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Exo, one of the most legendary boy groups in Korea. Yes, I come from that band. Money, fame and good life are all begging me to be on my side. But all of this comes with a price, right? Every thing comes with a price. Never have I thought that I'd have to pay it on the woman that would mean the world to me.

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If looks could kill, time would be no more. If just a thought could break, the mirror of his clock would be broken and the arrows ticking in it would have turned into a zigzag form. The eyes he glared at his clock alarming him to wake up are too much for it to bear, had it been a person, just like how he is glaring at it right now.

Xiumin has two things he enjoys the most. One is long undisturbed sleep and the other one is music. That makes every morning a world war III for him. Every day is another day for his muscles to memorize a new step, his brain to think of the words that perfectly fit with the instrumentals and his voice to learn new vocals.

His heart always beats fast, even after the project is done. The beats of his heart after success are his favourite if someone asks.

His morning war is suddenly ended when someone pours a glass of water on his face. Too cold that it burns him. He opens his eyes and groans at the site of this tall muscular babyish gentleman with perfect curves on his face, standing next to his bed with his arms behind him.

"Hyung," His smile struggles to stay in place when Xiumin's eyes look like they could kill him right this moment.

"Was that necessary?" He crosses his leg and places his arm on his cheek, his eyes still on Sehun.

"Hyung, I just wanted to help you with your morning problem." Now he looks like the waiter from the big hotel, asking him to take his order.

"Do you even know what my problem is?"
"Breakfast is ready! Hyung! Sehun!"
"Since it's Kai fixing the breakfast, meat must be on the list." He sighs as he looks at the open door leading outside the room.

"I'm not done talking about what you did!" Xiumin blinks his eyes.

"I just hope it's eatable this time around" Sehun signs, crossing his arms.

"Do you even hear me?" Xiumin frowns.
"I'm going to have breakfast, bye!" His long legs run to the door.

"Hey!" He jumps off the bed, his less long legs failing to reach Sehun, who succeeds to close the door behind him.

It was always Xiumin's pleasure to have some company at his home, especially if it was his two makes. They were always like babies that needed extra care and as a big brother, he always found it pleasing to pamper them. Especially Sehun. He seemed so manly in front of everyone when in fact, he still cried over the last slice of pizza.

Sehun's mouth gets watered when his eyes and nose register exactly what's for breakfast.

"Kai, take what you need first." Xiumin looks at Sehun, who furrows his lips, "Someone's stomach is having four empty rooms this morning."

Kai looks at Xiumin. "Thank you."
"Who says I want the food Kai cooked? hmm!" He looks away. " I am going to cook something else. And absolutely no one is going to even taste it!" He points at Kai, "Especially you."

"Kai may only be three months older than you but he is still your hyung! Now will you sit and eat what he worked so hard to make for us this morning?" Sehun glares at Kai who covers his laughter with his hand. "Before I decide to take my revenge on you." Xiumin's eyes could kill him right now.

"Yes, I will. Kai hyung, thank you for the meal." he bows down and takes his seat.
"As if you really want to call me Hyung!" Kai silently murmurs but Sehun is already drawn to his meal.

"I will never get used to his eating habits." Xiumin looks away.
"He is always hungry! Especially if it's meat and sushi!" Kai sighs at his maknae's site.

"Not all the time do I like the meat you make. Sometimes it's too bad of a taste. But this one," He gives a thumbs up, "Tastes like heaven,"
Kai's attention turns to Xiumin as he only plays with his sticks.
"Hyung, is something the matter?"
"Sudden change of mood,"
"Well, it's just that, I am thinking of going on a vacation." He looks at both of them.
"Is that something to think of?" Sehun swallows his food.
"We aren't having a lot of activities now," Kai says.
" I agree with you." Sehun digs in his sticks for the food.
"I just want to go somewhere no one really knows us."
"We are not very popular in Africa," Kai suggests.
"Hyung, will you sit down and eat too? I'm starting to think you put poison in this food." Kai rolls his eyes.
"He always thinks about food. Don't mind him." Xiumin looks at his Sehun in disbelief.
"Hyung, can you do me a favour?"
"What is it, Sehun?"
"Can you try dating over there? Apart from being an idol, you're also a man."
"Oh, God!" Kai laughs.
"Will you finish your food, Sehun?" Xiumin's smile can definitely kill his maknae.
"We will all get married someday, whether or not our fans like it." He looks at Xiumin. "Hyung! You may look like you are 25 or less, but the truth is you are 33."
"In Korea, You are 33." Sehun smirks.

"Something tells me you are not as innocent as people think you are." Xiumin glares at Sehun. Sehun leans towards Xiumin and whispers,
"I'm a man apart from being an idol."

It was a long time since any member introduced any girl. Yes, they were idols, but deep down they were just simple human beings who needed their privacy and their own lives.

How many K-pop fans understood that? Possibly 1 out of 100. The pressure was always high no matter how many years you've been in the game.

Every era with new scandals. Talentless, ugly, not Skinny enough, not kind enough and sometimes, the hatred comes from reasons one could never imagine. Something like dating, being too cute, being too talented, looking normal or just wearing the clothes from the previous line.

In short, K-pop fans observe literally everything. How you smile, for example. Was it genuine or was it fake? Some would understand that these people have bad days too. Again, possibly it is 1 out of 100.

Now isn't it understandable why he'd want to go somewhere no one really knows him?

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