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Their movie is over and each one wanders the streets with an empty heart. .·°•. ·♡·.•°·.✩.•°·.♡·.•°·.✩·.•°·.♡·.•°·.✩.·°•. · Su película termino y cada uno vaga por las calles con un corazón vacío. . . . † 𝓓𝓲𝓪𝓶𝓸𝓷𝓭 † D - 25/03/2023 ❥︎ Un cuento cortito. ❥︎ Esto está escrito para inglés, publicarlo en español es un plus. ❥︎ I hope you like it ♡

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Eng ♡

Two strangers in the night, they just start dancing, just following the beat, uncontrolled by the piano melody that starts to be suffocating, but just when they reach the break of the song with a low bass drum sound they stop and go their separate ways.

Their movie is over and each one wanders the streets with an empty heart, one of them left by the front door and the other by the back door, it felt like a change of time.

The night through which they walk without meaning now feels without light, neither stars nor the moon can rekindle the glow of those hearts that were lost in time after they left the place.

Destined never to meet again after they stopped dancing, just strangers who are not destined to meet again.

They were two strangers in the night who danced under the compass, like a crystal couple ending to the tempo of the string of a musical box.


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