him. So he only loves her from afar. Until one day they start having strange dreams about each other feeling a pull in their hearts(or minds). So Chris decided to take matters into his own hands and discover the real Aisling. After what it feels like a lifetime pulls and pushes he finally gets the girl but something gets in the middle of it and he won’t take it.

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My mind trapped inside a bottle

My mind trapped inside a bottle”


My life is a combination of ordinary events. It's always the same thing. Wake up at 6:00 am, yoga, shower, school, lunch, more school, going home, study, going to a library with my friends, sleep, strange dreams, repeat. I am fine with this routine, but I always wished that my life wouldn't be so fitting inside a schedule. I always wanted to have an unexpected life. Not a standard one. Of course my friends are amazing and I couldn't love them more or I would explode. It's just that I feel that I've been born with this desire to be greater. I feel like I can change the world, just not yet. This is a lot of introspective for my morning yoga. After I finish doing all the exercises that I planned on doing. I rearranged my yoga space, that is basically a space in my bedroom near my window where I keep all my things that are yoga related, that overlooks the busy streets of Los Angeles. I took a shower, did my skin care routine, brushed my teeth, and gathered all my golden locks in a neat bun on my head
and put on my favourite green crooked top and white jeans. Got down for breakfast and ate my cereal on the kitchen island in all the peace and silence in the house. I can't say that I'm not used to my parents' working schedule, but it always hurts that they are not here. I only get to see them on Sundays. But I learned that it's better to keep quiet about that. They get really sensitive when I say that I wish they would spend more time with me. I look at my phone and have a hundred unread messages from my friends. I opened the group chat that changed its name again and now read: She cheated, he slept around 💕. WHAT HAPPENED?! As I scrolled through the messages my jaw just kept falling to the ground. Eva cheated on Chris and Chris pretended he forgave her but he slept with her sister just for revenge. And EVA caught them ON THE ACT. I guess the hottest couple in school is over and that is saying much because they've been dating for 2 years. AND they were crazy in love. That must be the most shocking news since Lance got arrested for drug possession. My friends Lola, Marie, Maitê and I are the top gossipers of our school. If you want to know something, come to us. We definitely know it. I washed the dishes and put my backpack on my back and rode my bike to school. Wildwood school is only 20 minutes by bike from my house. I can say that I'm not the richest girl from school, because Eva-yes that Eva- still exists. Her parents are known actors and they have billions of dollars. While me and my parents stand at a great 2 billion dollars, more or less. And if you don't know when you go this Los Angeles school what makes you popular is your money. As you can guess I'm not popular. I don't like to show my wealth so no one except my friends know about it. They on the other hand are also wealthy but not as much as my parents. Everyone thinks that they consider me a charity case. Well the people who say this may be considered a charity case by me. But let's not talk about that. I don't particularly enjoy school because of all the side glances and jokes people make about me.
When I get to school I can clearly see the outcome of the news I received today. Every single girl was dressed to impress and Chris was surrounded by really hot girls. Eva and her friends eyed them with disgust as they walked past Chris. I almost laughed. I chained my bike and went looking for my friends at our usual spot. I rushed to the bleachers of the football field but not too quickly so I can admire for a second the God Cade McLauren is. He was running, his almond hair bouncing with every move, his shirt hugging his defined muscles. His eyes meet mine and I look away. I think I saw him smiling from the corner of my eye but I can't be sure. And why would Cade McLauren smile at me? We only talked once for about a minute... about the weather... I'm terrible when it comes to boys.
"Aisling!" I turned when I heard Maitê call me. I hurried my pace.
"Hi girls! That shit about Chris is so wild!" I didn't tell or ask but I just could tell they were also dressed to impress. They usually dress with style but today they're all a bit more slutty. My friends are stunning. Maitê, the one who just called me, is tall, has brown hair and blue eyes. Lola is a dark goddess, her gorgeous curls and big brown eyes rest on a face that must've been sculpted by God himself. Marie is a redhead and she has light almond coloured eyes and a lot of freckles. I can say that near them I'm only pretty. Because my natural gold hair and blue eyes can't compare with they're beauty.
"It is, isn't it?" Maitê says. I sat on the bleachers next to them. "Speaking of which, why didn't you dress up? The richest guy in school is single. You don't get an opportunity like that everyday."
"What opportunity?" Lola rolled her eyes like it was obvious. Well to me it doesn't mean that it can mean a lot of things.
"To hook up with him, or even date him." Lola sat closer and grabbed my face with both her hands. "It's our senior year of high school, Aisling, you gotta have some fun! Hook up with Chris! The guy is rich as hell!" Still don't know what being rich has to do with anything. "You have to hook up with at least one guy! Besides, it would definitely make McLauren jealous." That caught my attention and she knew it.
"You think?" I asked insecurely.
"I know" She responded with such confidence that it almost made me believe.
"How do you know?" This time all of my friends laughed and exchanged a look. I still stared at them with hopeful eyes.
"It is the look in his eyes when he looks at you." This time Marie answered.
"Really? I don't think he looks at me at all." This makes me insecure to the core.
"Stop being so fucking blind! With an attitude like that I could easily mistake you for Adrien Agreste. He looks at you with desire blooming in his eyes." With Maitê everything was always about desire.
"Bu..." I never had time to interject because the bell rang announcing the beginning of class. We all sighed and got up reluctantly. "What class do you guys have now?"
"History" Lola said.
"Math" Maitê said.
"Biology. And you?"
"Chemistry..." we all said goodbye to each other and headed to class.
I stilled when I saw a certain someone that got a hell lot of popularity sitting at my usual seat in the middle of the second row. We didn't have assigned seats but everyone always sat in the same seat. So why was Chris fucking Russel seating on my seat?! I stomped to class and stopped when I reached him. I cleared my throat.
"Hello?" He looked confused. And didn't stop eyeing me from top to bottom. Why is my skin burning from where his eyes go?
"Hello, you're sitting on my seat." I say in a cold tone. The coldest I could get when my blood was boiling beneath my skin.
"I didn't realise we had assigned seats." He said without moving.
"We don't but that's where I always sit. Why don't you sit in the back near your friends, as you usually do?" He laughed. He actually fucking laughed.
"Why don't you go sit near my friends?" He stared straight into my eyes.
"They are your friends. Go. Seat. Next. To. Them." I said while getting closer to him.
"Make. Me." He also got close to me until our faces were only inches apart. That made me a little breathless and my stomach made these weird flips. But I ignored them all. Silence stretched until the teacher came.
"Miss Evans, please sit now." I reluctantly stepped away from Chris and my golden seat and sat next to his friends on the back of the classroom. As the teacher turned to the white board and started the lesson Chris looked at me with a smirk plastered on his face. I looked at the teacher and after checking she wasn't looking I gave him the finger. His smirk only grew.
The class flew by and didn't even notice when it ended. Chemistry is one of my favourite subjects, after biology. I think that I have to do a little with my parents since they are both scientists. Now you may wonder why my family has so much money when my parents are scientists. Well they work for some big company that pays them a lot of money. They have never told me where they worked and I never cared either. I don't want to be a scientist like them, I want to be a doctor. Maybe a surgeon. I don't know yet. But what I do know is that I want to save lives.
The rest of the morning class flew by more swiftly since I hadn't bumped in with a certain 6,4 dark haired man who is very keen on stealing my seats. I now walk to my locker and put my books inside it. I close it and jump. I hadn't seen him there.
"Hi, Aisling." Cade McLauren stood in front of me with a grim smile. He was leaning on the lockers with his arms crossed on his chest. I don't think he does it on purpose but when he crosses his arms like that I can get a clear glimpse of his biceps straining his shirt. And oh God those muscles! "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."
"Oh it's okay. I wasn't scared at all!" Lies lies lies.
"Sure... that's why you jumped like that." His eyes neared and he looked at me suspicious.
"I jumped because... I was just so excited to see you!" He laughed realising my lie. I am so bad at this. Uhh I just want to make a hole in the ground and crawl into it.
"Anyway, I need to talk to you. Can we talk over lunch?" Yes YES YES yes!!
"I'm not sure I already agreed that I would have lunch with my friends." Why would I say this!!! I'm going to enter that hole now, don't look for me today.
"That's fine, if it's okay with all of you I can join you for lunch." Yes I'm out of my hole!!
"Well it's okay with me but let's go ask them." I started walking towards the cafeteria and he followed me. Silence walked painfully alongside us. When we got to the table I couldn't believe my eyes. This wasn't happening, there was only a spot left and that wasn't my spot, but you've already guessed who took it. He turned felling my gaze in his back and smirked. I wanted to tear that smirk off his face.
"Miss Evans, what do I own the pleasure of you joining me this evening?" I laughed his existence is starting to really annoy me. He is sitting with my friends at my seat. My blood is boiling from his long stare.
"Mr Russel, you own the pleasure to yourself because yet again you are sitting in my seat." My voice was drenched with poison. So was my smile. He only smirked while his gaze travelled through my body. I am pretty sure I am blushing hard, but I don't care. He has to leave.
"Oh yes I do, Evans." His eyes finally met mine and we shared a heated gaze. But that gaze didn't last long because Cade intervened.
"Russel." His voice was ice cold as he greeted him. Chris's gaze finally left mine and he stood to greet Cade. That's all it took. I rushed to the now empty seat and sat. Chris turned with a grim look on his face. I just shrugged, basically saying you snooze you lose. Without missing a beat he lowered himself until his mouth was in my ear.
"That was a very poor choice, Evans. And I'll make you pay." He smirked as he pulled me out of the chair into his arms. Frightened and surprised, I grabbed his neck. With that movement our mouths were dangerously close but I wouldn't budge.
"Put me down Russel. NOW." He smiled. His eyes glittering while he spoke.
"Of course, Evans. As you wish." He didn't put me down. Instead he sat down putting me on his lap. I tried to leave but he put his arm around my waist caging me in. I frowned. Still trying to leave his lap. Something hard grazed my ass. I struggled more. His arm tried to still me and he whispered on my ear.
"Please, Evans don't make it worse I'm almost coming just by feeling your ass move against my cock." I completely sat still. He couldn't have said that. I just heard wrong. "Good girl."
Oh my God! No he didn't say that I'm just dreaming. His hands locked around my waist. And my eyes went to everyone on the table. Every single soul is looking at me and Chris. But he doesn't seem to notice. Chris looks at Cade with disdain.
"Do you want to sit?" He asks coldly. Cade's voice matches his as he responds.
"Yes, if you allow me to speak to Aisling." After a moment of silence Chris nodded. Cade sat his eyes not leaving me and Chris. The whole table stayed quiet watching this scene.
"Aisling, I..." Cade started.
"Actually changed my mind. Leave now." I turned.
"Cade, don't mind him and please don't leave." Chris' hands on my waist tightened and we're starting to hurt me. A warning I suppose. But I wouldn't budge. "He isn't my boss." Again his grip tightened. And I absolutely loved it.
"Okay, then... Can I ask you a favour?" A favour...?
"You and Erica are friends right?" Erica... Ooh I've been so dumb.
"That wouldn't be the word I would use to describe my relationship with her, but sure..." I don't like we're this is going.
"Great! Could you put in a good word for me?" And there it is. The knife carved in my heart.
"Sure..." His smile is another knife in my heart. I looked at my friends with a look that said you were terribly wrong about Cade.
"Great! Thanks Aisling!" He left and I was really stunned.
"I'm guessing that wasn't what you expected to hear." Chris whispered against my ear. He pulled me closer until I felt his crotch against my ass. And God he is rock hard! Feels so good! No! What I'm I thinking? "Remember the feeling of my cock against your ass. And remember what I would do to you. Unlike that bastard. Ask me what I would do to you." I leaned in his ear.
"What would you do to me?" My whisper came out a bit more rough than I wanted.
"I would fuck you in every hole of your body until the only name you can remember is mine. And after that you would be mine, forever." A chill went through my spine .
"Possessive much?" I whispered "May I remember you that we just met and aren't a couple." He growled. I looked around the table to see if anyone was watching, but they weren't.
"Just wait, Evans." He pulled me even closer. I moved my ass against his cock as a punishment. "Stop messing with me Evans or the game might turn around." I rolled one last time before I stood.
"We have class." I turned and the bell rang at perfect timing. But the look I saw on Chris' face is precious. A guy that big and muscled, his mouth agape, a little breathless, and with the slightest shade of pink colouring his cheeks, and last but not least his cock straining hard against his sipper. Like I said. Precious. I don't ever get to see him like that in my dreams.
"Aisling!" I turned and Lola was running to reach me. I stopped. She got to me breathless. "Why can you walk that fast?" Her sentence had too many stops for air. "Wait." After a second she gestured to me to follow her. We entered our English class and sat next to each other.
"What happened between you and Chris? You seemed to be talking dirty to each other." And that's it. The suspicion begins.
"We were." Her eyes widened at my statement. "But we were just teasing each other." She smiled.
"Just teasing... I'm glad you are finally teasing someone." I winced. I should have been more careful with the words I used.
"Ew, not that kind of teasing. We were just messing with each other. Joking." She was instantly disappointed.
"Ohh... I really thought that you guys were going to hook up." She instantly gathered herself. "But you should've seen the look Cade had on his face when Chris put you on his lap. Jealousy." I rolled my eyes.
"Lols, no offence but you actually might be blind. Because Cade asked me to put in a good word for him with Erica." She shrugged.
"He was too afraid that Chris and you had something and he said that so you wouldn't embarrass him in front of everyone. He is friends with Lauren for Pet's sake."
"Laura..." I asked confused.
"Erica's best friend." A spark of hope was born in my heart.
"You're sure?" I asked.
"As sure as I am that I'm going to hell." I stared at her really confused. "I am going to hell!" Ohh ok. A bit weird but probably true.
"Cool..." I answer insecurely.
The rest of the day flies by until it's time to go home. I say goodbye to my friends and head towards my pink bike. I take out the security lock and then my eyes land on the basket. There is a note inside it. I opened it and it read: Your ass is made for my cock can't wait to find out if your pussy is made for me as well.
I looked around looking for Chris. I found him beneath a tree staring straight at me. I sent him the finger and he laughed. I rode my bike home a little distracted by the slick wetness between my legs. Wondering how a complete stranger can leave me like this with that kind of thing and dirty language.

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