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Lilian Evergreen is a fresh vampire. She was recently bitten and underwent the change. Now she is sent to a special school where she will learn how to control herself and her new found powers.

Фентези Темная фантазия Всех возростов.

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I remember the day I became chosen. I didn't know what it meant to be chosen to become a vampire. It was an ordinary day that ended with bloodshed. I had the perfect normal life with a supportive family. I went to school that day and on the walk home after cheer practice something felt wrong. Before I knew it a stranger was walking towards me inhumanly fast. I couldn't escape and when I felt the fangs pierce my neck it was excruciatingly painful.

The vampire that turned me then left me to fend for myself in the grass of the nearby park next to my house. The pain of the bite became so intense. I broke out into a terrible fever and trembled head to toe. It was two hours before someone found me and took me to the hospital. There my family worried about me all night. Everyone thought I just had a bad case of the flu. When I told them my story everyone was convinced that I was making up the whole thing. The wounds on my neck had healed too. There was no proof it actually happened to me.

Suddenly, a policeman showed up to my hospital room. He believed me and he told me in private that I'm going through a change physically. That I will become a vampire in the next forty eight hours. He was there to make sure I don't harm anyone. I couldn't imagine harming anyone else but as I changed so did my hunger. I desperately wanted to drink blood. The pure instinct to kill had me in a frenzy that I had to control.

By the end of the forty eight hours everything changed. The policeman told my family he suggested I go to a special school for adolescents who've experienced hallucinations like mine. He made up a whole story to convince them and told them that it would barely cost them anything to send me there. They of course agreed because they were worried about me.

The truth is they will be sending me to a boarding school for vampires. My name is Lilian Evergreen and I am now a vampire.

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