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Black hole

This excerpt is from "The Existence of Everything Volume2 - Chapter11 - The Myth of Black Hole"

This excerpt is about how the black hole helps creates everything that exists in the universe, from nothing which is actually the state of nothing which means the black holes do exist. In this excerpt, I am dealing with how a black hole helped create everything from nothing. In actuality, nothing is only a state of being nothing and not the absence of everything.
For eg. Consider one having an aim. How do we try to achieve the aim? First, we think of the possibilities to make it happen. We also consider, which situation gives fruitful results. This way, we get to the list of possibilities that will lead from one to another in which context and order are determined only in the actual phase of happening despite the fact how well we prepare prior. Nothing has happened in real. But we do trace everything from nothing that has not happened in real. I.e. a state of being nothing rather than simply nothing.
But we still cannot assure of the order it may follow which depends on the situation(we call it a context).
We may need some other criteria(Besides how well we plan) to decide and to make an aim happen in real and is dependent on how it is being received by others(determining the context and the order). That is known only when we actually implement it in real life. This splits them into the preparatory phase and the actual phase of happening.
In the preparatory phase, we only think about how we will make it happen. Nothing is actually created but still, we have an idea of everything. This can be called the state of nothing(I.e. besides being everything) and from which everything begins to exist. This is the same for the existence of each and everything that exists in the universe. Everything takes its form from the idea of everything, which may not exist in real and which can be called the state of being nothing. Thus everything came into existence from nothing.
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