Addison Dolan

A story about an seventeen year old girl who is bound to be married, but doesn't know that her future husband is not who he says he is. Her husband's half brother, Kyle, tries to warn her, but she has to find out when she is married, in which there is no escape.

Драма 13+.

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"Nowhere to Escape."

Our love story had started out well. I thought it would last forever, but I thought wrong. Kurt Willard, my soon to be husband, was not who he said he was. His half brother, Kyle, was a lot different than him. Ever since Kurt and I were in love, Kyle tried to warn me. I don't know if Kyle himself was in love with me, or if there really was something about Kurt that I didn't know. I studied Kurt whenever he got home. I watched his actions, but I couldn't tell what Kyle was trying to tell me.

Kurt and I never had any time together. He proposed to me before we were finished with school. We are still in school, so the challenge for the both us would be more difficult than others. I knew I would have to talk to my parents. That was the only thing keeping me back. I was afraid. I didn't want to tell Kurt the truth. "I already told them, they're cool with us." I told Kurt one day. He had looked at me with a doubtful look. "Why'd you choose to marry me if you won't even believe me?" I asked.

He never answered that question. I had told Kyle, and he wouldn't stop staring at me like it was a bad thing. "You'll never be able to escape his shadow, once you two are married." he said. "Why are you so concerned about me?" I asked. "You should be concerned about your own brother." "Half brother, actually." he corrected me. "I just don't see what you are trying to tell me, he seems like a great guy." I said. "You will find out once you are married." he said.

Kyle was the only one concerned about me. Nobody else seemed to care, even though they knew I was getting married to the most popular student in school. Every time I left the school, Kyle stared at me, and watched me leave. It was intense. Did he have feelings for me? Maybe that is why he is trying to get me away from Kurt. Maybe Kurt really is a good guy, and Kyle is just trying to trick me. I was glad to arrive home after a tiring day of school. I was glad I was getting close to graduation. It was my senior year. I knew as soon as senior year ended, our wedding would have a start date.

I would be absolutely busy. I wouldn't even have time for Kurt. Having a wedding would be the most difficult thing I ever did in my life. It would change my life forever. I knew I would have to start thinking about having kids someday. That wasn't too far off. Deep down, I didn't think I would be able to have kids, or keep them. I was different than most other girls. I even wonder why Kurt choose me instead of all the other girls in the school. I tried to forget about having to tell my parents, but I couldn't. Because I knew it had to get done. It would be rude and dishonest not to invite them to their own daughter's wedding.

I dreaded for when that day would come. I knew I couldn't let Kurt find out. I had to go when I thought was a good day to go. I knew there were some days when Kurt wouldn't return home at all. During the summer, I knew he would go to visit his grandparents. I knew he would make me go with him. I didn't know how I was going to get out of it. So I decided to tell Kyle about the situation, since he was the only other friend who talked to me, and understood me.

"Ok, what do you need so bad?" Kyle asked as I sat down at the table. "It's not that bad, it's just a situation I have with Kurt." I said. "What is it this time?" he asked. "I told Kurt I had told my parents, when I really didn't, I know I need to tell them, but Im afraid, I don't know how they'll react." I explained. "Want me to go with you?" he asked. "They might feel better about their decision, if they see a relative of Kurt." he said.

"Um, it would be weird if Kurt didn't go with me, and you did." I said. "You can say he had somewhere to be, and sent me instead." he said. "And if Kurt finds out?" I asked. "I will back you up, if he doesn't handle it well, then it means you aren't right for him, which I've been trying to tell you." he said. "I still don't understand what your trying to tell me." I said. "Don't worry, wait till your married, I would tell you now, but it's not safe for you to know now, I want you to find out for yourself." he said. "I wouldn't say anything." I said. "You would go straight to Kurt if you knew." he said.

"How do you know all this?" I asked. "I'm just an expert, I read books, maybe you should too." he said. "I hate reading books." I said. "Have you ever tried reading a book?" he asked. "Hello! School textbooks!" I cried. "That's not enough, I mean a book novel, like adventure, mystery, romance." he said. "Yeah, I'm not interested." I said. "Not even about romance?" he asked. "I only care about romance when it comes to Kurt." I said. "Maybe there is a book about Kurt and you." he suggested. "Who would ever do that?" I asked. "Me, I'll write a book about you too, and you'll be my first audience." he said.

"We will see, now, back to my conversation about my parents, we need to figure that out." I said. "We already did, you tell your parents that Kurt had somewhere to be, and sent me instead." he said. "Alright, alright, when should we go?" I asked. "I'll tell my parents that I have somewhere to be when they go to see my grandparents, that is sometime during the beginning of the summer." he said. "Great, thanks for your help, I better get home before Kurt does." I said.

"Also, don't forget to tell your parents that your staying with Kurt, they just think your staying with a friend, like you told them." he said. "I have to tell about that too?" I asked. "Yes, everything, so they believe your honest, they'll support you more." he said. I said goodbye to Kyle, and went back home where Kurt was waiting for me with a surprise.


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Shawnay Warren Shawnay Warren
This is a powerful story because it talks about a teenage girl marrying his half-brother who shows some signs of love bombing and not showing up to spend time with her like he is supposed to. The half-brother only wants to marry her, so he can lock her up and keep her from seeing her family and friends.