Zainab Kulsum

As the moonlight bathes the night sky...the young werewolf heart burns with a firce desire for revenge...she set her sight in the land of vampires with the intention to wipe out there entire clan..as her determination for revenge drives her forward...she unexpectedly find herself entangled in a web of unfamiliar emotions...little does she know that the man she is developing feelings for may hold the key to unraveling mystery of her mother's death... As the plot thickens Luna must confront her conflict emotions and decide whether to pursue her quest for vengeance or follow the path of love and forgiveness the revelations of this connections between her feelings and the truth about her mother's death brings thrill to the story...follow Luna's story in the quest for vengeance

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Chapter 1

In the depth of my slumbers my mind transported back to that fateful night...I could vividly see the moonlit forest, the scent of blood in the air and the piercing howls that echoed through the night...I suddenly jolted awake...my heart pounding covered in a cold sweat..the haunting images still linger a constant reminder of that night...the pain was still fresh like everything had happed just yesterday...I have had sleepless night for years this images were haunting me down..it was sucking my whole being just like how that vampire sucked my mother dry...not even sparing her..."Luna!!" I jolted back on the bed as I sat up straight...it only now I noticed that Dad has being standing there staring at me "Dad" I called out to him...my voice still shaky and husky...he walked closer to me and sat on the other side of the bed...he looked at me worried "Don't carry out with the plan...I'm worried you and your brother are the only ones I have left...and you know despite you being the eldest he is still very protective of you, I know wherever you go he will follow" Dad said worriedly...despite being the strongest alpha in the whole pack I could still see fear in his when he talk about those vampires...it hurts me even more...I just want him to see that they are nothing but weaklers without there fangs..."I already made up my mind Dad...I have to stop them before they keep killing our whole pack...I'm aready twenty three, I can take care of myself and my brother, all I want you to do is to look after our people"...I said to him reassuringly...I know how dangerous my plan is and I know how stupid the idea of me going to there land is...a slight mistake may get me killed...but I have already made up my mind...I'm hungry for revenge..."I trust you my dear..." Dad said hugging me tight I buried my face in his shoulders and relaxed my body...his warm hugs are always comforting "And...you guys are already leaving me out" Damien stood at the door Watching the two of us hug.."Come here" Dad laughed as he called him over for a group hug...we stayed like that for like thirty seconds before releasing each other "Are you ready! Or...u were just all talks?" Damien said looking directly at me...he never regarded me As his elder sister...so disrespectful "I never go back on my words Damien you should know that" I said with confidence "Blah blah blah" he said shaking his head he is just so annoying... I hit him really hard on his back "Ouch ouch ouch....Dad warn her" he said wimping in pain "c'mon try me you weak werewolf" I said...he looked at Dad then back at me speechless...serves him right "You two should stop fighting and start getting along already I won't be there to hear your complains you know...you two most stick together no matter what Luna you must take care of your brother" Dad said I nodded my head at him "more like me taking care of her" Damien interrupted again "Ahh you little..." I said gritting my teeth as I through the pillow at him "Ha...missed" he said uhhh...his like a virus always ruining the atmosphere "Uhuh it ok...Damien let go now.. your sister need to take her bath now c'mon" Dad said forcefully pushing him out...I scratched my head as I stare at the door Dad had just walked out on...it is going to be a tough journey for me...especially when Damien will be around me...

I Spent hours preparing for the journey it is already getting dark and we will be leaving during the night it sounds dangerous especially for a she wolf like me...but with my manipulative and fighting skill it won't be a hard task for me...'will it?' "Luna!, all done?" Damien asked walking Into my room "Yeah" I said...I can feeling my body tensing up again...I inhaled and exhale deeply "Let go have dinner" I said grabbing Damien's hand as I walked him out of my room...

I redisccused my plan to Dad during dinner and he trusted my idea of getting to know the vampire and finding out there weakness so we could attack..after the long talk during dinner Damien and I are now set to leave "I will be waiting for you my dear child" Dad said kissing my checks I hugged him one last time before turning into my wolf form

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