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That's where it started.

It's a beautiful fall evening. By the way, the last day before the first day of study. Many students are already prepared to return to a very familiar place - school. Some children and teenagers are happy to be coming back. But one girl just starting her high school education is completely dissatisfied with this fact. That evening, a fairly slender blonde with sky-blue eyes with delicate features, a very nice girl was lying on the bed in her rather small room filled with small lamps and various photos , thinking: Why does this have to be the end of vacation? They were so cool. But at least tomorrow I'm going to the new high school so maybe it won't be that bad. After a while, her phone rang. Cassie grabbed it from the nightstand and answered the phone. Hi Cassie. How are your preparations for the start of the new school year going? She heard the young man's friendly voice. Rather good, the girl replied. It's just a pity that it's the end of free time - she added. I know. But unfortunately it all ends sometime. Even free. The boy said. Anyway, I have an idea, there is a fair at the end of summer in the park. Maybe let's go there and have fun, it's the last day off. He proposed. That sounds great, Cassie told him. So what? I'll see you in the park in a moment. Sure. I am going to go. Bye! He said goodbye and hung up. The girl also put down the phone and quickly went to get dressed. The dressing room was not unknown to what size. There were two quite large wooden wardrobes. A lot of clothes could fit in them. What to wear here? She began to wonder. Man, it's 7 degrees Celsius, I'll just put on a jacket and it'll be ok. And the shoes? Maybe some heels? She thought to herself. Heels? To the park? in such a cold? Come on Cassie! I'll just take the usual sneakers and it will be perfect. She took the first and dressed them. She quickly grabbed a hat and sprinted to the door. Bye dad! I'm leaving! She called out. When will you be back? She heard a male voice. In an hour to an hour and a half. I made an appointment with my friend! Fine, but be home before 10 PM! No problem. Cassie said before she left, slamming the door shut.The cheerful girl ran towards a nearby park. The boy was quite slim and tall, his hair was not too dark, and practically the entire forehead was exposed. His eyes were brown as nuts and his nose was a little small. Despite the Anglo-Italian roots he looked a bit like an asian. He was very friendly, but sometimes some of his ideas didn't end well. Hi, I'm here! She called out. Not that something, but in this outfit you look so cute. Let's go for a walk in the park, it's so beautiful! ?

He proposed. Cassie laughed softly. "As you like, Val." Then they went deeper into the park. You knew I'd be in the same class as you sweetie? The boy was surprised - Really? How do you know?! You know ... At the start of the school year, by The boy was surprised - Really? How do you know?! You know ... At the beginning of the school year, there was a schedule of who was in which class. My and your first and last name are on the class 1d list. The girl explained. My brother will also be there. He should be in the 8th grade, but it just so happened that we both went to 1st grade in the same year. After an hour, both teenagers grew tired and decided to go home. Valentino escorted Cassie to her house and when they got there, he gave her a kiss on the cheek and they both returned to their homes. Hi, I'm here, she exclaimed. But when she saw her father with some strange woman, she looked at them as if they were a ghost. Can you explain to me what's going on here and why I don't know anything? The confused girl shouted. Yeah. I forgot to tell you. This is my fiancée, Lilly. And I think you will like each other as much as the bee and the honey. Stated. The man had short hair similar to Cassie's color, small olive eyes, and he was slightly taller than Cassie. He was very kind and helpful. The fiancée agreed with the teenager's father. Yes, I think so too. Could you leave us alone now my friend? She asked arrogantly. Her pale hair was shoulder-length and her dark brown eyes didn't look friendly. She was quite short and very mean. Shocked and terrified at the same time, the girl said nothing but ran to her room and locked herself in it. However, she managed to overhear her father's conversation with Cassie's new stepmother. I tell you, I still remember her from the open days, Lilly assured him. It is already certain that I will teach her. I hope the class will be very nice, she continued. Cassie, not believing what she hears, sat on the bed tucked her legs up, thinking with concern - This is some kind of a joke? After all, she was very rude to me during the open days, let alone teaching me for 4 years ... However, not all of her class knew what kind of hell they would have to face. At the same time Cassie's boyfriend came home calling for Hi, I'm back! How was it? His 14-year-old brother Zander asked him. His fair hair covered half of his face, and his eyes looked very similar to Val's. He was quite slim and tall for his age. It was fun, you know? It can be counted as a date. He laughed relaxed. Look - I know it's a little silly to ask right after a romantic meeting like this, but ...Zander began hesitantly. Man, feel free to ask me, come on! He encouraged. Then the younger brother sighed and asked quickly as if from a firecracker - Who is your girlfriend? You'll see her tomorrow, don't be upset. Valentino did not want to spoil the surprise for Zander. He wanted to make him happy on his first day at the new school. Anyway, after this day I'm just semiconscious. I will go to bed now because I will fall asleep here. No problem, nice dreams- Zander said goodbye. Valentino, walking up the stairs to the bathroom, yawning, replied, "See you tomorrow, bro." After he changed into his pajamas, he stood in front of the bathroom mirror and said to himself, "Well that year was just a failure, but not this time! This year will be mine!" He left the bathroom turning off the light, entered his rather small room, sat down on his bed and then lay down comfortably covering himself with the duvet up to his shoulders. Meanwhile, his brother also started to get sleepy and found that he would also go to his room. Suddenly the phone rang loudly next to him. The boy jumped up and wanted to pick him up as soon as possible. Hello? Who is calling at this time? Can't we leave it for the morning? Zander didn't feel like talking so late anymore, and it was best for him to go to sleep. Oh, hello, sweetie, we're leaving and we'll be home in a few hours. Aunt answered. Wait a minute, I need to check if my brother is awake yet. the boy said. Well, if it is so important, I do not interfere. When he got to Val's room, he slightly opened the door and saw him peacefully sleeping, hugging his blanket. He closed the door as quietly as possible. I already checked and he fell asleep. You can come inside but God forbid not some disco parties miracles invisibility! Leave that for the morning. But that's no problem boy. His aunt assured him. You know ... I think I'll be about to finish and I have to go to bed right away. Tomorrow is my first day in high school. Oh, got it. Okay, go ahead and get some sleep for that first day of school. Bye bye, then his aunt immediately hung up. After a short conversation, the tired boy goes to sleep. Moments later,enters his little cozy bedroom. Then he gets into bed and falls asleep very quickly. His sleep, however, did not last very long. In the middle of the night, he was roused from his rest by loud conversations as at a rock concert. No no! Do they really have to make that noise? It's the middle of the night. he began to plug his ears with pillows but it was to no avail. What I am doing? With this noise, I will not be able to fall asleep! Okay! I'm leaving here because it's a joke! Zander got up from the bed and walked silently into the room of Val, already sleeping. Hi. Sorry, I wake up at half past two in the morning but my cousins ​​are loud like a party in a club. Can I sleep with you tonight? He asked. The teenager understood his problem and responded amicably - of course. Come here. He lay down next to him and, with his eyes closed, Zander said goodbye, saying, "So what? I'll see you in the morning." Good night. Val replied, and after a few minutes they were both quietly asleep.

But tonight, the two boys' cousins ​​were not going to be quiet. While most of them were asleep, Rick proposed a rather risky idea to Kevin. The boy had very small hazel eyes, an upturned nose and his entire forehead was covered by brown-red hair that reached down to his shoulders. He liked to dress in a rock style, and even though he was 19, he acted like a naughty high school student. Dude, I have an idea. Now that everyone's gone to bed, what's the point of being bored? Let's do karaoke or disco here! Rick, do you want to wake everyone up here? Are you crazy? The boy had a very light braid done, small brown eyes, He had a slightly crooked nose and liked to dress like a nerd. He is often prudent and reasonable. Rick snorted and laughed: You're a terrible bore. I'll do it myself then. Kevin looked at his brother disapprovingly: That's a bit of an exaggeration, don't you think? This may upset someone. Rick annoyed growled: Screw you! I'm older than you here and I decide what we do and you have to adapt. He took the speaker and started playing heavy metal music. Meanwhile, in the next room, Zander was awakened by a terrible noise coming from another bedroom. Once he realized what was happening, he tried to sleep, but it was no use. He took the pillow, he covered his ears with it and yelled angrily: Well, it couldn't get any louder, could it? Val, confused, asked: But Zander, why are you so upset? Is it because of me that you can't sleep? To which the boy replied: man, not because of you but because of this noise! Did they go crazy with this party? I'll fix it, wait here. Meanwhile, Kevin, however, was persuaded that he and Rick made a nice party in the room.At some point, they both heard the door open.Kevin glared at Rick as he turned off the music. I will kill you for this. Kevin grumbled. Are you making fun of me? Whose idea was it? the boy asked. It's not me, Zander. It was Rick's idea. He explained by pointing his finger at Rick. How freaking old are you guys? Kevin: I'm 17 and Rick is 19.

It's just a real jungle here. That I don't come back here. Then Zander closed the door behind him. Kevin, pissed through his teeth, said: So what did you do, moron? Rick with a mean smile said - what do you want? You invited yourself.

Valentino, seeing Zander enter the room contentedly, asks: So what? Have they quieted down? The boy with a slight smile, going to bed, replied: I hope so. But in 2 seconds there was that roar again from that room. Oh no! not again! He broke down. Val suggested to him: Don't go there a second time. Grab your headphones, turn on some relaxing music and try to fall asleep. Zander said rather hesitantly: I have them in my room. What if someone notices me? If you keep quiet, nothing will happen to you. The boy got up and started sneaking around so as not to wake anyone up. Although he knew that this music would wake someone up. He silently picked up his headphones and went back to his brother's room. and how? You have them? he asked. Yes. I did it. The boy replied and went to bed. He played some relaxing music on his phone. and he lay down. This music is pretty cool but why do my eyes close by themselves? After 5 minutes, Val heard heavy breathing and grunting in his sleep. He turned around and saw that his brother was already asleep. The boy silently removed the headphones, he placed them on the nightstand and went to sleep.

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