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We are in Newmoore at a boarding school as Amy a girl with long black hair running the street in front of the hinuter with a suitcase and a backpack. The bus with which she had driven drove past her. Amy went through the gate of the boarding school and went into the main building and went to the secretary where the secretary just like wild on the keyboard of her computer and asked genert who are you. Amy answer my name is Amy. The secretary said oh the new child who comes from the children's home. Amy asked her where she should go now and that she still needs to know which class she is in from tomorrow. The secretary gave her a mare plan and said you are in class 8d from tomorrow. Amy read the name tag and said to the secretary her name is Mrs. Steiner. The secretary laugh and answer yes that's me and you have to go to residential group 4 and gave her another plan from the boarding school . Amy left the secretariat and went out of the school building and went over the courtyard to an outbuilding where the residential groups are located. In the outbuilding she went up the stairs to the fourth floor and went through a door where residential group 4 was at the door. In the residential group she went down the hallway and went to the care office where a big man with brown hair. He looked at her and asked who are you are you. Amy answer I am Amy. He smiled and said you are the new one. Amy smiled weakly and answered yes that's me. The man stood up and explained I explained I'm Mr. Maier and I'll show you your room now. They walked down the aisle and went into a room at the other end. Mr. Maier explained that this is your room you can set up first and opposite are the toilets and in the room next to the showers. Before he went out he said at 6 p.m. there is dinner then you come to the kitchen opposite the caretaker's office and in the toilets there is a washing machine and dryer in case you have to wash your clothes at some point. Amy unpacked her suitcase and backpack and decided to explore the surroundings that she still had an hour until there was dinner. She left the boarding school grounds and walked a bit along the forest until she came to a beautiful lake and sat down. Suddenly she scared a big boy with brown hair from behind and said you don't know the story about the lake or. Amy answer I just arrived and by the way my name is Amy. The boy sat next to her and said my name is Joshua and if you want I'll tell you the story of the lake. Amy answer ok then just tell me the story I have nothing better to do anyway. Joshua told it's about the fact that here at the lake on the other side a man is driving around who can turn into a dragon. Amy laughed, thank God that's just a story. Joshua continued to tell, but for weeks different students have wanted to have seen the dragon and it is said that he then kidnapped students from the boarding school. Amy looked at him. Joshua asked which residential group you actually live in. Amy answers on the residential group 4. Joshua looked astonished and said festellent there I also live so we can go back together. Amy laughed and said ok then let's go. They went back to the boarding school and Amy and Joshua to their living group. In the living group everyone just went to dinner and Joshua and Amy joined them. For dinner there was Lasange. After dinner, a girl with blue long hair came running on the group and screamed I saw the dragon and accidentally ran into Amy who was just standing in the hallway. The girl pulled Amy up and apologized immediately. Amy sway to her and said I said I'm Amy and who are you. The girl answers my name is Hope. Amy whispered you saw the dragon by the lake. Hope took out her cell phone and showed her the picture in which there was really a dragon on the other side of the lake.Amy said to Hope come with I know someone who is certainly interested.They went to Joshua and showed him the picture.Joshua said we should tomorrow penetrates to find out more about it.Amy told him I don't know since when we work together.Joshua laughed and said we could become a gang.Amy said then we needed a name.Joshua said we could call ourselves dragon fighters.Hope grinned and said ok then we just call ourselves the dragon cresters.They went to sleep and the next morning they met in the kitchen for breakfast.Amy made cornflakes and sat down to Hope and asked her since when you are actually here.Hope said for a year before that I often skipped school and then came here.When they had finished eating they went to school where in the classroom she was already waiting for her a woman with brown hair and strict look.Hope said that is Mrs.Amy our class teacher.Amy seated to Hope in the last series. In the first lesson they had math.

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