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Past Creation

Equality. A word used by those who don't understand the real meaning. According to the internet, equality means the state of being equal to everyone around you. Having the same rights, opportunities, and status. I have spent my life studying the word in my own eyes. It hurts to see it used for the wrong reasons.

All my life, I have suffered from the statement of equality. No one ever treated me right yet people say they do. Respect goes both ways, right? But all my life, I have had teachers, parents, friends, family, enemies, government, school etc telling me what I can and can't do. So much for equality.

I studied in college the meaning of my planet. I leant that the Goddess Themis, second wife to Zeus, created my planet many centuries ago. She is the Goddess of justice, equality, what's right and wrong. I guess that's why she called my planet equality, to symbolise her. Yet no one knows about her. Everyone has forgotten the times we worshipped her and treated everyone right but nothing lasts forever.

A while ago, I stole an old book from the museum. I was interested and nothing stopped me. It turns out, that Themis created this planet out of spite. To prove to Zeus that she can create what he always wanted. Equality. Although, after the creation of my planet Equality, Zeus had killed Themis for breaking the rules as creating a new planet is wrong and only one god may do that.

Its been centuries since the death of Themis but it seemed only yesterday we believed she was right for creating us. Since her tragic death, everyone cut their beliefs for Themis. Hoping not to make Zeus angry at them for also breaking the rules. This change within my planet changed Zeus's mind on destroying us and instead we were left to fend for ourselves.

Now, on my planet, it is against the law to believe in Themis, believe she was right. Everyone followed Zeus now but slowly, my planet became... lonely. In my eyes, this planet should be called Inequality because of the way everyone treats each other.

This story is about my life on Equality. Soon, you will see... that my planet is destined for disaster.

(Past life is called Losing Reality the Side story)

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