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Just as everything would be okay there are just some problems that people cannot fix

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The Thief of Asolska

Not so far out from the valleys to the depths of the sea, a boy by the name of André was a well-known thief in the town in the kingdom of Asolska. He robbed the populace of all their minerals and resources but never mended his ways.

His closest friend Jacques had advised him multiple times to change but still, André made no effort to do so.

He continued to rob others till he was well known across the four kingdoms of Satur.
The kings of each kingdom tried to find ways and means of capturing André who had now become a menace to the people of Asolska.

Not very far away a brave and widespread musician ambled forward to work with the four kings of Satur in capturing André.

The very next morning, the multitude of Asolska gathered to hear the news from the four kings of Satur read by the grand messenger Duke Paul.

As it had turned out the four kings of Satur existed coming together to participate in the grand celebrations of the alliance of the four kingdoms. Soon the news distanced far and wide across the four kingdoms.

André who was concealed among the people thought it was a great prospect to steal the king's treasury.

When the day of the celebrations dropped anchor, a group of unknown coaches rode past the market enclosure.

André was watching down from a tree and kept down to attack the first coach but opened it and saw the musician playing his flute. Precisely when he was about to strip him of his belongings.

The king's soldiers lynched him and brought him before the four sovereigns of Satur whose decrees were to hang him before sunset before the people of Asolska.

As sunset approached, his accomplices helped him escape and placed a fake body in the cell he was being held in.

The group rode back to the secret base in the southern part of Asolska which existed relinquished by many because of its current condition.

When the kings of Satur heard about the death of André, they were delighted and informed the people about the demise of André.

The people were delighted as André was not a menace to them anymore but boy were they wrong about that.

Many years passed, and the kingdom of Satur continued to flourish in wealth and beauty. Many tourists adored the beautiful sceneries of the kingdom of Satur ruled under the four kings.

A boy and his father were riding back home in a coach hoping to get in touch with their business capital but then an arrow was shot which frightened the horse as he broke free from the coach.

This made both the father and son very surprised. The father bravely stepped out of the coach and once he did an arrow shot through his chest leaving him on the floor lifeless.

Meanwhile, the son who was very concerned for his father also stepped out of the coach and was shot as well. Both father and son were shot lifeless on the grounds of Bynit.

The news reached the commander of the kingdom of Satur who later informed the kings about this strange terror. The kings discussed among themselves finding this incident very strange and surprising.

They decided to carry out an investigation concerning the death of both father and son. They couldn't find any trace of evidence since the incident.

A few days later, another murder occurred in the alley of the streets of Satur as two men were on their way back from work when all of a sudden a mysterious shadow stood in front of them.

When they began to get closer to view the mysterious person he disappeared into thin air. Both shocked and terrified by what they saw both began to run to safety.

Unfortunately, both of them were shot with arrows piercing through their chest.
This created a whole lot of commotion amongst the people as they found the dead bodies of the two men.

The commanders immediately sent word to the four kings of Satur about their encounters down the alley of Satur. The kings again gave word to the commanders to immediately investigate the murder.
The commanders investigated and discovered a note from the masked mysterious killer.

It read " Looking for me but you'll never find me. I'm coming after the kingdom of Satur and no one can stop me."

Immediately the commanders reported their find to the four kings of Satur. The four kings of Satur came together and agreed to strengthen the security of Asolska.

Months passed and Asolska still had vital issues concerning the mysterious killer as he continued to attack the people. The four kings of Satur began to worry about the well-being of the people and its population growth itst gradually began to decrease.

The people lived in fear due to the current situation of their kingdom. The mysterious killer's identity was never unveiled.

This caused worry in the town.
The four kings of Satur had seemed to help from the neighbouring countries and brought out their best knights, and soldiers and not one was able to succeed so far.

Soon, months became years and the state of Asolska worsened because of the masked mysterious killer who dwelt in the shadows ready to attack the people.

But what surprised many was that he never attacked during daylight but he attacked at night. The kings were soon aware of this and devised a plan to pursue the mysterious killer once and for all.

Meanwhile, an unknown person working in the palace knew the masked mysterious killer and decided to inform him about their plans to capture him. When the guards were away she swiftly galloped away with her horse into the night to the killer's hideout.

Authors note,

Let me know in the comments who you think is the masked mysterious killer. Also, A new book will be published this year so be free to check it out when it's released okay?

She halted at where she knew was the mysterious killer's hideout since she had been observing his every move. She mounted down her horse but then the masked mysterious killer noticed an unfamiliar person walking towards the hideout.

He got prepared to attack the intruder but he resisted when he saw her blue eyes and dark hair.

The girl explained their plans of the four kings of Satur to him. So the next day, he was able to avoid all the traps they had set for him.

He later thanked her and soon became close as months passed by. Meanwhile the four kings of Satur wasn't pleased with the numerous killings going on in the kingdom. So the king assigned spies to further investigate the incidents going on throughout the kingdom of Satur.

The girl heard about the plans of the four kings and decided to inform the killer about their plans but little did she know she was followed to the killer's hideout.

The spies informed the four kings of Satur as they gathered their men to attack. When the girl came out of the hideout, the soldiers lynched on her and brought her before the four kings of Satur.

Soon, the killer heard about this and planned to rescue the girl from the hands of the four kings of Satur. They waited until the dawn's cry to execute thier plans. The kings also knew about their plans to rescue the girl and decided to execute a plan on thier own. The troops of the masked mysterious killer broke past the castle gates and succeded in killing some of the king's soldiers. The four kings had also organized special soldiers to take care of the girl but little did the masked mysterious killer know that the girl had already been given a death sentence and was to be executed at dawn.

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