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A story of the highs and the lows

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A New Beginning

Two years ago the monsters had attacked

they were called the Aku ga hajimaru but the Flamehunter corps slayed them the only way to kill the Aku ga hajimaru was to cut or shoot the arms then the back of the neck the Aku ga hajimaru control fire and water. They eat any life form in sight and they clock at 50

miles per hour, the swords that killed the Aku ga hajimaru were called the Death swords ang the gun was called the King rifle.

The history teacher explained all that stuff oh I forgot to introduce

myself I am Zeke Hezaku the smartest kid in my class I am fifteen years old . One day as I was on the way to school and I saw a Aku ga hajimaru it was huge apportionmently sixty feet tall it saw me suddenly a dude my age had somewhat of gear and shot hooks and it grabbed onto its skin and he slashed his arms and and in a blink of an eye he also slashed the back of his neck a little blood got on my shirt then he looked at me he said his name was Kairo Hajezumi he was part of the Flamehunter corps he asked me to join him I said I don't have training Kairo said I'm from a special bloodline and that I'll be a natural Flamehunter.

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