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When popular, outgoing and stunningly attractive head cheerleader, Sophia Arnold begins to fail her calculus classes and the smartest guy in school, Raymond Williams is assigned as her tutor, things are bound to happen. It also doesn't help matters that Sophia has had a massive crush on him since forever and Raymond hated her and held a special distaste for her. Now that they are thrown towards each other, the question remains. Will Raymond's hatred get worse? Will Sophia stop pinning on him? Or was this fate's twisted way of bringing them together? You are about to find out!

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Chapter 1

**Sophia's POV**

I was eating my popcorn slowly as I stared blankly at the television screen. I was having a sleepover with my best friend - Madison - and we were watching a new movie on netflix. While she was already on her third round of popcorn, I had barely eaten half of my first round.

"Sophia?- I hummed absentmindedly in response, she tapped me and I forced myself to lift my blank stare from the TV and look at her.

"What's wrong? You've been quiet for a while and that is so unlike you, what's eating you up?" she looked worried.

I rolled my eyes at her face. She was always acting like my second mum. "Nothing is wrong" I grumbled and turned back to the TV.

"Yeah, and I'm your great grandmother reincarnated." she rolled her eyes at me this time and forced my shoulders to her direction. I sighed in defeat as I finally met her piercing gaze.

"It's just...I ran into Raymond at the coffee shop earlier today and he looked at me with so much disgust that I wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out." I finally mumbled and she stared at me for a while before throwing her arms around me.

"No need to beat yourself up silly. He doesn't know the real you. If he gets to know you and know you for real and he still judges you, then he was never the one for you, okay" she said softly in a way that made me want to believe anything that came out of her mouth.

I nodded and offered her a small smile. "Now stop sulking over a boy and let's rewatch the teen wolf series together" I shoved her to the side but gave her a thumbs up as she stood up to set it up. I smiled softly at her superpower to always cheer me up.

"What would I do without you bes?" I teased her. "Easy, you would have never made it this far" she paused to smirk at me as she wriggled her brows and dared me to say otherwise.

"Don't get cocky, you would be nowhere without me as well." I rolled my eyes at her. She pretended to think as she came back to sit on the bed beside me.

"Wrong! I would have turned out to be a better person. You my girl proved to be a bad influence on me." she grinned at me. I decided to give her the benefit of doubt as I turned and stared at the TV, shoving popcorn in my mouth as I did so.

She huffed and faced the TV too. We both gushed on Dylan O'Brien whenever he came up. Well she gushed, I didn't really.


I stirred to a rough tap and a continuous shake. Rude. Who was this and why was I getting disturbed so early in the day? Lo and behold, it was my amazing best friend. Yay!

"What!" I snapped at her. I was one of those people that was always grumpy in the morning. She rolled her eyes as she took in my not-very-welcoming expression. She was already dressed up...this early?

"Don't know what's up in your head but it is nearing 7 and we're going to be late for school" I blinked at her for some seconds and was about to go back to bed before the weight of what she said finally clicked in my brain and I sprang up.

"Crap" I muttered as I stood up so fast I lost all my balance and almost fell back on the bed with my bottom. I breathed after holding myself before I dashed into my bathroom, my clumsy self almost slipping and falling sideways in the process. I heard Madison snicker at me in mockery as she did her makeup.

After taking my bath, I rushed out of the bathroom barely drying my body and buried my head deep in my closet. I didn't even know what to wear. Honestly, at this point it was safe to say my brain wasn't mine anymore. Anybody would probably think I love school so much. Nah to the ah to the no no no! Okay I didn't necessarilyhate school but it wasn't my favourite place either. I was no nerd. The reason I was rushing was because of a certainsomeone that loved school and was always early. We had just one class together and seeing that someone in the hallway every school day was now a daily routine. I had to rush or I would miss the someone.

"I would have helped but then again, I wasn't asked to" I remembered I was not the only one in the room. I swear I felt like murdering that girl sometimes. She knew that I could use her help as I was not really in the right state of my mind but no, she had to act so important.

"Common Maddie, I can't think straight now" I managed to roll my eyes and shouted a little since my voice was going to be muffled by the clothes. She clapped her hands and when I raised my head to look at her, she flipped her hair over her shoulders and catwalked towards me.

"Madison, to the rescue" she cheered while I facepalmed as I sat on my bed in my undies. After so many huffs and grumbles on her part that I needed to upgrade my closet or whatever, she finally picked up a red long sleeved crop top and a black highwaisted jeans coupled with a cute red and black sandal that had a sweet small bow on top. I loved it.

After dressing up and styling my hair to an high ponytail, I kept my makeup as simple as I always loved and picked up my black school bag from my desk. I gave myself a once-over in the full length mirror and nodded at Maddie who kept fiddling with her phone and doing God-knows-what.

After descending the stairs and walking to the kitchen, I found a sticky note by the refrigerator. "Morning dear, I had an emergency at work and had to rush down immediately. Breakfast is inside the microwave. Say hi to Maddie for me. Love, mum." it read. My mum was a medical doctor and she had emergencies from time to time. As for my dad, if you have been wondering about him, stop wondering. He's not here and that's that about that.

After Maddie and I shoved down the sandwich and drank a mug of hot chocolate each,we were ready to leave. I locked the front door and pushed Maddie towards the driver seat as I picked up my pace and settled on the passenger seat before she got there. She huffed and rolled her eyes but later sat down there, not like she had a choice tho.

"So whatchu gonna do 'bout Ray-ray" I hated it when she spoke like that or when she called Raymond that name but knowing Maddie, she probably did both to piss me off. I couldn't resist the slight blush on my cheeks but I still glared at her as she laughed and started the car. We finally drove off and left my neighborhood.


There were shouts and even screams when Maddie and I alighted from the car. By now you would think I would have gotten used to this but I never could and Maddie always wondered why. Maddie and I were the most popular girls in the school and I was 'the queen bee.' At least that was what they called me. It wasn't like I wanted to be all that but I literally had no choice. I became a cheerleader in freshman year and in my school, something like that was an unachievable feat. When I became cheerleader in freshman year, I climbed up the social leaders very fast. I became popular, everybody knew my name and wanted to be around me but somehow I never let it get into my head.

I was always told that I was very stunning, even my mum thought so but I believed every girl was beautiful and didn't really care what I was told. I smiled a little and waved at the students. The girls gushed at me with smiles and screams and waved back but I noticed the guys checking me out, whether it was me or Maddie, I didn't know but I cared less about that.

As I stepped into the hallway, all students cleared ways for Maddie and I and the screams increased. It didn't help that Noel Walter and his gang decided to show up at that particular time. He grinned at me when he saw me and I saw his eyes slowly travel over my body and glue to my hips for a while before he smirked and looked up to meet my eyes. I was never comfortable under his stare. He sauntered towards me with his hands in his pockets and leaned down close to my ears, "how are you doing love" he whispered breathlessly and moved his head so close to mine that our noses were almost touching. I immediately stepped back.

I knew Noel and how much he loved putting on a show that made things look like we were dating when we were not. True, we were like the 'power couple' of the school if we dated since I was the head cheerleader and Noel was the captain of the football team but we were not dating and I wanted it to stay that way. For a long time.

I gave him a small smile not to be rude and dragged Maddie away. She was gawking at Christopher Arden, Noel's right wingman and closest friend. Those two both liked each other and it was very obvious but neither was ready to make the first move. I wondered how two people could intentionally decide to be oblivious at the same time.

As I dragged a whining Maddie away, my eyes swept through the crowd in the hallway and finally landed on the one guy I couldn't get out of my head. The one guy that I wanted to talk to so badly, wanted to be friends with and most importantly, the one guy I wanted to fall in love with. And how could I forget to add; the one guy that hated me with passion... Raymond Williams.

But I was surprised to find him already staring at me...

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