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In this heart warming story, two best friends Kimberly and Anna have their friendship put to the test when Piere, the school's heartthrob and star basketball player tries to entangle them in his love plans and shatter their friendship and trust between them by poisoning them to turn against each other.

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For some of us, home is a shield that protects us from the terrors that lay in the abandoned corridors and tests that teachers would wave in the air happily, to see you fail. But for some of us, school is a fortress that hides us from the dangers of home that lurk underneath the bed or speak in parents. But as for our protagonist, Anna, neitheir school nor home was a safe place to call a fortress...

The Sun shimmered because of a new day. The trees danced, the flowers sang and the grass chuckled. It was another day at Sun Academy and the school buzzed with excitement. Piere Anderson stood tall in the crowd that swarmed him, his face beaming with pride. His team had just won the basketball match against Titan Academy. The girls admired his handsomeness, trying to grab his attention. He had every feature a girl desired of a perfect boy: a jaw, perfect blonde hair, six-pack abs, the perfect height, a warm smile, sapphire blue eyes, muscles and a Prince Charming voice. He brushed his blonde hair with his hand and his wink had the girls drooling all over him; except two girls. But little did the other girls know that Piere was truly a player both physical and emotional.

Kimberly and her best friend Anna stood in a corner watching the other girls drool all over him disgustedly.

"What's so special about him anyway? Just because he's the school's star player. For the love of insects." Kimberly said as she watched them.

"You're telling me, and doesn't he already have a girlfriend?"

"He does, it's Jessica Munoz but they broke up."

"Hmm... I have a hunch and not the bad posture kind. I don't have a good feeling about that boy."

They decided to head to the cafeteria for lunch. It was mashed potatoes with corn in it. Kimberly lumped her food as she sighed.

"Can we at least eat something different other than mashed potatoes?" Kimberly whined.

"Enough girl. Besides it won't kill you; it's just potatoes."

"But it might, one day..."

"Yeah, when pigs fly!"

When out of the blue, Piere walked up to their table, putting on his best show.

"Hello, ladies. Enchante mademoiselle." He said as he lifted Kimberly's hand gently and kissed it. Anna was enraged.

"You moron! Stay away from us! We are not falling for that fake French gesture."

Piere was taken aback by those words but then, a smile plastered across his face.

"Anna is just jealous because you caught my eye."He whispered in Kimberly's ear as he brushed a hair strand out of Kimberly's eye and left. Kimberly's heart fluttered inside her. She felt like she was on cloud nine but couldn't express it.


I felt my heart skip a beat as he whispered into my hair before brushing a hair strand off my face. He stared deep into my diamond eyes while I stared into his sapphire blue eyes before he left us. I couldn't tell Anna that what he did was cute. I just couldn't.

"Don't fall for his act Kimberly! he's truly an idiot for thinking you could fall for him." Anna advised.

But Kimberly paid no attention to what her best friend had to say. She was lost in her thoughts of what happened.

"Don't tell me you're falling for that jock Kimberly!" Anna growled.

"Oh...uh... I... got to go."

Kimberly abruptly stood up and ran off, her cheeks bright red. Anna was left alone at their table.


Kimberly was the only person that could shield me from the dangers that lurked around school and the feeling of being torn apart from home.I didn't understand. Why would Piere come to us and start whispering to Kimberly? Something wasn't right. Then, Kimberly leaving the table was unlike her. I know what Piere wants to do: he wants to plant a seed in her heart and fool her into loving him. That must be it. I had to protect her. I didn't want my best friend to fall for a jock who doesn't know his left from his right. Even if it meant breaking boundaries, I must try. I must shield her from the dangers of the French player.

Anna abandoned her lunch to look for Kimberly. She walked in abandoned hallways and searched classrooms. Where could she be in such a big school? But she then found her at her locker.

"Kimberly! What happened?"

Kimberly didn't reply. She just stared at the notes and flowers and chocolates that sat in her locker. She squealed in her mind as she read the notes.

"Kimberly, I-"

Then, Anna caught sight of the gifts that lay in Kimberly's locker. This made her blood boil. She was enraged.

"Who put these there?" She asked annoyedly as she stared at the gifts and the notes.

"OMG! Who did this? I don'thave a boyfriend last time I checked." Kimberly questioned as she read the notes.

Piere caught a glimpse of Kimberly opening the gifts to the gifts that HE dropped in her locker. He whistled a beckoning call but they just swung their ponytails, refusing to give into his act.


Kimberly was the only person I ever had that could protect me from the dangers that lurked at home and I couldn't believe Piere was trying to drag Kimberly into a love trap. I couldn't just watch Piere make a puppet out of my best friend but now, he has broken the boundary. I had to do something now. Kimberly hated Piere but somehow, I felt her resilience wavering a bit. I must expose his secrets to the world. Piere will not be my best friend's Prince Charming!

But little did she know that this choice was opening Pandora's box in her life.

Lunch time was over and students had recess time now. The school was empty with students as they made their way to the basketball court to watch Peiere play.

"He is so amazing!" one squealed.

But Kimberly and Anna showed no interest. They knew he was a player that wanted to manipulate people to get his own way but not for long.

The Sun beat the players up, making them drip with sweat.They took their shirts off, showing their abs but Pierre's abs were the girls' target.

"So strong and so muscular!"they squealed.

But somehow, Pierre caught sight of Kimberly and whistled a beckoning call. She just ignored him and walk off. This got Pierre enraged.

"Hmm... don't worry. You will one day fall for my charm." he grinned evily as he left the basketball court to the locker room.

"Pierre isn't going to stop until he has me in his charm." Kimberly told Anna.

"Well, don't worry. Because I have a plan of my own."Anna grinned evily as a devilish smile plastered over her face.

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