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Chapter 1

Esmeralda had just woken up. Her twin Lily was already awake, ready and dressed. She looked like she was going somewhere. Lily was a few minutes younger and more fragile, whilst Esmeralda was always taking care of her sister when their parents were at work. That was how it had always been. “Esmeralda? Can we get new shoes? Mine hurt, and yours are too small too!” Esmeralda protested because she knew school shoes were expensive, but gave in once she realised how much her shoes hurt. The walk to the shop was short but felt longer with shoes that hurt with every step. Lily picked out some dainty velcro shoes and Esmeralda picked out some sensible brogues. When they returned to their house, their parents were home. “Excellent choices! They’ll go well with your new uniform,” remarked their mother.

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