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Old woman who hates the Prophet

Long ago there was an old lady that was filled with hate. She did not like the Prophet very much. Everyday the Holy Prophet would pass by her house on his way to pray and everyday the old lady would lean out her window and throw rubbish on his head.

The prophet never once got angry at her or complained. This happened everyday until one day it didn't.

That day the lady wasn't there at the window to throw rubbish on him.

When the lady was missing from her window that day, Prophet Muhammad grew worried and asked the people of the town where she had gone.

He soon found out she was sick so he decided to visit her.

Holy Prophet is known as the Mercy to Mankind.

Not only did he visit her when she was sick he even helped her with chores around the house.

And it was this kindness that changed the old lady's heart.

She felt bad for what she did and became kind as well.

She even accepted Islam!

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