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Kid goes to future

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Day 1

One day I woke up I went to my window and looked I saw flying cars and very cool buildings I thought I was looking at my computer so I reached to put my computer off.
But it did not go off do I touched my window confusingly it started to speak it said" hello Master would you like me to open the window so I taped the yes button I saw that the world I saw was real I was flabbergasted so I decided to go outside so I was looking all over the house but couldn't find the exit until I saw a pad with a blue light coming from it it was a teleporter I stepped on it and said I want to go out side
it took me to another teleproterbi. The middle of a big city even by modern standards I asked the locals what time it is
the locals said 3023 one thousand years had past I was shocked by how far from my time I passed but I still decided to go somewhere to eat so dismissing the line I used the teleproter and said the fanciest restaurant and teleported
to the restaurant as soon as I reached the restaurant I checked my bank account it shocked me I had 999 Googlplex
I bought every food in the restaurant to be delivered to my home I ate it for dinner and went to bed

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Yahya Mohamud Yahya Mohamud
Keep it up

Yahya Mohamud Yahya Mohamud
Nice job

Abbas Ali Abbas Ali
Congrats on 1st
IM Immanuel Muchiri
It actually really good

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