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"The Dark Prince the third book in the He Was A vampire saga, and the drama and excitement are intensifying. Marcus has not only become the vampire king but also Satan himself. Can Jackie protect her family and defeat such a powerful and malevolent force?"

Фентези Темная фантазия Всех возростов.

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A New Start

Jackie and her 2 girls settled in a small town in Canada, she wanted to be as far away from Marcus as possible. Things were tough with Elizabeth she was a young vampire and with that comes, emotions, dealing with a teenage vampire was like Dealing with a group of young girls at a Justin Bieber concert was no easy feat, but Jackie did her best. She didn't have much experience living as a vampire herself, and raising a human daughter alongside her undead one was proving to be quite the challenge. She couldn't help but wish that Nick, her late husband and the only other "normal" parent in the family, was still around to help.

Jackie knew that she needed to find a way to go out in the daylight so that her youngest daughter could attend school and live a normal life. But who could she turn to for help? Aris, the witch who had ruined her life was a powerful one and seemed like the best option. So, Jackie made her way to Aris's house and knocked on the door.

When Aris answered, she was surprised to see Jackie standing there. "You've got a lot of guts coming back here," she said. Jackie didn't waste any time. She pulled out a piece of paper with a spell and a ring on it. "It's a daylight ring," she explained. "I need you to make two of them for me. I need my youngest daughter to be able to live a normal life." Aris was hesitant. "You're asking for trouble," she warned. "Your daughter won't be able to control herself out on the streets." "I don't know how to deal with this kind of thing," Jackie admitted. "But you do. Can you come back and help me? I have a big house with plenty of room for you and your daughter." After some consideration, Aris agreed. "I guess we could use a change of scenery," she said. "Catalina, pack your bags. We're going to Canada."

Aris, a powerful witch, effortlessly transported herself and Jackie to Jackie' s home. Upon arrival, they discovered Elizabeth, Jackie's youngest daughter, hiding from her sister. The elder sibling's insatiable hunger had driven her to the brink of killing her own flesh and blood. Jackie screamed Elizabeth's name, but the girl's eyes were black, and she looked nothing like her former self. Aris revealed that Marcus, the king of vampires and prince of darkness, had taken Elizabeth's soul when she died. Jackie was devastated to learn that her daughter was gone forever.

Suddenly, Elizabeth returned to her normal self and hugged her mother before running off to her room. Jackie and Aris were both confused and frightened by the strange occurrence. Aris had never seen anything like it before. It was as if Marcus was controlling Elizabeth somehow.

Jackie knew they couldn't keep running and allowing Marcus to keep wrecking their lives. Jackie questioned whether good could defeat evil, but Jackie remained hopeful. She believed that if the devil was real, then angels must be too. Aris scoffed at the idea, but Jackie reminded her that good does exist, even in the face of overwhelming evil.

Together, they vowed to stop Marcus and his reign of terror. They knew it wouldn't be easy, but they had to try. The fate of their world depended on it.

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