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The description mainly talks about the betrayal of friendship

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The Ordeal

A best friend is someone that everyone can trust at all times but the ordeal that I went through gave me a different perception about friendship.

John and I were best friends in the 8th grade until now. We eat together do projects together and almost did everything together. He was the only person I could ever rely on and I hoped this could continue for a long time.

But little did I get to know that he was a sheep in a wolf's skin. This all began on a Friday morning when I was out of ink to finish my final paper. I asked the class if they could lend me a pen but all replied in a negative answer. I then asked John if he could lend me a pen. Josh immediately took an extra pen he carried along with his bag and gave it to me. I happily thanked him and rushed back to take my seat. But I noticed the strange looks that John gave me during the examination which left me completely stunned but I decided to ignore the matter and continued writing the paper. Cause man, this paper was my life.

After the exam, I headed in John's direction to ask about the paper when I saw him with two of the boys in my class chatting and laughing. This made me a bit jealous but what could I say everyone needs friends. But moments later I was been called into the principal's office just to be accused of cheating during the examination. But lo and behold! John himself testified to the fact that I cheated during the exam. I was completely perplexed by this. I tried convincing the principal but he turned a deaf ear to my innocence. I was then suspended for two weeks and rewrote the entire paper. After this incident, I had broken down into tears but it was very unfortunate that my best friend was a wolf in a sheep's skin who could turn out to be this way..

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