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A 15 years old girl named Panthea, lived in magical and ancient country called Yamas. It happen 200 years after Jesus Christ. Everything changed when she meet the Saints and the angels

Приключения Всех возростов.

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Yamas, a little island in Europe, under the Roman Empire. Most people of Yamas are descended from Greece.

It had so many idol gods and goddess surrounded the capital city.

People who were poor life was very difficult.

Even though it was under the Roman Empire, they had their own leaders. Their current leader was an old lady named Selene, after that is her son, Jason. The other members of the tribe of the Exousia on the city of Psomi.

Selene was worried that her clans were taking advantage of those who are not that powerful.

"We must change our ways."

"Careful Selene. Change can be dangerous." Philomena said and left.

Little did Selene, that her granddaughter, Panthea she raised, was about to change the city and the whole island forever.

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