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DO I say yes? What do I say I have fell I to his love curse again, should I accept it? Is this a joke?

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Tuesday, February 22 2022, on my way to Art one of my favorite classes, as I walk by my sister I hug her, right next to her locker all I see is a blonde haired boy, he turns around and looks at me, I thought I was going to sink, sink into his gorgeous sea blue eyes. Now everyday I make a schedule to go see him, not talk, not to have a conversation with him, all I wanted to do was see him, a week later I see a snapchat notification saying he wanted to be my friend on snapchat, I ask my sister who this is, she then tells me that it's him. The boy I am late to my class for, the boy with the gorgeous eyes, it was him. I have butterflys in my stomach, the world is spinning.

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