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Krista Crow is a 21-year-old girl whose dream was to go on tour with her favorite band, 5A. A week after the concert her best friend Sophia tells her about a contest where the winner will go on tour with 5A! Krista was suspicious, 5A never mention a tour on their website. Maybe it was early access? Come to find out, the contest was fake. After losing $2,000 which Krista was saving up a car to go to college for, 5A manager Molly Dustin offered Krista $500 to go on a date with Jake Chance to help them get good PR. But here is the catch. Krista had to keep a secret from the band about this arrangement. Would Krista be able to keep this secret from 5A what would happen if they do find out?

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Chapter One: Surprise Gift

It was a chilly June evening in Philly. Krista Crow was at her boyfriend Brian's house, in the living room, cuddling up to him on his parent's big gray couch. Brian focused on the TV. Krista focused on him. He laughed at the show. His chest moved up and down against her. She smiled, leaning her head on his arm. She was so lucky to have Brian. To call him her boyfriend.

They had been dating for two years. He asked her out on her birthday, May 21st. It's funny, because Krista has two things to celebrate: her birthday, and the day she finally said yes. Krista smiled, thinking back to when Brian first asked her out. It was stupid for her to say no. She never planned on dating, let alone a boyfriend. She had made a commitment that she would stay single forever, and live out on a farm, owning a dog rescue organization. That was her childhood dream.

But all that changed the third time Brian asked. He didn't give up so easily. Thankfully.

A loud, noisy commercial came on, and Krista jumped.

Brian chuckled. "You okay over there?"

Krista cleared her throat, turning a little red. "Yeah, I wasn't paying attention. Sorry." She turned back to the TV. Just in time to see her favorite band: 5A.

They announced a tour. They were coming to Philadelphia! Krista put her head back in mock agony. "Oh my goshhhhh," she moaned, "This is so not fair. I want to go to that concert!"

Brian looked over at her, and smirked. "Oh yeah? What would you do to be able to go?"

Krista groaned. "Oh my gosh, anything! Like, literally!" She dramatically held up her hands.

"Anything, huh? Like... lick a toilet seat?"

Krista scrunched her nose. "Eww Brian, I am not that desperate! Well..." She thought for a second, and shivered at the thought.

"Well," Brian paused for a second, and stood up. "I should thank you." He laughed at his girlfriend's expression, and turned towards the hall. "At least your breath will be stinky, and none of the boys will want to kiss you." He made his way down the hall, leaving a puzzled Krista behind him.

"You know I wouldn't do that to you!"

Brian said nothing. Krista sat up on the couch. What was that boy up to?

She would wait on him. He was probably taking a dump. She flipped through the TV, looking for something else to watch. And then Brian was back. With his hands behind his back, and a huge grin on his face.

"Brian, what is behind your back? It better not be silly string!" Not another one of his pranks!

Brian chuckled. "Close your eyes."

Krista hesitated before doing so.

"Stick your hands out." She did. Paper rattled from Brian's hands, and she almost peaked. That would have ruined the surprise.

He placed the paper in her hand. "Okay, open your eyes!" Krista opened her eyes, and gasped. "Oh my God, is this what I think it is?!" Her heart started racing.

Brian smiled, and sat down next to her on the couch, "Happy late birthday and anniversary!"

Krista threw her arms around Brian's neck. She kissed him all over his face, and said thank you in between.

Brian chuckled, but finally said, "Okay, I know you're excited about seeing 5A, but I can't breathe."

Krista let go, and gave Brian a sympathetic look. "Sorry." She pushed some of her straight black hair out of her face. "I just can't believe you got these tickets. I thought they were sold out?"

Brian cleared his throat, turning a little red. "Well, umm, you see, when the Universe gives you lemons, you make lemonade." Krista raised an eyebrow.

"Umm, okay?" Brian was acting a little strange. But it really didn't matter. She was going to see 5A! She needed to tell the world.

"Oh my God, Brian, I need to tell Sophia." Krista quickly got off the couch, firmly grasping the ticket. She almost tripped. She looked around frantically for her phone, still clutching the ticket. She muttered under her breath. Where was the darned thing? After an eternity, she found her purple flip phone, and quickly dialed Sophia's number.

On the third ring, Sophia answered."Hello?" She responded sleepily.

With a huge grin, Krista squealed. "Sophia, guess what!" Sophia groaned. "What is it, Krista?" she yawned.

"Brian bought me tickets to see 5A!"

Waking up, Sophia now squealed with Krista. "Omg, no way! I am coming over right now. Give me fifteen minutes!"

Krista heard shuffling in the background. "Okay, I'm at Brian's house, I'll see you in fifteen. Kiss, kiss!"

Krista hung up, and danced around the living room. Brian laughed. What an amazing thing he ha done! She still didn't know when the concert was. Hopefully she had some time to prepare. But also, it couldn't come soon enough!

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