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In the captivating BL series "Young Emperor," meet Zosho, a high school student at Royal Highschool who goes by the nickname Zoz. His life takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with the young empress's son, Alico Giho. Little does Zoz know, Alico has long been harboring secret feelings for him. As Zoz navigates the challenges of school, he also grapples with his own identity. Unbeknownst to him, he possesses unusual powers and occasionally undergoes striking transformations. With giant angelic wings, white and black horns, glowing symbols etched upon his body, and mysterious golden eyes, Zoz stands out in a kingdom where such features are unheard of. Zoz's animosity towards the young emperor, Alico, is palpable. He despises him with every fiber of his being, unaware that hidden beneath their conflicting emotions lies an undeniable attraction. However, Zoz's own feelings and his family's secrets remain shrouded in mystery. Haunted by the memory of his absentee mother, whom he believes to have been a whore, Zoz wonders about the secrets and family dramas that await him. Will he come to understand his true nature? And what worlds are beyond the walls?

LGBT+ Всех возростов.

#magic #bl #bxb #worlds #ancientpowers #distant-worlds
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Hello Diary....I guess. My name is Zosho. But I prefer Zoz, because it just sounds better. (And because the name my mother gave me for in Kyilyington means Shitty Child).

I attended Royal Class High school, because my father is the Emperor's right hand Commander.

I currently was in Mrs. Butta's class learning Magic Bending, which was pretty much about the different types of magic certain people can control. Being Culture Bending, or Wild Bending. People normally used Culture Bending, and only when necessary Wild Bending since no one can really control it.

I again, had to be partnered up with Alico Rosscove, the Prince of Kyilyington. Who I only talked to under school preferences, never outside of school or for a chat. Because he was a whinny little spoiled brat. Who always rocked my nerves, and his "Royal Palace" his little gang always picked on me. One for my purple and odd white hair, and my golden eyes. I didn't ask for any of it, if my mother hadn't been a whore I wouldn't have these odd features on myself.(Before you ask, "But he has a father so how is she a whore??" Well to answer that, my father isn't biological my father. He's my adopted father who *actually* key word *actually* cares for me and wonders what I need). Anyways back to Mrs. Butta's class. He was again, being a brat.

"You better not ruin this project Zosho, I don't want another A-" He scoffed, opening his book. "Oh please Princess. I'll try and make it easier for you. Anything else your highness," I scoffed, looking away. Sorting the project papers in the air with the flick of my hand.

He scoffed at my reply, standing up and walking up to the supplies cabinet across the room. Then for the fourth time today, my freckles started to glow. Weird glowing gold patterns started appearing slowly on my arm. I gave Mrs. Butta my normal look of I need to get out, as she gestured me I could.

I stormed out, the whole class looked up as I ran out the room.


I turned on the water from the sink in the bathroom, looking in the mirror. I say the devilish white horns and my glowing gold eyes. White angelic wings spread from my back, as I sighed in relief. I pushed back my curly brown air, sighing.

I then saw a flash of a light from my right, I looked over seeing the Prince with his phone smirking.

"Delete...It" I said sternly, my teeth grinding. I felt my wings get higher, as he smirked with a laugh.

"And if I don't?? You can't harm me can you? And look at you, what kind of creature are you??? Weird ancient symbols, horns and wings. You look like a freak with all that." He scoffed.

I looked back at myself in the mirror, Maybe he's right. I thought to myself. Before the weird symbols and my freckles stopped glowing along with my eyes. Still gold though.

The symbols went away, as my wings retracted themselves magically into my back. My horns which I can only control, I retracted. Groaning in pain from my de-transformation.

I heard the Prince scoff again, I rolled my eyes adjusting my clothes. I began walking to the door, when I was rudely pinned against the wall next to it.

"I don't think we we're done talking.."The prince smirked evilly.

Pookies I will right shortly or..Sometime. Idhave a testk I to study so see yalll. Ohhh what will Alico do????Hmmm?????

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