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Sometimes you have to lose all you have to gain what you deserve. Yes, you inspired me!

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Bedtime stories

" Mommy, tell me a story, please." Asked the young girl, already snuggled into her blanket.

" But it's late, my love. You know it's a very special day for you tomorrow." Her Mother was softly tucking in the blanket around her daughter.

" Mommy, please." Her big eyes became even bigger when she saw the room slowly getting filled by a soft red light. The next second a small version of her hometown was hallowing over her bed and her mother began to speak.

" Once there was a little girl sitting on her bed, too excited to sleep. Who wouldn't be, the day right before their sixth birthday. She knew tomorrow would be the most important day of her life. She would get the biggest cake ever.. ." The mother started laughing because that wasn't the story she always told.

" Mommy! That's not how the story goes!"

" Oh, really? Then you should tell it." She softly started to tickle her daughter, who's sad face turned right back into a huge smile.

The young girl carefully touched the vision of the small town until it switched into one of a girl sitting on her bed looking out of the window. The night was clear, and the stars were shining brighter than ever before, almost as if they're dancing in excitement with her.

" She would get a small cake and finally gets to meet her.. ." The mother continued until her daughter was screaming loud.

" Dragoooon!"

" Yes my love, her dragon. Like you will get to meet yours tomorrow." Her hand was softly stroking the red hair out of her face.

" I will name him .. ." Heavy steps were appearing before she could finish her sentence and the door was roughly opened by a tall dark clothed man.

All magic disappeared as soon as he stepped into the room.

" She should be sleeping by now, leave her alone." Aggressively, he pulled the mother's arm and moved her out of the room.

" Daddy, no, please. I want to hear the story until the end." The corners of her eyes showed little tears coming up.

" You have to sleep, right now! Bedtime stories are for babies, are you a baby?" His face got even darker and scarier than before.

" No! I'm not a baby, you are a baby, you are mad because you don't have magical powers like mommy."

Right when she finished the sentence her father's hand slapped her cheek leaving a big red mark and now her tears were running without an end in sight. Before he had the chance to react, his daughter's eyes turned red and started to glow in the same light as the vision that left some moments ago. Her pain turned into anger more and more, and the next second her father was lifted off his feet, hovering over the bed.

" Amina! No!" Almost last second, her mother managed to get back into the room to cover her daughter's eyes. Immediately, her father crashed down on the floor.

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Owl 🦉 Owl 🦉
You hooked me in well! I'm excited to know more abo it the little girl as I read.
Ş. N. Kartanesi Ş. N. Kartanesi
your cover is so beautiful

  • DR - Skye DR - Skye
    Thank you, I design them myself. August 02, 2023, 14:51
SX Stormy X
There’s a trillion fantasy stories about different worlds and magical powers, yet the author somehow manages to make this one unique and add a refreshing twist, not making it predictable. Yes It’s got all the makings of a beautiful magical world, but it’s also intertwined with real world issues some, but not all will understand. The girl’s strength is portrayed so well. She’s powerful on her own, but also has someone looking out for her. It’s the greatest magical gift one could ask for.

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