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Agatha, an old lady, is seen as weird and creepy by the towns people and. Is often insulted, talked about and ridiculed. She however just smiles listens and waves. Angela however has something up her sleeve that no one expects. She's about to show the town just who she really is. Watch out!

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The Greatest Revelation

Agatha sat outside on her stoop, in her rocking chair, half-moon glasses perched on the end of her nose. She had on a floral, white collared smock with a book on her lap. It was such a lovely day that she decided to come outside. She surveyed the streets and shrubbery. It wasn't really busy for a Friday afternoon in the middle of October. A few cars driving pass as they headed to work or home, a few parents fetching kids from school looking tired and worn out. There were joggers too, who waved at her uncertainly. Yes it was a wonderful day.

Or so she thought.

She'd duped herself into forgetting what most people thought of her. A boy changed that the minute he appeared in her driveway.

'Oh look mom!' He said loudly pointing a thin finger vicariously at her. His mom looked in the direction he pointed and smiled.

'That's the weird old lady whose always in her house when it's warm,' he lamented. The smile disappeared instantly.

'That's not nice Thomas, you cannot say such things about someone, especially the elderly. Now come on let's go' she hissed and pushed him along. Their house was two blacks away from Agatha's.

'But she is weird and creepy too, she always just stares out of her windows at us. She never talks to anyone. She's just weird' Thomas insisted to his mum. She looked visibly shaken, her face paled and she pursed her lips.

'I said stop it. What if she hears you?' She scolded, cheeks flaming with embarrassment at the thought. Thomas remained quiet, sulking in silence as he's anxious mother pushed him out of sight of Agatha's.

Agatha had heard every word of course. She continued to smile though. The mother means well but she didn't even apologize, no matter. Agatha was used to the things people said about her, about how weird and creepy she was and about the strange things going on in her house, some even said she smelled funny. She never let it bother her though, she just listen and smile. They can only assume and speculate. They have no idea what's really going on. She laughed to herself. They will know soon enough though and they will all be sorry. No she doesn't let their words and stares and whispers effect her in the slightest but they will know soon enough who she really is.

With that said, she picked up her book, that she didn't open and headed back inside. Back to her lovelies. Her little darlings. Her beloved pets. Her gigantic hairy spiders.

'Yes, my darlings, I cannot wait till you're big and strong, so I can unleash you to the world and teach them all a lesson,

A lesson they will never forget!' She whispered to her nest. Chuckling maniacally to herself.

It's just a few days before Halloween. It is going to be an unforgettable one. Agatha knew what she needed to do. The town council was having a meeting at town hall in a few minutes about the annual haunted house. Each year one of the towns people of OverVille offered their houses for the haunted house treat for Halloween and she as always kept her mouth shut on the count of how people might feel about it. They always found her weird and she knew they didn't like her. Even though it was right up there with the Halloween spirit of creepy and scary. This year she was definitely going to offer her house for the haunted house treat. she knew they'd be surprised but she didn't care, she needed them to accept her house for her plan to work. She had of course already decorated her house on the outside with scary paraphernalia. She had rotten mummies in the mud and sand pit, on her porch steps she scattered fake bones of different little animals dipped in fake blood. She even had a statue of a headless horseman with a pumpkin for a head under his arm in her garden with the carved out eyes lighting up. She also rented a fake graveyard that was placed in her driveway, with dirt and stones scattered in between the graves. It looked rather scary and horrifying. She of course had carved pumpkins on her porch too. She actually loved the set up. The inside was decorated with little skeleton streamers on the ceiling and cobwebs adorned the corners. She had Halloween candies on the table and slime oozed from the walls onto the floors. She of course hired all the animatronics that horrified you to your core. Mummies in the rooms, werewolves in the toilet, on the landing on top of the stairs was vampires and in the corners of the lounge was suit of armor. The elves and leprechauns were in the backyard and there are fake rubber snakes littered all over the floors in the entire house. Her giant spiders were in the attic. Them she saved for when someone entered the attic throughout the night. They loved the attic, it's dark and dank up there and it was covered in cobwebs.

She had just had lunch and was now gathering all the roaches and rats and chicken bones of last night and walked up to the attic to feed her babies. She opens the door and chucks the bucket inside and closed the door quickly. She knew they wouldn't hurt her but she had to be careful, when they're hungry and she's there when they haven't eaten they might just go for her. She knew that when she purchased them many years ago as fledglings. She heard them scurrying around and munching on their food. She smiled. Soon you'll be eating much better my lovelies. She headed to her room to get dressed. Today she was going to wear comfortable sweats. She got out her billabong tracksuit top and bottoms. She then cleaned herself up and headed out, grabbing her purse and bag. She needed to get some groceries at the market.

At OverVille market, she walked through the different isles taking off food items off their respective shelves. She had baked beans, milk eggs and bread in her basket. She still needs pasta, soup and cheese. She was placing a block of cheese in her basket when it began. She was really hoping that she could have had a shopping day without it. She sighed to herself and faced the oncoming slaughter of insults.

'Look who's out shopping today boys' a thick voice spoke up. It was a tall dark haired boy with a stupid grin on his face, he was laughing with his two friends at her expense.

'Oh it's little weird old Agatha' the one friend sneered. He was short and plump with blond hair. They laughed at that and kicked at her basket. She managed to hold it tightly so nothing fell out. They then walked out of the store. She found the rest of the items she needed and proceeded to the check out. They will soon be paying for their actions she reminded herself so she didn't react badly toward them. She paid for her groceries and left the store. Luckily for her town hall was just around the corner from the market. She crossed her fingers and prayed that they would accept her offer.

The hall was packed with all the town's people, there were children running round too. Agatha sat in the last row in the nearest chair and sighed in relief that nobody said anything to her even though many had watched her as she came in. They all just ignored her. Weird old Agatha at the meeting again, staying silent and watching. They were in for a big shock, she smiled to herself knowingly.

'Good evening people of OverVille!' A hoarse voice boomed over the microphone as a tall man with grey hair and half-moon glassed stood on a raised platform from the front of the hall. It was mayor Chello. Everyone in the hall became quiet, even the children went back to their mothers to listen.

'I want to thank each and everyone of you for coming out this evening for the annual meeting. As you know this meeting is about the haunted house treat. One of you lovely town folk or couple offers him or her or their house for the haunted house. We all of a scare of a night and gave great Halloween fun!' Lots of cheering and applause accompanied the last statement. Mayor Chello smiled and applaud with. When the cheering and whoops died down, he continued into the microphone

'So without any further ado let's get down to business. Who will be offering their home for our haunted house?'

The question was barely asked when Agatha raised her hand, 'I am offering my house, mayor Chello ' she announced as she stood up.

Everyone in the hall turned in their seat to stare at Agatha open mouthed in shock. Mayor Chello was the first to recover.

'Oh, wow Agatha, th-thank you for your offer, I must confess I am a bit surprised that you did this. Although you attend every meeting every year, you never participated.' She nodded in acknowledgement.

'Yes, I know this comes as a surprise to all of you' she said surveying the room to nods of confusion.

'I have decided this year would be the year I do this because I wanted the town folk to get to know me better. Everyone walks by my house or by me in the supermarket without saying hi or anything-' This statement made most of the people in the hall squirm uncomfortably.

'- So I thought what better way for everyone to get to know me than to offer house to you for Halloween' she finished with a smile. This wasn't the complete truth, she did want them to get to know her but not to get friendly with them, but to show them all that they have been mean and rude to the wrong woman.

No one said anything in response and no one else offered their homes for the haunted house. They were all still in shock.

'Well, since no one else offered their homes, we are all in agreement with Agatha's offer yes?' Mayor Chello asked the hall. Nods came all around.

'Then so be it! Thank you for your kind offer of your house Agatha. We will be seeing you on Halloween night then. With that said, this meeting is adjurned. Have a good evening everyone.' Mayor Chello dismissed everyone. They all filed out of the hall, few people at a time.

Agatha was the last to leave and had the biggest smile in her face. Her plan was coming together nicely. She waved goodbye to the mayor and went home with her groceries. It was well after 8 pm.

In her kitchen, Agatha was in cheerful spirits, she was dancing and singing while she made her some lunch -cheese sandwich with bacon and lettuce and a glass of orange juice- and sat at the kitchen table to eat. Her babies were scurrying around in a frenzy up in the attic. They had heard her come in and could smell her in the house.

'Settle down my lovelies mummy will come and feed you soon okay. Just be patient darlings!' she called up to them. She picked up her glass and took a sip and then dug into her sandwiches.

Half an hour later she was at the attic door with a huge bucket of cockroaches and live mice. The mice was running up and down the bucket over the cockroaches, making squeaky noises. They knew what was about to happen. They sensed their death coming, could smell it. Agatha opened the door pushing the box in front of her, using it as a shield to horde them off. They were ravenous and agitated. She opened the lid and threw the box inside. Before she closed the door she saw how they attacked the box and they squeaking stopped.

In her bedroom she stood in front of her wardrobe and picked out her fluffy pajama top and bottoms and took out her toiletries. She headed to her bathroom and set her things on the toilet seat, removed her clothes and got into the shower, turning it on. Half an hour later she was in her bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed in her pajamas and brushing her hair. Minutes after that she got into bed and went to sleep.

(A few days later)

'It's Halloween my lovelies' she purred to her hairy giants. She had let them out to get some fresh air and stretch their legs. They are passive now, she had fed them a few minutes ago. They were scurrying around her huge living room and she had opened the back door to let them roam in the backyard amongst the elves and the leprechauns, she had instructed them not to attack the props. She had build high walls and a sunroof so that they don't crawl into the neighbors yard and scare them to death. Although she would find it highly amusing.

She went about getting things ready for tonight. Everything was already in place, she just got a few more things to add to the place. a smoke machine to add eeriness to the atmosphere. She was a rich lady and could afford to spend lavishly. Everything was perfect. She had also filled a bowl with loads of candy for trick or treaters. perhaps this year they would come knocking on her door tonight.

She whiled away the time by reading and then doing some laundry. She didn't hang them in the backyard, she had a clothing rack where she could hang them to dry. She didn't think to decorate the yard though. it only had the elves and leprechauns. Should she? was there enough time to get to the store and decorate? She checked the clock above the picture of horses frolicking in the grass, in the dining room. It was just after 3 pm and normally the trick or treating started at 5 pm and the haunted house treat wouldn't start for another few hours. She still had two hours. She brought her spiders back inside and back into the attic. She then grabbed her coat and bag and purse and headed out.

It was a chilly October day, the leaves fell from the trees and littered the roads. Agatha walked down her street and admired her neighbors' front lawns. Every house had all kinds of Halloween decoration and it looks pretty gory and scary. Some people were still decorating as she walked by. She smiled and waved and they waved back awkwardly. She walked on.

She entered the OverVille novelty store and went straight to their yard decor. She picked out a scarecrow and dead mice decor and also a few toy spiders. she laughed in amusement at her wit. She also got some banners for the walls. and a few eyeballs to scatter on the ground. She paid at the till and walked out with her purchase without any incidents. She hurried home to get done before time caught up to her.

She was in the yard among the grass, putting up her scarecrow when the doorbell rang. She hurried into the house to the front door. She had had just enough time to dress up in her witches costume. She opened the door.

'Trick or treat!' little voices called out to her. two girls in vampire attire and a boy in a Batman costume smiled up at her, holding up their bags of candy for her to throw in. She beamed at them.

'Oooh my! how wonderfully scary you look!. Here are some candy for you!' she crooned grabbing the bowl from the table and dropping a handful of candy in each of their bags.

'Have a wonderful night and don't eat too much candy!' she sang as they said thank you and waved goodbye. She closed the door, smiling from ear to ear. The children doesn't seem too scared of her anymore. She headed out again to finish decorating.

Door bell rang for the next two hours with trick or treaters coming to her door in their various scary garb to collect candy. She had refilled the bowl 5 times. She was having a grand time. She had gone up to the attic a few times to feed her lovelies and get them ready for the night.

It was now after 9 pm and the last of the trick or treaters had left for the night. It was nearly time for her guests to arrive for the haunted house treat. She got out the drinks and spread them out onto the tables with Styrofoam cups and plates for the drinks and food and candies. She wanted the drinks to be fresh and cold for her guests. She also got the sound system and player ready to add more spookiness. This was going to be so much fun.

She had strung up the fake spiders to hang from the ceiling.

She heard voices outside. Her guests have arrived. Agatha still dresses in the witches costume greeted her guests warmly.

' Welcome everyone!' She boomed over the crowd. 'Welcome to the fist and most horrifying haunted house ever! I hope you have a horrific and terrifying time inside!' As she said this she gestured to them to enter. The Mayor was there too and smiled in delight. They oohed and aahhed at the decor on the front lawn as they entered the gates.

'Ooh look at that mummy! it's ghastly!' a little girl in a bee costume shrieked in delight as she pointed out the mummy to her dad. Agatha beamed in delight. Children touched the fake bones and blood and screamed at the realistic feeling of them. Some stayed out in the front yard and others enter the house, shrieking as the fake spiders landed on their head

'Oh get off get off!' a boy shrieked trying to swipe cobwebs from his face. His friends laughed out loud at him then in turn screamed out at the werewolves snarling at them. The fog made everything more spooky and the music played eerie sounds. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Getting spooked by gremlins and vampires and goblins.

'Wow Agatha, this place is amazingly terrifying!' mayor Chello cried out to her as she picked up a monster cookie to snack on. She blushed and waved a hand at him. 'Oh thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself' She walked behind a few teens walking upstairs toward the attic, leaving the mayor to enjoy the rest of the house.

This is it my darlings. They are coming. Get ready to attack!

Agatha stood back as the teens reached the top. The stairs were covered in slime and cobwebs and they were wiping their hands in disgust.

'Urgh this slime is sticky and gross' A girl in an elf costume called out.

'So is the cobwebs!' a girl in a red devil costume added.

'oh come on girls, it's not that bad' The two boys said in unison. one was in a superman costume and the other in a hulk costume. It looked really cool.

Come on! open the door Agatha projected her thoughts onto them.

Almost as if he heard her, the boy in the superman costume walked forward and opened the door. What they saw inside got them running and screaming down the stairs.

'Everyone out! Get out now! They're coming! we better go now!' The teens screamed knocking into people, trying to get out.

The girl in the elf costume was caught by a man in wizard attire.

'Hey hey! calm down what's going on? who's coming?!' Before she could answer though, the scurrying of feet could be heard. Everyone stopped and listened. it was getting closer and louder. Giant spiders were all scurrying down the stairs behind one another. Screams erupted as everyone ran everywhere, knocking down tables with food flying everywhere. Agatha came down the stairs laughing loudly and deeply.

'Yes my darlings, get them. They have to pay for how they treated me!' she screeched.

She witnessed one spider grab a man in a red flash costume and dragging him across the front lawn destroying the mummies, he was screaming so loudly that others looked at him and screamed too, running away. The spider pierced through his neck with one sharp leg and blood was spurting everywhere. He was in pain but the screams were fading gradually. He was ripped apart now by the pinchers and was silenced. The spider then ate him, crunching his bones. Little children could be heard crying to their parents. Agatha watched the horror taking place in front of her with glee.

Two more spiders had gotten hold of two boys. Agatha saw it was the boys from the supermarket, minus their one friend The were crying now, they spotted Agatha.

'Please let us go! make them let us go please!' they pleaded with her. She could see the fear in their eyes. She actually felt sorry for them but she remembered how rude they were to her.

'I'm afraid it's too late. You guys never liked me and treated me awfully. You get what you deserve. Take them away!' she yelled coldly.

'Nooo!' They screamed as they were carried away to be devoured.

The mayor then ran passed her all bloody and scratched up.

'How could you do this Agatha!' He cried out in pain.

'HOW COULD I?! HOW COULD I? HOW COULD YOU MAYOR! YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE TREATED ME LIKE DIRT! YOU IGNORE ME AND CALL ME WEIRD! YES I'M DIFFERENT BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I DESERVE THIS TREATMENT! EVERYONE WALKS BY MY HOUSE WHISPERING AND GOSSIPING!' She was screaming so loud now that she had a crowd. They have temporarily forgotten about the spiders, who were off munching on their prey. Everyone was staring at her now, looking wild in her costume.

YOU ALL WHISPER AND TALK ABOUT ME AND MY HOME... WELL NOW YOU SEE WHAT I HAVE IN MY HOME. MY WONDERFUL SPIDERS!' as if called, the giants came scurrying toward the crowd.

Chaos ensued! and the screaming and shrieking and screeching started up again.

Mother's and father's were grabbing at their kids and running home. Candy spilled everywhere on the streets. Crunching and munching was heard and blood and guts could be seen. All the while Agatha was watching in delight.

Yes she was old and she was weird but now nobody will ever treat her badly again. She walked through the guts and blood and food back home. Her lovelies will be eating out all night. She will wait for them at home eating cake and candy and sipping on the wine that she bought herself to celebrate her victory. The cries and screams continued into the night.

This will be a Halloween that no one will forget.


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Sorry, I pressed the wrong button and it went published. Well. It is a nice story. Check that miss-typo.
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