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Love will always find a way

Riya is a 16 year old beautiful girl stays in the street of Koramangala Bangalore, she is a school going girl, who is doing her PUC and she is studying in 11th standard section B science at KV MEG school. Riya's first day at school was pretty bad , she is being made fun of her by some of the classmates about her appearance of hair and face. So she decided to change herself and her looks a little bit, so then for few days she is not being bullyed by anyone and after a few days she meet a guy named Anirudh he is one of the most popular and handsome guy in the school studying in 12th A science after talking with each other in school for a few days they went in a coffee date and got closer with each other. Anirudh is a crush of so many girls but he sees something unique in Riya in school and Riya even told Anirudh about her experience in school and he told her that you should never change yourself for anyone else, you should always do whatever you love to do. Slowly and gradually Anirudh also started liking Riya and they both fell in love with each other, but Riya belongs to a conservative family her parents didn't want her to work after the completion of her education, so they decided she must get married as soon as possible, Riya was really devastated because she truly loves Anirudh and she still cannot get over him, but to Riya's surprise Anirudh also have not said anything to his mother and father about their afair because his relationship with his parents are not so good he doesn't share most of the things with them because his mother is too controlling and his father is always too much involved in his work and he is even not planning to get married soon because he want to focus in his career for photography. Riya's father and Anirudh's father happens to be a best with each other and after a couple of days Riya and Anirudh got engaged and both were on the moon, Riya and Anirudh couldn't be more happier so after Riya and Anirudh tied knot with each other. Riya supported Anirudh passion for his photography she turned to be really understanding and caring wife. Although Riya belongs to a conservative family she always wanted to be a fashion designer so Anirudh supported Riya's passion for being a fashion designer too even Anirudh turned out to be a really supporting, caring and understanding husband and even helped her to pursue a further education for fashion designer and both have lived happily ever after.

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