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Dream Girl: poetic desire , ideal love

In dreams she dwells, my ideal girlfriend fair, With grace and kindness, beyond compare.

Her laughter's melody, a soothing song,

In her presence, every moment belongs.

Eyes that sparkle like stars in the night,

Her smile's warmth brings the world to light. Understanding heart, compassionate soul,

In her embrace, life feels whole.

Her passions ignite, a fire so bright,

In her company, everything feels right. Supportive and strong, a guiding hand,

Walking together through life's endless land.

With love that's genuine, and friendship so true, My ideal girlfriend, forever I'd pursue.

In her love's embrace, I'd find my home,

With her, in every season, I'd gladly roam.

In realms of dreams, an ideal sight,

A girlfriend's grace, a guiding light.

With laughter's song and kindness pure,

Her heart's embrace, forever sure.

Eyes that sparkle like stars above,

A soul that's boundless, filled with love.

In every moment, by your side,

Her warmth and care, an endless tide.

With wisdom's touch and gentle ways,

She brightens even the darkest days.

A partner, friend, and confidante,

Together, in life's intricate dance.

Her presence soothing, a calming breeze,

A love that flows like tranquil seas.

In this realm of dreams, she resides,

An ideal girlfriend, by your side.

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Abhinav GOEL i am just an engineering student with great ability to write stories and novels .


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