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~English version of "Ve Lanet Sona Erer"~ A lonely wizard prince who has escaped from his father and a witch who wants to end the curse and seek revenge for herself and all the witches and wizards... Old friends and new enemies, heart-shattering loves, power-hungry traitors, magical cruises, bloody balls, wars, ending curses... "Bloodywings are here And the curse is over." Tronoroto Kingdom was just one of those countries where magic was not favored but continued to be used since The Great Sorcerer Gorena cursed all wizards and witches years ago. The magicals, who could not harm ordinary people with their magic, were killed because they had innate abilities and could not control them, causing harm to the environment. But women continued to take potions for the sake of beauty, children had fun in magical circuses, and men did their work with magic. Prince Rona, son of King Brenin, one of the archenemy of magic, didn't know what to do with the magic power he realized he had since his mother died. All he knew, the magic power he couldn't control was that one day he had to escape from the palace undetected by those in the palace and learn how to control his magic in a witch motherhouse. And so he did. Puhu was a witch who had grown up self-consciously in the Bloodywings Witch Motherhouse, which reigned out of sight in the capital city of Kroneta these days when wars between kingdoms were looming. Her duties were assassination and trainer. The children under her watch and the only young wizard who remained with him, Kuzgun, did as the witchmothers said. His next task was to kidnap the new magician heir prince from the palace, who was said to have an important role in breaking the curse.

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Bloody Wings, Part-1~ Prologue

Have a good reading!✨️

Before I start I want you to know that this book is not written in English, it is translated by me from Turkish. Sorry for my mistakes.💜

First Book:


I've been reading books of old

The legends and the myths

The testaments they told

The moon and its eclipse

~Something Just Like This, The Chainsmokers



Without something

there would be no writing..

If nothing else

It wouldn't have been deleted.

-Özdemir Asaf (a famous Turkish poet)


The Great Sorcerer Gorena Erkiman. He was the most powerful sorcerer of his time. Not only in Tronoroto, his name was heard all over the world. His name was the subject of tales told to little witches. His fame was enhanced by the magical love he had with Surma, the queen of the most powerful kingdom. He could not have known that he would become the subject of legends in the future, just as he could not know that the one who killed him would one day be the love of his life.

Surma Aedelin, the young and beautiful Queen of Tronoroto. She was enthroned in the capital Kroneta during a period of war between nations and internal turmoil between the magicals and the ordinaries, which had not even a name at that time. Her father had been killed fighting his enemies on the battlefield, and her mother, who had succeeded him, had been slain by rebellious mages. She was enthroned out of necessity in a short time as most of her family members were killed. State elders and nobles did not want her on that throne with that crown because she was young, because she was a woman, but most importantly because she fell in love with a wizard.

But Surma loved the throne, she loved the crown, the flow of power had taken over her whole body, and she had asked everyone to leave for a few months. Although they suffered heavy damage in the war with the other kingdoms, they were almost defeated. Internal turmoil was a more important issue at the time. Surma had promised to finish them off.

Gorena, who was admired for his strength among wizards and witches and despised for his relationship with Queen Surma, nevertheless wanted to help his lover in this process. He had struggled to reach an agreement between the magicals and the ordinaries. But no one could change the situation that had been going on for years.

Kill the strongest one of you

Let all the magic pass on you

These two lines, which are often mentioned in the scriptures and even in some wizarding books, were the curse of all wizards and witches. Unknowingly, the ordinaries had been preying on powerful magical people for years. Everyone wanted to be the strongest with the strength of the strongest. If you ask, the people who insulted the wizards and witches were actually jealous of their power. Wizards and witches, on the other hand, liked to dominate the ordinaries with their own powers. In this world where no one is innocent, everyone was acting and Surma was in the lead role. If she killed the man she once -perhaps still- loved, she would avenge her family, save her kingdom, perhaps attain great power and become an unforgettable queen.

One day, when she and Gorena met in the palace garden, she said she had a plan to save them all.

"A curse," she said, looking into Gorena's blue eyes. "If you cast a curse on all the wizards and witches, so that they can no longer harm us ordinary people with their magic at all? My ordinary people will stop harming you, then."

"The ordinaries didn't hurt us with just one war," Gorena said as he fought a battle within himself. "They've been killed many times before because they have magical powers. I don't think this war is right, but I can't prevent them either. They have their right. Whereas the best times should have been for us when we were kneeling before the other kingdoms."

"My darling," Surma said in her passionate voice. "What if they hurt me in this war? What if they hurt us?"

"No one can harm us. No wizard or witch is equal to my strength. They can't hurt me no matter what they do, and I'll keep them from harming you."

"I'm not afraid for you anyway, darling. I'm afraid for our baby in my womb. I'm afraid it'll die before she's born, I'm afraid it'll be born into a war."

"Are you pregnant?" said Gorena with tears of joy. When Surma nodded in the same affirmation, Gorena lifted her up and spun her in the middle of the garden and laughed. He clung to Surma's lips, kissing her more lovingly than perhaps ever before. He created a huge rainbow in the sky, made the butterflies dance around them, and made the birds sing their love songs. Gorena "Can I feel it?" he said, and when he got permission, he put her palm on Surma's stomach and felt his baby with his magic.

Or rather, their babies. That day was filled with the joy of learning that they were going to have twins, both a girl and a boy.

"The one who will love you to death even though the whole world is against us, will you accept me as your husband and be my wife, my everything?" said Gorena, kneeling before his lover and queen.

"Yes, I'll be your everything, but most of all, your wife." said Surma, and Gorena had promised to curse his own people when they hugged once more.

Gorena spent several days working on his curse, preparing his incantations, and making potions. Surma, who was nearly hit by a magic arrow when he wasn't there, had caused him to speed things up. High on Dambrin, where he went out alone one night, he had killed a ordinary and bound the curse with his own blood. He had shouted his incantations loudly at the top of the mountain where no one could hear him. Then he felt as if a soul was being drawn from his lungs. His chest ached and burned. And the curse began to work.

Surma was waiting for Gorena to arrive in her room in the palace. The sky was clear that night, and the stars seemed to shine in an effort to get into the eye of the moon. The air was cool, there was a breeze. Surma was watching her lover's path in a long elegant dress with purple quartz skirts and a purple quartz crown. Her hand was on her undetected belly. Even if she was going to kill their father tonight, she would protect them.

As the door slowly opened and Gorena entered, Surma took one last look at the man she was about to kill. Although older than her, Gorena was also young, no one could fathom how such a powerful mage was so young. His power was not limited to his magic. His face was stern, but his gaze on herself was soft. They were the eyes of the man who would do anything for his lover. His eyes were a warm blue by candlelit, and his hair was light brown. His short beard suits him. The Queen couldn't help but sigh as he walked confidently to Surma's side. Could she do without him?

Gorena couldn't take his eyes off her as he walked towards the beautiful woman waiting for him, through the door he had slowly opened in case she was asleep. He felt as if he was seeing her for the last time. His enchanted body was ringing alarm bells, as if he was warning him of danger. He could not control his feelings for the strong, wise, noble, victorious and beautiful queen that every man in the kingdom desired before him. His eyes drifted from her eyes to her stomach and he smiled faintly. He restrained his writhing spell to see the depths of Surma's mind. He didn't know if it was his blessing or his punishment that he was a powerful sorcerer. He also felt as if his magic had been imprinted on him as he looked at Surma. Still, he focused on his lover in purples. She looked into his eyes, where the green flames fluttered in a hurry.

Surma returned his kiss as Gorena grabbed her neck and pulled her head towards him. She noticed that Gorena was trembling. She was trembling with him too. She pressed her hand to Gorena's chest, over his heart, and felt his beat quickening.

She parted her lips from him's and said, "I love you." she whispered in Gorena's ear. She then slid her lips down to Gorena's neck, lingered on his carotid for a moment, and Gorena said, "I love you." When hearing Gorena say, she stabbed the dagger she hid under her hip into Gorena's heart.

Gorena slumped down beside Surma, clutching the dagger. He kept his eyes on Surma. "Why?" he asked.

"I love you, but I love some things more than you." just Surma said, keeping her wet eyes from Gorena's.

Gorena tried to mutter a few spells to heal himself. He drew the dagger and placed it beside him, trying to stop the bleeding, to mend hia heart. Blood started pouring out of his mouth as Surma thrust the dagger into his heart once again. He set another curse with his last breaths.

A leaf fall from head to toe

But this tree will not grow again

'Cause though her body gets thicker

Always thinning the soul of her

Although Surma did not know its meaning at the time, she noticed the depth of the words, yet it did not hinder her. For the first time, Surma felt pain but no remorse as Gorena died staring at her, his teal eyes open. Closing Gorena's eyes with trembling hands, she placed a kiss on his cheek.

After this day, everything would change. They had defeated the war, and now the internal conflicts would be resolved. The nobles would be on her side. She also killed the most powerful mage of his time, even though he was her lover. She had dealt a blow to the magical people and once again proclaimed the victory of the ordinaries. Wizards and witches would forever be under the curse and no longer a threat. Gorena's magic, another Surma's wish, would never pass to her. Surma was disappointed.

It wasn't just the magical folk who were cursed. Surma was also cursed. Every day since the day she killed Gorena, her hair has turned white one by one. Her eyes were getting lighter and brighter. Her face began to wrinkle after she got married. She was not happy even when her children were born. It hurt when she wanted to smile. Her voice came out like a crow as she tried to laugh. She was not fully loved by anyone, including her husband and son. She had no other children, all her friends were dead.

Surma did not live a very long life under these conditions. She witnessed many things about her kingdom. But still, her lifespan was even shorter than that of an ordinary person, and she died. She died not knowing that Gorena had cast off his curse-breaking spells in two separate places before climbing that mountain. Not knowing that one day they will be found and the curse will be over...

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