Clayton Zabransky

Evangeline Dominguez, Laurel Parker, Parker Tien, Hal Watkins, and Riley Winslow are ready to start their senior year of high school and make sure that their final year of high school goes out with a bang. Everything is going well until a new arrival comes to the high school. Aaron Cardenas (who just happens to be Evangeline’s cousin) is wanting to find his place in a new high school since his dad passed away his junior year at his previous school. They accept Aaron into the group with open arms. Together, they make memories and be there for each other during their darkest moments. This is their story after all.

Подростковая литература 18+.

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Hello Prairie Grove

Walking off the school bus in Prairie Grove, Arkansas, Parker Tien smiles as he makes his way towards Prairie Grove High. An aspiring magician, photographer, and writer, Parker is your kind-hearted nerd with a love for fantasy novels. All Parker wants is to be well liked by his classmates at Prairie Grove High.

Parker comes from a nice family, yes. But, one thing is missing from Parker’s life. His mom, Andrea. Andrea passed away when Parker was in Junior High from a severe illness. Deeply saddened by his mother’s death, Parker started to practice magic and as he entered high school he began to journal his thoughts and feelings.

As Parker walked up the steps towards the main entrance, he passed by new student, Aaron Cardenas

“Hi. Is this Prairie Grove High School?” Aaron asked Parker.

“Yep sure is, I’m having a magic show later if you want to come watch.” Parker said, handing Aaron a flier.

“Thanks. That’s really nice. I’ll be there.” Aaron said.

Aaron walked up the steps and into the school. Aaron walked up to the front desk and asked for his class schedule. After receiving his class schedule and orientation packet, Aaron looked around at his new school. Everything was better than his old high school in Pine Bluff. As he walked to this locker, Aaron accidentally bumped into his cousin, Evangeline Dominguez.

“I’m so sorry.” Aaron apologized.

“No worries.” Evangeline said. “Aaron, oh my gosh, what brings you to Prairie Grove High.”

“Mom got a new job at the high school as a counselor.” Aaron said, hugging Evangeline.

As Aaron and Evangeline talked, Evangeline’s best friend, Hal Watkins walked towards them.

“Well I’ll be. Gigi found herself a boyfriend. I’m just teasing. I’m Hal, Evangeline’s best friend.” Hal introduced himself, shaking Aaron’s hand.

“Hal, this is my cousin, Aaron. He’s originally from Pine Bluff.” Evangeline said.

“Nice to meet you.” Aaron said.

“So, you’re my partner in crime as Drum Major. It really gets lonely in the spotlight during football games and competitions.” Hal said.

“Well, I’m honored to share the spotlight with you, Hal.” Aaron said.

“All right. Looking forward to it, Aaron.” Hal said.

“Would you like us to show you around the school?” Evangeline asked.

“Actually, I’m going to a magic show. Someone called Parker the Magnificent.” Aaron answered.

“That’s our best friend. He’s an amazing magician.” Hal said. “We’ll come with you. We always love watching Parker perform at his shows.”

“Sure.” Aaron said.

Hal and Evangeline join Aaron as they walk out of the high school and towards The Square. Pulling up to the high school; Laurel Parker and her boyfriend, Riley Winslow get out of Laurel’s Kia and together, they walk towards the high school. Laurel is the beauty of Prairie Grove High and Riley is the handsome Baseball player for the Tigers and future veterinarian. As they made their way out of the parking lot a group of Freshman boys rushed past them and one bumped into Riley.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” Riley said.

“Riley, chill. They’re Freshman. Stupid little boys acting like their shit don’t stink.” Laurel said.

They stopped as they saw Parker setting up for his magic show in The Square. Hal, Evangeline, and Aaron walked towards the crowd as Aaron videotaped Parker’s performance on his phone. After the show, Parker talked with Riley and Laurel as they walked towards Hal, Evangeline, and Aaron.

“Oh my gosh! Look at this woman!” Evangeline said as she walked over to Laurel and Riley.

“Evangeline. You look absolutely gorgeous. Where did you get this outfit?” Laurel asked.

“Oh you know here and there.” Evangeline answered.

“Excuse me, Parker. We met earlier, I’m Aaron. I have to say for my first ever magic show. Your performance was amazing. You have a true gift.” Aaron complemented Parker.

“Thanks Aaron.” Parker said. “These are my best friends, Laurel Parker and Riley Winslow. Guys, this is Aaron, the new kid here at Prairie Grove.”

“Nice to meet you Aaron.” Laurel said.

“Where did you move from?” Riley asked.

“Pine Bluff. My mom got a better job offer here at Prairie Grove. Just moved into the neighborhood a little over a month ago.” Aaron answered.

The bell rings for class as they all walk to Pre-Calculus. Inside the classroom, Ms. Schaefer walked in and got ready for class.

“Welcome class. Since it’s your first day back, it’s going to be a free day. It has come to my attention that we have a new student here from Pine Bluff. Please introduce yourself, Aaron Cardenas.” Ms. Schaefer said.

“Hi everyone, I’m Aaron. I’m a clarinet player and Drum Major with Hal in the marching band. I love Baseball, Soccer, and Tennis. After graduation, I plan to attend Arkansas Tech University and Major in Political Science then go to Law school.” Aaron introduced himself.

“Amazing goal Aaron. We’re glad to have you here in Prairie Grove.” Ms. Schaefer said.

Later, Aaron was sitting at a table writing in his journal. His friends walked over to join him.

“Hey Aaron.” Evangeline said.

“Hey guys. I want you to read my journal entry for today. I think you’re all going to love it.” Aaron said.

“Today is my first day here at Prairie Grove High School and right away I feel at home. I first met a kind-hearted magician, Parker Tien. Then I met Evangeline’s best friend, Hal Watkins. Hal is quiet and charismatic, kind and thoughtful. Finally, there’s Riley Winslow and Laurel Parker. Their love for each other is everything that I want in a relationship.” Evangeline read. “I’m happy to say that I have found five amazing people that I’m proud to call my friends as well as my new family.”

“Aaron, that’s sweet of you.” Laurel said.

“Let’s take a group picture together on my Polaroid. That way you can add a new memory in your journal.” Riley suggested as he handed his camera to a fellow student. “Besties 4 Ever on three. One. Two.”

“Besties 4 Ever.” The friends said in unison as the student took the picture.

As the picture came through, Riley handed it to Aaron as he taped it onto a blank page in his journal. Under the photo, everyone signed their names. Aaron wrote My Prairie Grove Family.

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