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Three centuries ago, the entire world was forced to live under the rules of a phenomenon of nature, as wondrous as it was ruthless. To commemorate such an event, a new calendar was established, allowing people the opportunity to remember which stones they should never stumble upon again. Farg, a young beggar who surrendered to life when caught in this twist of fate, will narrate his adventures in a fantastical world with its mythology, where magic ceased to be extraordinary and wealth lost all its value. Knowledge and memories will be his only possessions. Each link of the chains of destiny holds the movement of a perfect move. Dare to turn each page of a story that cannot be written or read, only told. The Blank Book is a fantasy novel that invites reflection and shows the reader the eternal value of second chances. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This publication is an introduction to the complete work: The Blank Book – The Almsman. It offers the content of the first chapter completely free of charge.

Фентези Всех возростов.

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“I give thanks for misfortunes”

A decade is enough excuse for life to change, and so does this text;

don't let time pass, don't stop remembering, don't let them forget you…

To Noelia, the pacemaker that guides each of my heartbeats, for making me believe I'm a bird.

To Antonio, the comma that precedes the quotation marks, for leaving me this legacy. And to my late grandmother, Antonia,

who inspired the universe of this story in her unconscious and endless agony.

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