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A girl tries to overcome an event that had a big impact on her in life, but theres something strange thats going on...

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Where Am I?

"WHY?! Don't leave us dad, please! What would I do without you?"

And just a moment later, he was gone. He left, and never came back. Vera, his daughter was sad. A lot more than sad.

"I wish I could get away from this world! Somewhere more SIMPLE, somewhere where I would still be with him." Vera said, her voice breaking before she fell deep asleep.

She soon woke up, in a bed, thinking everything was still like it was. Like her father just left her, and just like what she felt last night. But when she looked around, it wasn't her house anymore. She was somewhere different. A place she knew nothhing about. Or did she?

She walked downstairs, thinking it was just her imagination, but no. Everything was different. Her house, her bed, and even the people there. She was wearing a "vintage" gown, with everything around looking, well, old?

"Hello, who's down there?" Vera said.

"Good Morning sis! Mom is making breakfast, lets go already! I'm starving."

"Who... are you?"

"What do you mean who are you, i'm your brother, Pedro, duh. Now lets go! Mom, sis is awake, lets eat already!"

"Grandma?! I thought you were... gone."

"Grandma? Mary, are you ok? Just eat your breakfast, it'll just get cold."

Vera was confused. One night ago, she was at her house, griefing about the fact that her dad left, and now shes in the past? She wasn't just confused, she was scared. Her deceased grandma has come back from the dead and telling her to eat her breakfast. Like she always used to. And, shes being called Mary?

Vera: Umm, thanks for the food "mom". I'll go back to my room now.

Mom: Ok honey. Are you sure you're feeling fine?

Vera: Yes, umm i'm fine.

Mom: Ok, if you say so.

Vera went back up to her room or where she woke up at least. She decided to do some investigating. She noticed that the person that was her "mom" looked just like the younger version of her grandma. But thats the only information so far that she could piece together. So, she'd spend the rest of the day, looking around the neighborhood. Trying to find why and how she got here.

Vera: Hello! Would you know the date today?

Villager: Today is March 17, 1989.

Vera: 1989?!

Villager: Yes, whats the matter?

Vera: Uh, yeah i- i- i'm sorry, its nothing. Thank you for your time.

Vera was shocked that it was 1989. It was way back into the past! She questioned her self, how was she gonna get back? It was getting late, and Pedro was calling her to go home.

Pedro: Mary! Mary! Come on, you told me yesterday that we would play! Come here and lets play hide and seek already.

Vera: Ok, ok!

Pedro: Are you ok? You seem kinda, different.

Vera: No, its nothing. Also, I wanna test you a little bit before we play.

Pedro: Ok! I'm ready. GO!

Vera: Whats our last name?

Pedro: Ooo, this one is easy, Dela Cruz!

Vera: Ok, where do we live?

Pedro: In the Philippines, Manila! But were still Americans, hehe.

Vera: Ok, correct! Lets play!

Vera finally had a few clues on where she was and who she was. But the question still remains. Why and how is she here? It was time to go to bed, so she decided to investigate further tomorrow.

The next day, it was time to really understand what was happening. After breakfast, she went to her room once again to piece things together. She listed the clues the she found out about and tried to think about them. She realized that it would be very hard, because the internet wasn't available to her. After a little bit, she was finally able to piece things together. She realized that her dad's name and Pedro's name matched. Pedro Dela Cruz. And her aunt, Mary Dela Cruz, or her dad's sister. And her grandma, Maria Dela Cruz. This was her family. She was Mary in this scenario.

Vera: Finally! I have lead! But how am I gonna use this to escape from this place?

She tried and tried to think about it for days and nights. But she couldn't find anything. She was just a teen after all.

Vera: UGH! I already had a lead but I can't find ANYTHING! I just wanna get out of this stupid place!

But, she didn't know that Pedro overheard her.

Pedro: Mary? Are you ok? Do you think this place is stupid? Do you think I am?

Vera: Oh, Pedro. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it I promise.

Pedro: It sounded like you did. What did I do wrong?

Vera: You did nothing wrong Pedro, its just me. I'm sorry for saying that to you. You know what, how about we play all your favorite games this afternoon? What do you say?

Pedro: Really?! Ok, I forgive you! Lets play tag first!

Vera realized that maybe reconnecting with her dad or Pedro was the key. She had to enjoy her time there, and go back when she was ready.

Pedro: Tag, your it! You won't catch me, you won't catch me!

Vera: I gotcha!

Pedro: Noo!

Vera: Now, your it!

Pedro: I'm gonna get ya!! You'll never escape from Pedro the Great!

Vera: I'm running as fast as I can!

Pedro: HA! I knew I would get you, cause I'm Pedro the Great!

Vera and Pedro started to get along really well. Vera started to enjoy living with her dad. She got to see the fun side of him, instead of the serious and workaholic type of person. She knew she would have loved him if he was her friend in the past. She realized the person he really was.

Pedro: Good night, Mary! See ya tomorrow!

Vera: Good night, Pedro! I had a lot of fun with you today.

When Vera woke up, she was back home. Finally, back in the present. She comforted herself, feeling better after her dad left. It still hurt, but she had a better feeling. She was able to reconnect with her dad. She comforted her mom about it, and told her all the stories that she learned about during her stay with her dad. She had a dream that night.

"Vera, I brought you to your father so you could see the good inside him. He may have left you, which was not good, but to help you with your grief, I sent you there. I only sent you back because you were finally ready." A mysterious woman said.

"Thank you for that." Vera said

Finally, she was able to deal with what happened. Maybe she'll be able to reconnect with her father in the present too.

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SD Shelly Dunlap
I love your story! I think it’s absolutely, so awesome! Keep writing and stay focused! You’ll be a famous author someday honey! I am positive!
Basil Yakimov Basil Yakimov
My respect to the author of this story🌟Interesting train of thought👍

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