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Kendra is the only one who understands and can use dragon magic, however she is also a loner. When she gets into the Axtion Magical Academy she meets two boys, Kage and Calum who became her best friends. However she finds out that Kage isn't just a normal wizard, but a vampire. Kendra and Kage's relationship became more "intimate", which the boy denies and keeps pushing the girl away, unsuccessfully. While their relationship develops, they find out dark secrets surrounding them and a story of adventures and unexpected twists changes their relationship completely as feelings enter into the battlefield against time. Because whenever the clock strikes for a new day, somebody might die. Do they change for the better or for the worse? (This happens in the same world as The Elevators of Time, however the stories are unrelated so it doesn’t mater which one you read it first) (18+) (Please subscribe to the story!!)

Фентези эпический 18+.

#mystery #romance #vampire #magic #erotic #murder #witchcraft #sorcery
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The First Night

Adult Content!!

Kage pushed me onto the bed and I instantly smelled the fresh sheets as my back fell on them. The scent of alcohol filled the air of our secret room. He was on top of me, and I gazed i to his deep dark brown eyes. This behaviour was unusual from him, and there's no doubt in my mind that he is drunk. I wasn't thinking clearly myself, and I just went along. I still heard the distant laughter and the slow music from the distance, played by some very talented students. But their music eventually faded away as I focused on him. I barely noticed Kage before. I didn't look at him as a man before. He was just a friend. Until now that is. I rarely noticed his eyes, his hair and his charm. I focused on him and no one else. On what he was doing. On what he was about to do.

I couldn't resist him, not in the slightest. I suspected that O had feelings for him, but I didn't know they were this strong until now. He started to unbutton my uniform, but I noticed his breathing quickly kicking up the pace and eventually he ran out of patience and just ripoed it off. I was completely his. He kissed me, like no one did before. And I felt butterflies in my chest. My blood started to burn in excitement as he slowly made his way down. I think I was in love. I'm not sure of it, after all I never really felt it. At least not this kind of love.I was nervous, even though I didn't need to be at all.

That was the first time the of us got together in a way I could have never imagined it before.

I woke up very early. Kage was next to me, and now with a clear head, I thought through what happened last night, and I started panicking. Kage was fast asleep next to me. I didn't know what could I possibly say to him when he wakes up, so I decided not to put myself in such a situation. I quietly got out of bed and tip toed to my pile of clothes which was scattered all over the floor. I felt under pressure and we weren't in our secret room, I would probably pass out if anyone was to walk on us. Then I rememberd Calum, who knows where this room is. Or at least he probably knows. I'm not entirely sure of it. Either way, I didn't want to risk it. I don't think I ever got dressed this fast. EVER.

Then I ran into the next issue, which I didn't think of it before. When I said I woke up too soon, I genuenly mean TOO SOON. I didn't exactly know the time, but it was way before waking times. I had to sneak around the corridors of Axtion Magical Academy.

In silence everything is loud, and my shoes proved that to me. My steps basically echoed in the corridor. I ended taking them off and I ran towards the fastest possible way. At least until I ran into somebody. Somebody, I really didn't want to run into.

-Froyd. -I greeted him with a huge dose of sarcasm.

-Hi idiot. -he replied. - What are you doing here?

-I could ask you the same thing. IDIOT.

I noticed, that just like me, he was in his pajamas, holding his shoes and tip toing. He was sneaking around too.

-Must we really argue now? -I asked whispering.

-I hate to say it, but I think you are right. Unfortunatelly.

-Sorry? Did you say I'm right? Wow. I'm must be still drunk from last night.

-Hahaha. IDIOT.

This would have been the time where I throw back a nasty comment and so does he, but when we heard a voice from above, the words just stuck in my throat.

-Students in the corridor! Students in the corridor! Students in the corridor! Students in the corridor!

-Sh*t. -said Froyd, noticing the statue above us. I suddenly reminded myself about this little issue that the Professors invented after last year.

-Oops. -I said right after Froyd.

The moment we heard footsteps, Foryd dashed into a run, and I was following right after him.

-Stop following me girly! - he shouted, and quickly turned into the corridor.

-I'm not following you! I'm just going the same way, jerk! -I snapped.

When I saw light flashing through the corridor in front of us, which would have granted me victory, and not to Froyd, because the boy's dorms were farther. Our gaze fell at the window at the same time. But to be specific, at the curtains of the window. I was closer, so I made there faster. I jumped onto the windowsill and hugged my knees, so the curtains would cover me. But between me and curtains, Froyed jump in.

-I was here first! - I stated quickly.

-Shut up!

Believe it or not, I actually did shut it. But not because Froyd said it. It eas because I saw a frightening creature, I only heard about so far. It was a massive dog... or a wolf? I don't really know, followed by walking candles. But what I really don't know is, what this "dog" is doing here. Alone. Then I spotted the mark of DSW cut into the fur. It's unusual for authorities to send a creature like this. Froyd froze in place and so did I. We both held back our breath and stayed still. The creature started to walk our way. But the in the next instant, a whistke was heard and the dog went the other way. I let out a gasp of szrprise and I decided it way too early in the morning for "adventures" like these.

-Whatever this was, we didn't see it. Understood? - Answered Froyd, who I forgot already he was there.

-Fine. But you didn't see me either.

-And you me.

-Deal. - I came out of me hideout and made my way to the girls's dorms. I quietly made my way to the bed and layed on it. I fell asleep almost instantly.

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