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Kiaen Aelle and her father have the most unbreakable relationship. She knows everything about her father. He tells her everything. She believes him. There's just one thing she just can't shake off her soul, "What happened to mother?".

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I Don't Like You.

The savoring smell of melting cheese on eggs and buttery grits with bacon and pancakes melts in my mouth. But my dad yells my name, "Kiaen."

My eyes flew open. I jump out the bed and slip my slippers on.

I walk downstairs while skipping a step. " 'Morning, Dad," I say yawning.

" 'Morning, Bear-bear," he smiles and winks at me. I love that nickname.

"Dad, since today is school can you come and pick me up at 1:15?" I ask. He makes a face like he's pouting. "Why, hun'?"

"Because I want ice cream and no teacher is selling it." Shit sucks.

"Well, that sounds like a personal problem. I can give you money, but I can't pick you up. You know that I have things to do with my work." My dad hates it when we bring outside situations into the house. When he's talking about work he's talking about his gang stuff. "Sorry, Dad, it's just that everyone is so lame," I say leaning back in the chair.

"What's wrong with, Sarah and Micheal? Oh, I heard from a friend that there are some new boys coming to school today. I hope you get along with them."

"Nothing, they're just getting too brainwashed by the loveable, Sretia. (pronounced: Shre-sha). Every time she walks past, they have stars in their eyes. I want so badly to put stars in Sarah's head so badly, ugghhh." I say landing on all fours. He laughs.

"Don't be like that. You never know what people may think of you. Maybe she admires you, you never know."

"Whatever. Oh, what did you say about some new peps coming to school today?" I said. He looks at me and laughs.

"Some new people-boys are coming to your school. Most likely some are going to be in your class. Please be nice to them."

"I am nice. It's just that people think I'm mean because of how I word my words when I say them."

"Yeah, of course. You have no filter."

"I do have a filter. I don't curse. I just think people should know the truth. And maybe I'm a little too strong for my age but that has nothing to do with being mean."

"Yeah, but you should know when the truth hurts. When you say it and when you shouldn't."

"I guess I could work on that," I say as I get up.

"Good. Go get ready for school. I have to get ready for work." I'm not really hungry in the morning though the breakfast is tempting. I guess I could grab something when I leave out.


As I walk outside and close the door, I sense someone standing behind me. I turn around and see Micheal. As I walk towards Micheal I see Sarah running towards us. I grunt.

"It's too early for this, guys," I said.

"It's never too early for you," Micheal said.

"It's even bigger than usual," I said, looking at the bruises on his arm. "Just, why?" I asked.

"Soooo, long story short, Sarah didn't like me bugging her, so I got what she wanted from me, pain." He makes a grunting face and then grunts. "It hurts like hell," he yells at Sarah.

"Do it again, and I'll send you to hell," Sarah said with an evil smirk on her face.

"Ya'll are--Just let's go to school," I said, walking in between them.


As we arrive at the school, I see a lot of people crowded by the front door. I continued to walk and people look at me and move away so I could walk through. I don't know why people are so scared of me. Scary cats.

As I make my way through with Micheal and Sarah I see everyone turning to look at me. I look down at myself to see if I have messed up clothes or if I don't match. Nothing's wrong. I dress up like usual.


But stylish.

"What?" I look up and everyone shook their heads.

Meaning, "nothing."

"Then stop looking at me," I said as everyone who was in the entryway to the school turned their heads.

"Jeez, could've been more respectful with the statement, Kiaen," Micheal says. My name is pronounced, Kai-aye-n. Or you could just call me, Kian.

"They should've been more respectable by not staring at me," I said as Sarah rolled her eyes.

"You know what? The reason why I'm not getting at many friends is because of you. You are too mean. And not the Regina from Mean Girls mean. I'm talking about The Godfather mean." Sarah raises one eyebrow like, 'Reply off of that, bitch.'

"And? You just now noticing that?" I asked and smirked. She grunts and storms off. Micheal is dying laughing.

"Even I saw that coming." He continues to laugh. I give a little laugh but only enough for a person who was right up on me to hear.

As I turn around to keep walking, I bump into someone.

"Ow! Watch where you're going fat ass." I open my eyes and see a boy. Of course, it's a boy.




"I'm not the one who just turned around and smack someone dead in that face with their ugly face." He holds his right hand to his forehead.

"Just apologize and leave, before I see something I can't unsee. Please, I'm tryna help you, man." He walks to the boy I bumped into, and puts his hand around his shoulder. The boy grabs it and I glare at him.

"Touch him, I dare you." I stare into his eyes. If the dude's the real deal, he'll know what threat really is.

"Challenge accepted." He pushes Micheal off of him and Micheal stumbles and tries to say something but I block him out. I'm only focused on one thing.

The dude who touched my best friend.

"Time for somebody to teach you a lesson." He says. I break out laughing.

"What the hell are we in? Anime or a fight? Who the hell says, 'Time to teach you a lesson'? We ain't in no Kdrama." I see him running towards me and then I see other boys behind him. "Oh, yeah. This is gonna be good." I smile.

"Finally. Play time."

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Patience Harvey I like intriguing my readers with the first sentence they read. I love drawing and reading science fiction books. I like a good challenge. I'm an Aries. Writing stories is my side job.


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