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Wendy Evans is a succubus. Shes worked hard to get where she is today. Suddenly, she meets Damien Claud. He's a player and he's set his eyes on Wendy. Will they grow to love each other or hate each other?

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Welcome To Hell

My name is Wendy Evans. My life is not normal. It's not human. I am a high-level succubus whose goal is to rule the company I assist in. I live in the underworld. Humans call this place hell. It is anything but what they assume down here. Human souls live out their afterlife here. The companies that run the underworld are in charge of human rehabilitation as well as jailing them. That means humans who haven't killed or done horrendous crimes get rehabilitated. However, the humans who have committed the crimes are sent to our prisons.

Our main goals are to change people and send them on their way. Right now I work as the head of demon resources or HR in human terms. One day though I will be in charge. It's every demon's dream to rule in a place in hell. Those at the top of the companies are our celebrities here. The underworld is much like the human one. We have socials, dining areas, press, celebrities, etc. We have and operate our own lives. Our "Presidents" are kings down here. They overrule everyone and everything. The first one is the famous Lucifer. The fellow fallen angels reign underneath him. They police this world. Next, is the most powerful demons. They are our political leaders. Then and only then do you have the head of the companies. They work with the politicians and police of this world. They decide on the courses for human rehabilitation. They are admired. All of them are admired.

My sister Eliza works directly under one such demon. He's a celebrity down here. Damien Claud is one of the most successful demons in the world. He's worked with the fallen angels, and the kings, and even Lucifer himself has been seen saying what a catch he is. All female demons adore him. All male demons want to be him. He's indeed done great work. Many successful stories come out of his human rehab centers. He owns two buildings for his company. He has private property. He is ranked high. It all eats at me at the end of the day. I sigh.

I finish typing up my reports and filing them correctly. When it comes to demonic power I am powerful but that doesn't matter as much as it did in the olden days. When it comes to my life I am just another chump with high dreams. Sometimes that realization is too much to bare. I hand in everything I'm supposed to and clean up my office a little. I'm the boss of my department and I should be grateful for that. I've lied a ton to get here. I've done everything the company has ever asked of me. Even skipped social events. My family calls me a workaholic. I prefer to say passionate.

I'm only twenty-two human years and I've gotten this far. Shouldn't that say something about my dedication? Suddenly, my phone buzzes right as my shift ends for the night. It's my sister Eliza. She wants me to come to this party all the companies are throwing for their leaders. She needs someone to keep an eye on her alcohol intake most likely. By herself, she'll be drunk. So I always have to tag along and sit in the back with the restaurant employees. If she needs help then I help. However, normally my presence alone is enough to keep her sober. I'm strict with her and she's supposed to be the eldest.

Eliza begs me through text. I groan and agree to it knowing I hate it. I rush home to my apartment a few blocks away. Then, I slip into this black silk dress that cuts just above my knees. I take a look at myself in the mirror. My long brown hair is straight and falls to my hips. My dark red horns are small and defined coming out of my forehead. I match my lipstick with my pink eye color. My white pupils stand out. I clip on my black heels and lock my apartment up.

After five minutes of waiting outside my apartment, Eliza shows up in her new car. Another thing I hate but keep to myself. She's always recklessly spending money. I know we are demons and are the embodiment of sin originally but that was a long time ago. We are supposed to set examples nowadays. Eliza is wearing a red dress with gold heels. Her long brown hair is pulled in a ponytail. She has light makeup on. She's gorgeous in every way. Eliza asks me how my day went and I can't lie to her. It was stressful. So many reports today had to be finished. Especially the two sexual harassment reports. It made me so angry for the women it happened to. Eliza gives me a sympathetic expression.

She parks her car at the famous restaurant in town. All the cars are just as expensive as hers. Paparazzi are everywhere. The celebrities wave to Eliza as we get out of her car. She smiles at them and waves back. They're probably wondering why she's with me or why she brought me.

"You know...you'll never make friends if you don't show kindness, Wendy." She says concerned.

"I'm not on a mission to make friends. I am on a mission to help you stay sober and on task." I reply.

Eliza frowns as we go inside together. I make my way to the back of the restaurant to be with the normal folk. At least I get five-star food. Eliza greets her colleagues and their leaders. That's when the room turns silent. A demon walks through the front door. It's Damien Claud. He's wearing a dark red tuxedo with a matching tie. His red eyes scan the room. His built and tall. His black hair is neatly cut and his beard is trimmed. He has a defining jawline that makes women weak-kneed. I watch him make his way to Eliza. He plasters on this jolly smile when he sees her. I order a cocktail and watch everyone socialize. Many men at the bar with me try to pick me up.

Again, I'm a succubus. It happens everywhere I go. There aren't many of us nowadays alive. I'm a rare sight to see. The male demons can't control themselves which sucks. The aura I radiate is uncontrollable. This either draws people to me or intimidates most.

Right when I'm about to order another drink I feel a hand touch my shoulder. It's Eliza and right behind her is Damien. I freeze in place. I did not expect this.

"Damien, this is my younger sister." Eliza beams with glee.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Eliza has told me much about you since having her as an assistant." He smiles.

He's too handsome for his good. He is full of himself. He likes standing out. You can see it by the way he dresses.

"I've also heard a lot about you." I half smile.

Eliza glares at me. She can sense the tension and anger in me. Why is she doing this to me? To insult my pride? My goals? I take a second to calm myself down. Damien goes on about how he's lost without Eliza. How appreciative he is that she's his assistant. Eliza turns pink. She fell for his charm. Most women probably do. I roll my eyes. A flash of surprise strikes his face. He is taken aback. Eliza is too enthralled in him to notice.

"Would you care to join us for dinner?" Damien asks out of the blue.

Eliza stops being smitten for a second. She double-checks if this is okay with him. After all, I'm in a rival company. I'm not a celebrity either. I'm normal and that can cause problems with his public image. He reassures Eliza and then asks me a second time. Not knowing if this is a prank I decline. I don't need him ruining my job either. I have dreams after all which makes us rivals. I tell Eliza to go enjoy herself.

The two leave but I can sense anger from Damien. As if I threw a wrench in his plans. The idea that I did is pleasing. I decide not to order another drink and to stay sober. I go back to watching everyone. At the end of the night, Eliza looks pale. She is short of goodbyes, grabs me, and we leave.

"What's the rush?" I question.

"Damien has invited you and only you to his house tomorrow evening," Eliza says.

I sit here completely dumbfounded.

"He's only done that whenever he wants to date a girl." Eliza takes in a deep breath. "You shouldn't go."

"Why not?" I look at her.

"Because every girl he's dated ends badly. He's a player." She explains. "A big one."

"I've decided to go then." I grin. "I'll expose him for the fake he is and the player he is."

Eliza stares at me like I'm crazy but I am dead serious. If anyone can do this I can and I will. When I wake up to start the day I am more determined than ever. I quickly take a cold shower and get dressed. I throw on a black suit with a white blouse. I leave a few buttons open. I comb my hair to the side, put on some light makeup, and leave for work. I walk to work every morning. My black flats clink as I walk. Many men and women stop for a second to gaze at me. I wish I could say I deserve their admiration. However, I've lied and tricked people to get where I am today.

When I arrive at work everyone whispers. I ask the front desk what's going on. Damien sent me a bouquet of roses. I try to compose myself and stop myself from laughing. He's desperate for my approval. I tell them to send the bouquet back. They nod scared to argue. I go to my office and start my day. Hours pass by and I am focused on my work. I don't even notice how engulfed I am.

I finally settled the sexual harassment complaints. I had a rough talk with the predator and explained he was terminated. We do not put up with gross behavior. It's been a rough day so far. I take a break for coffee. My coworkers ask me questions about the flowers. I explain that I'm being perused but not interested. A few of the women snicker and whisper envious comments. I ignore them as I head back to my desk. I read through a few stacks of paperwork before my shift ends.

I step outside. Damien and his limo arrive in front of the building. He's going to get me in trouble at some point. I'll have to be prepared for it. I slip inside the limo and sit across from him. He's smoking a cigarette and reading the local paper. He puts the paper down and greets me. His cigarette is halfway down. His red eyes lower to my unbuttoned blouse and then travel back up to me.

"That's certainly unprofessional of you." He grins.

"And that certainly will cause you to die earlier," I respond.

"But I'm already dead." He says.

There's unbearable anger and tension between us. The air is thick with sarcasm and mutual hate. At the same time, he is nice to look at. I bet there are abs underneath his shirt. I cross my arms over my chest.

"I saw you sent back my bouquet." He switches seats to sit next to me. "How come? Were they not up to par with you?"

"I simply do not like them," I say dryly.

"What do you like?" He asks.

He's kissing distance from me. I turn pink but hide it the best I can. I think long and hard before answering.

"Anything that doesn't have to do with you," I state.

Surprisingly, that doesn't offend him. He starts to have a laughing fit. He's grinning from ear to ear. His laugh and smile are charming as well. Finally, We arrive at his property. He opens the limo door for me. I follow him up the steps to this simple one-level ranch house. It's not what I was expecting. It honestly throws me off. We make our way inside. It's decorated like a cabin. I see he enjoys wooden furniture the best. A housemaid greets us. She takes our jackets from us. She's an older woman. Gentle and kind.

I follow Damien to his living room. We decide to discuss matters there. He doesn't beat around the bush. He wants me to be his girlfriend. I laugh at the idea but keep myself from doing so. What's his objective? He barely knows me.

"May I ask why?" My voice is cold.

"I've simply never met a succubus before. You are probably on the same level as me when it comes to demonic power alone." He compliments me. "I've also never had a woman reject me before. I find you interesting."

Figures he's never had a woman say no. At the same time, he's one of the most desirable in the underworld. Any woman would be crazy to not accept his advances. If I want to expose him as a player and a fake I'm going to have to agree to be his significant other. I agree to be his girlfriend. He smiles happily. He tells the maid to bring out the finest wine. She hurries along making sure not to spend too much time on the task. She drops to his needs.

She pours us two glasses of red wine. Damien drinks most of his in two gulps. I pace myself. Sipping on it and Making sure I don't get tipsy. He watches me almost as if he's observing me. Then for a split second, his eyes fall on my unbuttoned shirt. There's a hint of lust in his eyes. It quickly vanished when he looked back up to meet my eyes. It's almost like he can't help himself.

We spend time talking about his company and the goals that it prides itself on. I learn that he has a ninety percent success rate at this time. The rehabilitation of humans is something he has worked on himself. Not just his employees. He has come up with many rules, and regulations, and has implemented many recovery programs that he designed. His qualifications are impeccable and impressive. Almost too good to be true. He presents himself as an expert in the field as well which is a little annoying.

His confidence is intense and he is cocky on top of it. I ask him what the board of directors would think of us dating. The board of directors is angels from heaven that oversee everything the companies do here in hell. They are the ones who officially decide what souls move to heaven. Damien thinks for a few minutes about how to answer.

"You could always work for me." He says nonchalantly. "I can ask Eliza what position would suit you best. I'm sure there is something we can find for you."

I sit there stunned. He'd do that for me? He barely knows me. He's more determined than I initially thought. I reflect on how hard I had to work to get the position I have now. I lied to people constantly about myself. I put on a happy front. I was eager to do whatever was asked of me. The higher-ups saw my continuous efforts and awarded me with the HR position. Finally, I had moved up in the world. Though it was a small success it meant everything to me when I first got the job. However, I haven't been able to move any higher since. No matter the number of hours and work I put in I am stagnant.

I remember when the riots originally happened. There was no chance for someone like me to rule. This was back when demonic power and greed ran high among demons. This was before the idea of human rehabilitation was proposed and we tortured souls instead. Demon inequality ran rampant. Now, today there are chances for everyone. It truly is amazing how much is getting accomplished nowadays.

I decide to join forces with Damien. I still need to prove he's a player but that is for another day. Damien calls Eliza and sets up my transfer to his company. I'll be working under her. Anything she needs help with is now my job. He admits that sometimes she has a hard time staying on track. I nod. Eliza can be a little aloof. She has a good heart though. Unlike me, she had credentials, a good recommendation, and innocence about her that got her the assistant position.

I already know my company will be less than thrilled to hear about this. They will be enraged I switched to someone else's side. At the same time, it's a higher position and a better one. I sigh. Damien tells the maid to prepare dinner. His chef will be arriving any second. He tells me to order anything I want. That inflamed me. He can order whatever he feels like. Meanwhile, I've had to survive on cooking my own food or cheap takeout. The money difference is appalling. I order homemade teriyaki.

We've learned how to cook down here by observing the humans centuries ago. However, we don't have animals. Everything here is plant-based. We even have plants that humans never heard of. Local plant life is very different here. Damien orders what I order. He wants to try it to see why I like it. He wants to get to know me. Most men want something from me. Damien wants me as a whole. The idea of it is scarier than anything. What's his objective? How big of a player is he? How long can he pull this act of his?

All of this raffles my brain. After another hour of Damien boasting about his accomplishments dinner is finally ready. We eat at his wooden kitchen table. He allows the maid and chef to eat with us. They both stay quiet. Damien begins to ask me questions.

"So what do you think of my house?" He asks.

"It's not something I thought you'd like," I respond. "It has a comfy vibe to it."

"Why wouldn't I like something this simple?" He raises an eyebrow.

"I assumed you'd want a mansion to show off to everyone."

Damien laughs again. "I appreciate your honesty."

I take a bite of my food. It's delicious! Almost too good. My tastebuds are in love. I compliment the chef's work. The chef doesn't say anything in response. All he does is smile which I find odd. Most people would've been thankful. The maid is keeping her head down too.

"What do you think of my company?" Damien redirects the conversation back to him.

"It's alright." Annoyed, I cut him down. "It's impressive but other companies have achievements as well."

"You aren't afraid of saying what's on your mind." Damien's voice has hints of frustration within it.

As a succubus, I should put him in his place and be the one to break his heart. I know this is a game for the two of us. I know he's a player and I desperately want to be the one that ruins him. However, it wouldn't be wise of me. I'll let him unravel on his own. The more he doesn't get what he wants from me the more chance I have to win. I'm not going to be the one who gets hurt. Never again. Men like him need a good slap of reality. We finish our meal without another word. Damien stopped fishing for compliments and my approval.

After dinner, his limo driver takes me home. The second I step into my apartment I call Eliza. She's more than happy to listen about how it went. She's surprised to know what a jerk he is. She says usually he's very well-mannered and behaved. Sometimes he's even tame. She doesn't understand why he's taking this so personally.

Eliza does spill the beans on him. She has a good heart. She informs me that he has many people he sleeps around with. She keeps them organized on a private schedule that no one else knows about. Whenever he dates someone they don't find out until way later that they're being cheated on. Many of the people he sleeps with are hushed with money. They aren't prostitutes just desperate people. Some are even married. It seems Everyone wants to be underneath Damien Claud.

All old girlfriends are bribed to keep quiet or end up becoming friends with benefits as well. He seems to add more sex friends to the list. Most of his relationships have never lasted more than a month. Eliza admits that he gets bored after a month, lets them find out he's cheating, and then breaks up with them. No one can keep his attention for very long.

The situation is more complicated than I originally thought. I beg her to tell me at least one name on the schedule. She refuses. It will put her job at risk. This only means I will have to go through old news articles to find who he used to date instead. Eliza wants to know what I have planned. I don't tell her. She could get fired if they think she's in cahoots with me. Tomorrow I will talk to an ex-girlfriend to get more information about him. Hopefully, they will be willing to talk to me. Tomorrow starts my plan to break Damien Claud.

After a long night of researching on social media, I finally found a name of an old girlfriend. It took a lot of digging through old articles but Ashley Commons cropped up. She's one of the most famous chefs down here. She started as a chef for Damien personally then they began dating. They were together for a month before she decided to suddenly open a restaurant and part ways. Most likely she used money he gave her for the restaurant.

I booked a reservation for the restaurant last night. I don't have work today. It's my day off and I start working at Damien's company tomorrow. I have one free day to myself. I dress up in this cute pastel pink dress that snugs my breasts and curves. Next, I Apply light pink eyeshadow and lipstick. Finally, once my flats are on my feet I rush out the door to my reservation. My brown hair is straightened and let down. I take a taxi to the restaurant. Sometimes I have to be a succubus if I want something to get done.

I need all the information I can get on Damien. Especially His weaknesses. If I can know those things ahead of time it'll be to my benefit. I stand in line outside the restaurant and wait. Many people glance at me. Most of these people are dressed nicely like me. It's a requirement. This is a high-end restaurant after all. Everyone in line is attractive too. However, none of them can turn on the succubus charm like me. That is something I have over everyone and usually, I hate it.

After an hour of waiting in line, I enter the restaurant. Many of the patrons blatantly stare at me as I walk to my table. I sit down and admire the restaurant in its glory. The grey Marbled floors are squeaky clean. You can see your reflection on the floor. The tables are made from dark wood. There are paintings from famous artists hanging on the dark brown walls. There's an amazing bar with every form of alcohol you could find.

The waiter takes my order. She flirts a little with me. When my dinner arrives it couldn't be more delicious. It's outdone anything I've cooked for myself. The waitress comes back to refill my wine. Now is my chance to assert myself. I tell her to give a personal compliment to the chef herself. All it takes is a little convincing and She happily goes and does that. Now I wait and see if Ashley takes the bait. I can feel many patrons stealing glances at me. Some of the employees have fallen for me too. Word will most likely get back to her that a succubus is here.

When Ashley enters the room our eyes link. She's more gorgeous than the articles. She has long dirty blonde hair, ice blue eyes with white pupils, and an athletic-built body. She's slender and tall. Her white horns are similar to a deer's antlers. Her breasts are a c cup most likely and she is perfectly proportioned. I begin to feel slightly insecure but brush it off. I must stay on my objective. Ashley walks to my table, pulls out a chair, then sits with me. Ashley thanks for my compliment. I smile flirtatiously and bat my eyelashes at her.

"Is this your first time here? I haven't seen you before." She asks.

"Yes, it is. Your restaurant is spectacular." I praise her. "The food is delectable."

"I'm glad you think so." She blushes.

"I didn't think you'd be just as stunning. I'm glad I was proven wrong." I lean towards her. "Tell me what made you decide to open a restaurant?"

Ashley turns even redder. "I was encouraged by my last employer to open a restaurant."

"I see." I smile meekly. "They must've meant a lot to you for you to take their advice."

"You could say that..." She drops eye contact. "To be honest I don't know where I'd be without this person."

"Would you like to experience something special?" I ask.

Ashley perks up. "Y-yes?"

I reach over to her and gently touch her hand with mine. My thumb gently rubs her hand. When I activate my succubus abilities a simple touch from me can bewitch someone. My abilities make people comfortable with me emotionally and sexually. Suddenly, Ashley is more than open with me about her situation. She starts by informing me that Damien was her old employer. He was a tough boss and she frequently watched his dating life and sex life from afar. He would bring home a possible girlfriend to his place to wow her. He purposely picked decorating his house the way it is to make women think he's more down to earth. Not an entitled rich boy who prefers expensive tastes.

She quickly caught onto him. Damien is a revolving door. Women came and went. When it comes to his sex life he's rough in the bedroom. Many mornings and nights she'd be cooking dinner and could hear him do all sorts of daring and inappropriate things with his lovers. One day she asked him about his sex life. She regrets asking because that started their sexual escapades together. Before long they began dating. Eventually, she wanted him all to herself. He declined that type of relationship. He wanted to be the one in charge when it came to sex. He wanted to do whatever he felt like doing and no girl could ever get him to settle down or quit being a player. Many tried and failed tremendously.

Ashley crosses her legs and leans towards me. "He has such a big ego. I think that's his biggest flaw."

The more I hear about Damien the more I hate him. Ashley starts to look around us. She's hoping no one hears any of this. If someone were to go to Damien and tell him that she's spreading information her career would be thrown away. Her restaurant would close down. He's the one financially helping her. I frown. I promise her that everything is confidential between us. She relaxes.

"I think I should head back to the kitchen." She faintly smiles. "It was nice meeting you and I guess venting."

"Wait before you go..." I hand her my phone. "Can I have your number?"

She hesitates at first and puts her number in my phone. Then, she takes off and doesn't come to see me again. I finish my food feeling guilty about my actions and also victorious. It's a shame she had to go through so much emotional stuff. When I arrive home it's evening. I'm surprised I spent so much time talking to Ashley today. Now I know how Damien operates and what to expect. I'm ready to make this man's life a living hell.

After a lovely meal with Ashley, I relax at home. Suddenly, I feel some level of guilt. I decide to relax for the rest of the night. I do some yoga, watch a movie, and eat ice cream. Tomorrow I start my new job. Life is getting interesting that’s for certain. I wish I knew why he was so quick to offer me the job. He seems quick in general. What’s the angle that he is playing? I haven’t gotten a clue. The more I get to know him the more I hate him. Yet I am also intrigued by him. He doesn’t seem to hold back his thoughts either. He can’t seem to settle down with anyone. He is a player.

Perhaps he is afraid of commitment. That would make a lot of sense. Perhaps he is afraid of getting hurt. Heartbreak can be troubling and sometimes traumatizing. Whatever the reason is he is certain he can avoid all of it. Such a cowardly way to live life. Damien Claud is a mystery no matter what. He is a bad boy. He is self-righteous too. No matter what happens I cannot let him win. I must stay objective. Falling in love is out of question.

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