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James wakes up on the shores of Underath, unable to remember anything from his past life. Will he be able to survive and find out about his life as he is forced to fight in a world war?

Приключения Всех возростов.

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Chapter 1 "New day, new beginning"

Everyone has an identity, a name. Not knowing it feels and sounds wrong. However, that's what I had to deal with. I woke up on a beach, lying on the golden sand. The burning sand that gave his light lavishly, making the sand take his golden hue, blinded me. I turned my weak head to the left and my cheek softly touched this lovely sand.

Where, where was I? The beach seemed never-ending, and her unlimitedness hurt my tired eyes. I closed them. I don't know if I fell asleep, but I am sure I opened them again. Now, with much more energy, my dizziness had disappeared. I stood up and wiped the sand from my naked boy, which made me realise I needed clothes.

I swiftly looked around and spotted a cloth atop a rock, not away from where I was. I walked there automatically, and I almost fell from the dizziness that returned the very moment I started walking.

Fortunately, though, I reached the rock with no more problems. I grabbed the cloth, cleaned it in the majestic blue sea and, after drying it, wore it around my hip. After that, I sat on the rock and looked around innocently.

I was alone. No one else to enjoy this majestic beach. No one... I felt lonely. Melancholy. Such an open space yet, only the light ways could be heard as they gently splashed on the shore. What could I do? I didn't remember who I was or why I got there.

"Let's think about this logically," I said, trying to comfort myself. "I have most likely hit my head somewhere, perhaps in the sea. Maybe I am a fisherman and got lost in a storm." So I started walking away from the beach in hopes of finding some city. "What if no one lives around here?" "What if I am on a deserted island?" those thoughts kept appearing inside my head.

I didn't stop for a moment to rest as my exhaustion hid behind my worries. I walked automatically, without thinking of it. I didn't realise I had entered a forest until a tree branch hit my head.

I fell. I was feeling awful. Wandering around all day, lost, with no sense of self-control or consciousness. I didn't even know my name, let alone anything else. I stayed on the rough ground with my eyes pierced at the branch that managed to get me into this situation. I didn't move, I had no motive to move. As if I had accepted I would die there, form starvation and from the cold.

Suddenly, I heard voices coming from not so far away. Childish, playful voices. So close, yet so far away. Was that it? Did I die? A tear left my eye only to fall to the thirsty ground some seconds later. I thought I died without even having the memories of my life. Without having lived. As if I never existed.

But, something wasn't adding up. The moment I completely let myself in nature's hand, I felt leaves caressing my face, having fallen from the tree which provided me shade in this dark time. I... I wasn't dead?

In an instant, I got the will and strength to get up again, and the voices were now heard more clearly, more human. They came through the thick trees I could hardly distinguish with my eyes, to which I headed off.

I buried my hands and head through the thick branches in an attempt to pass through, as the smell of cooked meat reached my nose and irritated my empty stomach. I eagerly passed through the trees.

They were rough and injured me, but I still kept going. And when I went out of there, at last, I felt like a winner. Now, in front of me was situated a village, with small wooden walls surrounding the parts except the forest, but an appealing wooden gate.

The voices came from kids who cheerfully played with each other on the town square and around them three men cooked fish as they looked at them, reminiscing of the days there too were kids. I hesitantly passed through them, constantly looking around like a lost dog.

The natives gave me weird looks because of my comedic clothing. A piece of cloth around my waist and nothing more. Though, none dared to approach me and talk to me. It was obvious I had to make the first move.

"Are there any inns nearby?"

I asked a careless girl. After exiting the world of her thoughts, she inspected me well, appalled by my clothing. With an annoyed look on her face, she answered simply.

"Yeah, there is a horrendous one down the road. You won't miss it."

I didn't mind if it was "horrendous", I just wanted to sleep somewhere and eat something. So, I dragged my tired legs down the road with my only comfort that soon I would be sleeping somewhere soft.

"Horrendous" was what she called it. And it really was. At first, I couldn't believe the building my eyes were looking at was capable of housing people. I thought it was abandoned at first glance, but the candles lit inside made me realise the truth. It was an inn.

In that old building with rotten wood planks and broken windows, I had to stay. I deep sigh left my mouth and went inside, with no other choice. When I opened the heavy door, I came across the central corridor of that inn. A carpet covered it and it lead to a door.

On the right was a small lobby with cushy furniture and big candles. On the right, a reception with lots of cats resting on it, which belonged to the person behind it. An old lady inspected me with a judgemental eye from the moment I went into the moment I spoke to her.

"Greetings!" I said optimistically.


"Does this inn belong to you?"

"You see anyone else around?"

"Oh... well. I would like a room."

"That would be 5 silver coins per night. I want 2 beforehand," she said and extended her open arm.

"Well, you see." I hesitated. "I have no money."

"Then what are you doing here?" she scolded me.

I got the message, it was time to go. My legs were killing me but I had no other choice than to keep walking until I found a bench to rest on. On a cold, simple, and half-broken bench, I tried to fall asleep.

I started relaxing quickly but was interrupted by a sudden light. I looked behind me to an open door and a young man sitting there, looking at me.

"Mother..." he said, his eyes still on me. "There is a naked guy on our bench."

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