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A new student has arrived at the Garreg Mach Officers Academy well into the first year of classes. His name is Ernest Schmidt, a skilled black wizard and magical swordsman who has transferred from the Fhirdiad Royal Academy of Sorcery. The young man decides to enlist in the class of the Golden Deer, explicitly seeking to be together with Byleth Eisner, that new professor who had attracted everyone's attention by being able to wield the Sword of the Creator and possessing the Crest of Fire. Upon entering the Academy, Ernest will approach Byleth to confront her and open up to her and tell the secrets behind his cold and rude personality. Byleth will know the dark side of that student and a terrible past of murders and suffering that surrounded Ernest from a very young age. Together they will delve into the hidden secrets behind the recent conflicts on the continent and the intentions of those preparing the ground for an imminent war between the three nations of Fódlan. Will it be possible for two cold personalities to meet? Can a teacher and her student transgress the limits of what is due? © 2019 Nintendo / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Co-developed by KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. Fire Emblem and Nintendo Switch are trademarks of Nintendo © 2019 Nintendo. Illustration collected from the twitter account: @fayeiiro

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Figure 1: Map of Fódlan and its major nations: Empire of Adrestia , ruled by Edelgard von Hresvelg , the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus , represented by Dimitri Blaiddyd, and the Leicester Alliance, represented by Claude von Riegan.

As context, the story told here is set in the world of the game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The events of this game take place on the continent of Fódlan, divided into three great nations: The Empire of Adrestia (in red), the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus (in blue) and the Alliance of Leicester (in yellow). The events of this story take place in the year 1181 from the founding of the Adrestian empire.

The current representatives -or either future and/or deposed- are Edelgard von Hresvelg in the Adrestian Empire, Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and Claude von Riegan in the Leicester Alliance. The first was proclaimed a few months ago. The second was recently deposed. The third, meanwhile, would be the future heir to said territory once his grandfather passed away, which would happen at any time.


Figure 2: Logo of the Church of Seiros (next to the swords of Creator), Seiros, Flayn and Seteth .

The Church of Seiros, which worships the creator Goddess Sothis, is led by its Archbishop Rhea (on the left in Figure 2). Recently, her adviser is Seteth (on the left of the image), a skilled strategist and scholar. He is accompanied by his sister, Flayn (center of image), who has kept her distance from the other students and participants in the Church.

The Church is divided into three branches, The Central Church (official headquarters) located in Garreg Mach, in the center of the continent; the Eastern Church, in the far east of the Continent, within the Leicester Alliance. Ultimately, there is the Western Church, located between the territories of the Empire of Adrestia and the Kingdom of Faerghus. However, this Church adheres to the Empire and has been fractious to the teachings of the Central Church.

The Church has maintained the stability of the continent during these thousand years, achieving a status quo among the different noble families, the majority of which possess and inherit, generation after generation, brands called Crests, magical brands that allow them to obtain powers over the human and that make them compatible with special weapons, called the Heroe's Relics. In turn, the Crests on many occasions have been named coincidentally with the noble families of Fódlan.


Figure 3: Crests known in Fódlan and Heroe's Relics inherited by the nobility.


Figure 4: Goddess Sothis and Heroe's Relics.

Both the Crests and the Relics were originally held by the ten heroes, representatives of the main noble families opposing Seiros. These were led by Nemesis the Liberator, who tried to conquer the continent a thousand years ago, facing Seiros in the so-called "war of the heroes". Currently these families live in a delicate stability, holding high prerogatives in each of the nations of Fódlan.


Figure 5: Confrontation between Seiros and Nemesis during the War of Heroes.

In the Monastery, in turn, stands the Academy of Officers, an entity that trains students from all over the continent in issues of diplomacy and war, forming three classes for this: The class of Las Black Eagles, made up of students from Empire; the Blue Lions class for those from Faerghus, and the Golden Deer class for students from the Leicester Alliance.


Figure 6: View of the Garreg Mach Monastery.


Figure 7: Logo of the three houses; Black Eagles, Blue Lions and Golden Deer (from left to right).

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