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An inspirational work to motivate people who often despair and leave the front and get frustrated , lose the spirit of doing a great assignment projected for the future . In this piece of work I have cited my own experiences and knowledge I gathered from this beautiful earth.

Постапокалипсис Всех возростов. © Neither any part could be deleted not be added except me, No one have the right to copy.

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Is really 'Impossible existed?

This is a million doller question. Almost all the people around world at least once have this question in mind when they are about to give up the hope for somthing . From any faculty or background, a man or a woman , an old or a young had have a situation when one cannot take right decesion . Often found guyies to enter into depression state.Some are even lost and never recover back ,a promising life gets ruined. It pains me.

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