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Yn is a smart MD childish girl what happens after she meets his step brother who are mafia's?

Фанфикшн Всех возростов.

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Chapter 1

In the dinner table

Yn= mom why do I need to leave this home and school and shift to another city?

Mom= cause we are going to live with your dad!

Yn= my dad died years ago, I'm not replacing anyone with my dad.

Mom = yn understand please 😔

Yn= a-alright we will but when?

Mom = tomorrow and 9:00 am so pack your bag and be ready🙂

Yn= yeha sure ok, have a good sleep

Mom = you too 🙂


what shall I wear hm?, no not shorts, hm this, no not this one, hm yeah this one is the best 🙂.

My dress

My makeup :

My hair

Mom I'm ready

Mom= oh my love I looking so beautiful 🙂.

Yn= thank you mom let's go the taxi I outisde.


As I entered I take out my blue tooth and started to listen to music and chatting with my friends. As I was busy chatting I didn't realize that we were in our dad's house.

Mom= yaaah you stupid come 🙄

Yn= Aish mom I'm com-*as I saw the house I got shocked *

Mom am I going to live in this mansion? *shocked *

Mom= yes why. Love you new dad is a billionaire 😉

Dad= hi love *hugs my mom *

Oh my daughter *he hugged me too *

Yn = hi dad *awkward *

Dad= come on love, hm I know this is a big house but you will get use to it 😉

Yn= y-yes *smiles awkwardly *

Mom and dad started chatting and I just left them there saying that I'm goign faster but bumped into a hard chest

Yn= I'm sorry

?? Don't you have eyes *angry voice *

Yn = I'm sorry

Jin= go and get me juice!

Yn= Excuse me I'm not a maid or a slave!

Jin = you look like it

Yn= shut up * I shouted as he suddenly pointed a gun at me *

Jin = what have you said?!! *N-no thing, I'm yn I'm sorry *

Go and get me juice!

Mom and dad = what's happenings? "

Yn= mom he is telling me to get juice and he told me that I look like a maid!

Dad= what, excuse me she is you sister *Jin got chocked on his dad's words *

Jin= that's not true she is too childish

Yn= so, why you care abouts that?

Jin= did I speak to you!

Dad = Let's go inside guys he is mental!

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