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The Project MIRROR

On a super cool rainy evening, when everyone could dream about dancing to the rhythm of the rain with hot coffee in one hand and a super hot snack in the other hand. It was Sameer, fighting with his files on the desk and thinking seriously about the status of his current case. By then, he received an email full of jargon. He was confused if it was sent to him and if so, what was it trying to convey. Thinking about that, nearly an hour gone by. He decided to have a cup of hot coffee before continuing with the proceedings of his case. But then he could hardly keep himself from thinking about that mysterious mail. He went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to pick up a pocket of milk and started boiling it. Meanwhile, he thought of his wife who loves cold coffee in cold weather with high humidity. He rather never let himself away from questioning the strange habit of her.

He thought he could call her not only to know where she is but also to know how long it will take for her to reach home. By then, his son arrived back from his school. And, he took the hot coffee from the stove and transferred it to a kettle. He asked Eric about how the day was for him. He replied, "Yet another enjoyable day after my last birthday, Dad. " Sameer replied, "You say, you are so vibrant today with your friends as you were at your last birthday celebration." He reminded Eric to refresh himself and have a cup of hot coffee for that cool climate. Eric expressed his excitement about his early arrival and questioned his Dad whether she could come soon. He rather asked Eric, "Why don't we call your mom and ask her? " Eric replied, "I would rather surprise her for having won the football tournament, Dad. " Sameer greeted him about winning the match. He dialled her number and the phone was ringing, but there was no sign of her picking up the call. It was no later than, they could hear the doorbell. It was no sooner Eric told his dad, "Let me hide behind the chaise lounge and give a surprise for her Dad. Don't tell her I am behind the longue." Sameer nodded getting closer to the door. He opened the door and received her. "I am surprised to see you receive me. I could probably guess the reason for this heavy downpour. BTW what about Eric, is he back from school?" Sameer replied that he did not, but sighed at her behind the longue. She went and caught Eric by his ears. Eric yelled, " Please leave me, Mom. I have a good news for you" She expressed her happiness for him and asked him the reason behind his happiness. Eric revealed that he and his team had won the football tournament. She replied, "That was indeed good and am so happy about it." Eric insisted, "You both can't stop with that, Mom and Dad. You have promised to get me out, this Sunday." She replied, "It's the responsibility of your Dad. And, I am not bothered to join you both. " Sameer shrieked with laughter, "Probably, if the rain stops." Eric yelled, "Dad, you cannot do this to me. "

She reminded they settle this matter soon. By then, she would be joining them."

Sameer could not help his thoughts wavering on the mysterious mail that he had received and was worried if he could finish off this issue ASAP. Sameer approved him with the condition if at all, he was allowed to continue his work now, to finish it off before the weekend.

Having said this, he poured a cup of coffee and added a little sugar to it and took it to his desk. He stirred it well. Well, he stayed puzzled about the email. He was confused if he could deviate his attention towards the case files rather than banging his head on the anonymous email. He made up his mind towards the case files.

He started reading the case files and no sooner he had come to know about the previous mysterious letters in the case history. He again could not simply trespass the mysterious mail unnoticed. Suddenly, a thought flashed in his mind what if the content of the email was encrypted? So, he thought he could clarify with Erin about this as she was working on that domain.

"Erin, Are you free now? Can you do me a favour? I need some clarification on decrypting an email full of jargon. Will you?" asked Sameer. Erin replied, "Decrypting an email, let me see if I could crack it. " He showed her the email that contained an Excel file attached to it. As she tried to open it, a dialog box appeared with two images which appeared one after the other. One of a carved wooden door with two flower holders in turn decorated with flowers and the other with a mirror that is carved with highly detailed artwork.

The second image had a mirror hung on a rectangular wooden board fixed lengthwise and the lower part of the mirror holding case consisting of two hangings as the lower part of a ticking clock or resembling the tussles but made of carved wood rather than wool. They are intricately carved with mild designs on them. It had an open door made of wooden carvings of two flower holders which houses some flowers on it.

Erin, also tried to check if any macros were running in the background and she was right on that note. But when she tried to open the macro for further analysis, the dialog box again appeared. This time, it showed containing Sameer's name and the IP address of his system. Then followed by the message, "The Project MIRROR" after which the document was closed by itself.

Erin asked if everything was alright. Sameer replied, "So far, so good. What about the content of the mail? Can you try it for me? " She said that he was right in his doubt. The content indeed was encrypted. "Let me try on it, Give me some time on that note... " whispered Erin in her husky voice.

Erin tried the reply to all options to find out the sender of the message. Shockingly, it was intended to send to himself by himself. She asked Sameer if it were a trapped message or the one intended for him.

Erin tried for an hour and at last, she decrypted the message to be "Lady love trapped. " She asked, "Who is that lady? " Sameer stayed quiet and she asked, "What will be his next step? "

But, Sameer told her that he will explain to her when time favours. He hurriedly put on his raincoat informing her, "I got to go now. I will explain to you later. Bye." and left the place. She advised him to take good care of him too besides his duty. He insisted her not to worry about him. He just stepped outside the house. No later, he returned to his room and took his files from the desk with him and hurried to his car.

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