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This is a short tale about manipulation and rationalism. This text uses similarities in order to make the reader understand the message.

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The devils, the light and the fish

Devils can be mischievous humans or other creatures. They are fishermen who cast their tricks around us like hooks from a fishing pole. We are very simple fish and the fishermen does not have any intention of showing us their identities. When we bite into the hooks that are made by human misconceptions and bad emotions, we are fished to be guided to the devils malicious goal.

Sometimes we take the bait but someone or something saves us halfway by fate. Sometimes we refuse to take the bait out of our fear and our principles. However, strong fish may bite the hook but it isn't the end of their story since they can cut the line of the fishing rod. The devil remains dumbfounded in this case and decides to use against them stronger fishing rods while the fish is only a simple being that refuses to surrender.

However, if the fish has strong faith, no fishing rod will be able to catch it, and the fisherman may even fall prey to other predators more ferocious than himself. This world respects the rules established by its creator and which sometimes allow victory and glory even to the simple fish who have strong faith.

All the fish should also be aware of some evil predators who use luminous bait to attract their prey. The most dangerous example of luminous bait around us is the theory of Einstein and the philosophy of Spinoza which try to convince us that what is luminous is holy. Furthermore, bat sonar proves that it's not just light that shows us the right way.

Always remember and teach your children that they are not obliged to become illuminati by pretending that the light is a God or that the sun is also a God. The youngsters who love science but believe that the mistaken theories of Einstein are correct think obviously that they are unable to fully understand physics because of their weakness and lose therefore their scientific selfconfidence since they don't even have the right to disprove Einstein theories by using Ockham Razor. Hence, these youngsters can never become selfconfident famous scientists in the future even if their countries spend a lot for their studies because the first principles in science are obviously rationalism and objectivity.

Actually, a natural mask is painted on our faces. It reflects the truth of our hearts.

Believing themselves to be the center of the world, everyone does everything to impose themselves in their flock. Sometimes we blindly attempt even evil means and in this case our faces are painted black like our hearts.

We sometimes forget that the party of evil has failed in perpetuity since the beginning of our existence beacause this nature respects a certain law that the devil makes us forget:

"God imposed himself, imposes himself, and will always impose himself by imposing pure truth."

Ladies and Gentlemen. I want you to be sure that your free will (taking decisions) is only your command. I mean that the devils manipulation reaches only the superficial parts of the brain. This means that the manipulation of minds can only give and delete your personal ideas and remarks. However, the free will that makes you take decisions is placed in an unreachable position deep inside the brain and it can't be reached by the evil manipulators.

Hence, you only have to take your time while thinking and take note of your important ideas in order to have the free will of taking good decisions. Also, asking for the opinions of the people who truly love us can save us.

God bless you !!!


Akram Louiz

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Akram Louiz Born in September 1990 in Morocco, Akram Louiz is a first class engineer lieutenant in the merchant navy. He is also a novelist, a poet and a scientific researcher. Akram Louiz is a great lover of contemporary philosophy and psychology.


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